Ideas for fighting game propagandas? (Read 783 times)

Started by Toshio Tenma, May 27, 2011, 01:03:51 pm
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Ideas for fighting game propagandas?
#1  May 27, 2011, 01:03:51 pm
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That's a topic for fun which we could share ideas for fighting game propagandas, they would certainly not used at all, but we could share ideas for fun.
New Mortal Kombat game:
A man is sleeping soundly when he suddenly notice that somebody or something sneaked in his bed room, however, he barelly can move when he finally manage to move enough he see Scorpion without his mask and ready to do his firebreath fatality, the man tries to beg for mercy, but his voice don't come out. Then he awoke up scared and later, after watching tv, he realize the reason of the nightmare: a new Mortal Kombat comming in 2012. However, he don't notice that Scorpion is behind him... Later the screen turns black and a scream could be heard with the message "Scorpion Wins!!! Fatality!!"
-Toshio Tenma
Re: Ideas for fighting game propagandas?
#2  May 27, 2011, 07:04:17 pm
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The camera focuses on a guy's bare feet walking, as you hear a train's whistle from apparently too far away. Another camera angle show Ryu is doing his walking-towards-the-sunset thing while carrying his duffel bag as a train passes nearby, about to stop.
And then you see Terry exiting that train, also carrying his bag, and walking until he see Ryu. And then they notice each other, and look each other in the eye as they drop their bags simultaneously and get into battle-ready stances, as a Capcom Vs SNK 3 logo appears...
Later adequate scenes could follow, like the one in my sig between Haggar and Geese, Chun-Li and Yamazaki recreating the common scenes between his and Hon-Fu's endings in Real Bout 2, Kyo and Ken walking through cheering crowds from opposite direction on the way to meet for a formal match, maybe then showing Sakura and Shingo watching that on TV and getting physical in their arguing about the winner. Maybe Tung and Dhalsim doing the same thing far more calmly while sharing some tea. The same TV broadcast could be shown in the background of scenes of Ryo (preferably with a beard) and Sagat training in different places.
The last scene could be an aircraft with the Shadaloo logo landing on the Blacknoah, as Bison/Vega steps out as Rugal approaches to meeting, both making it very clear in their expressions they absolutely don't trust each other.

A guy can dream.

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Re: Ideas for fighting game propagandas?
#3  May 27, 2011, 07:07:58 pm
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Re: Ideas for fighting game propagandas?
#4  May 27, 2011, 07:14:07 pm
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Probably not a native english speaker and meant commercial/ad, or attract sequence.
Re: Ideas for fighting game propagandas?
#5  May 27, 2011, 07:15:37 pm
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i know
Re: Ideas for fighting game propagandas?
New #6  May 27, 2011, 10:22:14 pm
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  This is basically what I work on in my off time from studying... I'm working on a story cannon involving Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, Art Of Fighting, Fatal Fury, World Heroes, King Of Fighters, Tekken, Virtua Fighter, Ultra Vortek, Double Dragon/Rage Of The Dragons, Battle Arena Toshinden, Guilty Gear, Darkstalkers, Samurai Shodown, Soulcalibur, Dead Or Alive, Power Instinct/Groove On Fight, Fighter's History, and Bloody Roar series... And also other loose chars from various fighting games. Warriors from all over the world (and some are from other worlds).
   I may never have all the chars for the mugen game (I hope I do some day but I probably won't :( ) But I am at least putting the storylines together.... There are several top bosses, Bison, Rugal, Shinnok, Jinpachi, That Man, Raidou, and some others act as the top generals under a self-invented char called Mephistopheles. There are rivalries, alliances, and groups.... I'm thinking on making the antagonists be Jax and Guile. Jax leads a special forces unit with Guile (his 2nd in command), John Crawley, and Sonya Blade... Crawley sort of has a crush on Sonya....
      But it's gonna have like realistic personalities, street types and such. Basically it's gonna be a mugen story cannon with a somewhat adult theme...
    Like, there are around roughly 10 theaters the villains operate in:
                                                                             Crime Boss                                                               Military Leaders
    1. North America                                               Geese Howard                                                          Bryan Fury
    2. South/Central America                                  Damnd                                                                      (Cyborg) Ramirez (from Manhunt)
    3. Western Europe                                           Wolfgang Krauser                                                      Rolento
    4. Eastern Europe                                            Karnov                                                                       Sergei Dragunov
    5. Arabia (N. Africa/Middle East)                       Ramses III (from Eternal Champion)                         Dolf (from Tuff Enuff)
    6. South Africa                                                  Dreadlock                                                                  Colonel (from Shaq Fu)
    7. East Asia                                                      Jin Kazama                                                                Kabal
    8. Australia                                                       Mr. Big                                                                       Kano
    9. Pacific Islands                                               King Hippo (modified)                                                Cyber Warren
  10. Non-Earth                                                     Shang Tsung                                                             Reiko
         Each region has a crime boss who leads criminal operations, which are used to financially support the terrorist armies of the evil alliance.. These crime bosses may run several operations, take for example Geese Howard who runs the North American crime syndicate, two separate criminal enterprises answer to him, on one you have (lead by Heavy D!) the American Gangstas, (Balrog, TJ Combo, and Michael Max), on the other is a biker gang called Devil's Disciples, lead by Chris Wayne, (Jack Turner, Rufus, and Truck Davis)... Or in the Western Europen Theater Wolfgang Krauser is the crime boss, he runs multiple splinter crime operations across his region (such as Birdie and Billy Kane operating in UK, Laurence Blood and Vega operating in Spain, Lion Rafale in France, etc)... Above the crime level there is a terrorist general in each theater who runs the military operations for the evil alliance...
      These terror army leaders answer to the Council (Bison, Shinnok, Rugal, Jinpachi, etc), whom are gaurded by 2 gaurdians (Goro and Eyedol)... And at the top is Mephistopheles..
   I also modified King Hippo for my story due to lack of Pacific Islander chars to fill the role of Pacific Island crime boss... He is a cult leader, his cult worships the image of the hippo... "Hippo South Pacific Island" is a place in Samoa, his cult's reservation... He's like one of those people who gets surgery done to look like an animal (in his case, a hippo)... He also took up sumo as a way of getting around the knock-down factor, he learned to use his weight and build to his advantage, so he fights with a boxing/sumo mixed style....
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