Obscure W.I.P Thread (Read 341 times)

Started by SlanDome, March 18, 2019, 08:10:15 pm
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Obscure W.I.P Thread
#1  March 18, 2019, 08:10:15 pm
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Hello everybody it's me SlanDome,
I am making two characters about obscure fighting games, that's right two obscure fighters.

first up it's Kwon from Human Killing Machine.
here's some screenshots:

stand, light punch and "fight words" (whatever you called it) are done, except some sprites like crouch punch, jumping, win pose, and some spam kicks,
and also coding issues like music or something.
confused yet? let me show you the video:

second it's A.C. Current from Tattoo Assassins.

i can't show you much because stand it's all done except all of them moves are not, don't worry i will make him soon as possible.

PS: oh and i almost forgot one thing! the palette of A.C. Current it's not right so i uploaded this .act file to correct the colors of the A.C. Current.
here's the link:

So if you want to help me it would be much appreciated. :thumbsup: