Mugen DOS / Linux versions (mirror RS) (Read 2752 times)

Started by ssjkakkaroto, April 29, 2008, 09:45:37 pm
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Mugen DOS / Linux versions (mirror RS)
#1  April 29, 2008, 09:45:37 pm
Hi there,

Since this is my first posting to this great site. I want to share the old versions of mugen.
I kept this because a long time ago when I was learning Win32 API, I tried to create a mugen front-end for windows (PBP Mugen front-end). WinMugen (cracked  :-\ ) didn't existed in that time. The configuration changed after a new release , so the front-end had to be compatible with different versions.

The Front-end wasn't completed though. It was released to the public though (just click cancel).
This was the second release version, only the GUI was implented. The first release was able to assign char and stages in order (select.def) Very handy! (If you are interested to try it, just put the program in the mugen folder, it will automaticlly find the settings) First release (working) Second release (only GUI)

There where alternatives like MonsieurTomMugenConfiguration aka MWC /  Startmugen. But since I stopped programming win32 I lost my interest. I still have the old chars/stages right now for 2001.04.14 (dos). Works in XP great but slower :D

Anyway for people who like to archive old version of mugen I uploaded to a rapidshare folder.

You can find the DOS versions (.zip files) and Linux version (.tar files)