KOF XIII Boss Saiki - 22-5-2014 - fixed bug (Read 70344 times)

Started by BoyBoyz, January 01, 2012, 07:04:49 am
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KOF XIII Boss Saiki - 22-5-2014 - fixed bug
New #1  January 01, 2012, 07:04:49 am
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He has localcoord 260. Playable in mugen 1.0 and 1.1b, but try not to play in simultaneous mode. Movelist in the character folder.

1. Face portrait smaller so it doesn't jut out of the edges on fighting screen.
2. Less bulky file size and lag.
3. Added increased attack/defence for boss mode (hold start + any button to select). Boss mode flames changed a little.
4. All move timings synchronized with the ticks in animget shots. As such a lot of changes have been made.
5. Added correct guard evade sound, adjusted fade in/out of evade. Evade can now be spammed infinitely, like in original.
6. Added a pause for p1 during reversaldef of counter. The reversaldef also starts 1 animelem earlier. This is extremely important to saiki's playstyle and was missed out previously.
7. Counter and after-punching followup hit's red clsn reduced vastly. It does not hit across the entire screen now.
8. Added missing sprites and fixed some wrong animations (eg breathing, turning, punching, and more).
9. Added some missing guard.cornerpush.veloffs.
10. Air fireball handswipe has full-body projectile shield.
11. Corrected some voices/sounds and their timings.
12. Fixed a bug where STUN word appeared on helper (helper could be dizzed bug).
13. Added missing hit-ground-sound during stunned sequence.
14. Forward fireball's handswipe pausetimes and other stuff tweaked.
15. Added/ removed winquotes according to the steam version.
16. Totally reworked super darkening's flame pillar positions and p2 get hit velocity.
17. Reworked neomax.
18. Removed screenbound command for dark web.
19. Fixed bug with super armor when p1 died.
20. Removed the background flash of KOFXIII when enemy died, as the coding is buggy in mugen 1.1b.
21. Fixed bugs with pausemovetime and supermovetime.
22. Removed blue clsn on stone helper.
23. Added playerpush commands to be safe
24. Fixed a bug where dark web would still appear when player died.
25. Added noshadow for 'STUN' word.
26. Re-colorized a group of sprites to color = 0, and then implemented explods instead of helpers for Dark Ash's super. Looks much nicer now and covers the whole screen even on zoomed stages.
27. Added some new guard sounds for fireball, certain supers, and strong punch/kicks.
28. Fixed a bug with super pillars disappearing on certain occasions.

What's left:
1. Complete black flame animation (boss mode). Till now, no one has been able to rip the proper flames!!! I have the cheat table for KOF XIII Steam Edition (in my folder) that lets you play as flaming saiki, if anyone is interested to rip the sprites.

1. simul/turns mode is buggy! Dark web/hitspark appears on random p2 instead of the enemy that is hit
2. Flame mode has some bugs with pausemovetimes, where the flame will still be on the hand for a short period before being removed at the next animelem.

Custom changes:
1. Super counter does more damage
2. Counters can counter all throws.
3. Cannot jump
4. A few custom nothitby frames (eg. forward fireball's handswipe 1-2 extra nothitby frames.)
5. During super darkening, Saiki could be thrown in KOF XIII. I made him fully invulnerable.
6. Certain combos concerning darkweb are not supposed to be there, but I am unable to fix this due to the complexity of the dark web code.
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Re: KOF XIII Boss Saiki fully sprited
#2  January 01, 2012, 02:34:11 pm
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Minor .cns patch which removes ONE trigger: the varadd for dizzy state for handswipe. His fireball handswipe does not dizzy enemies. You can remove it urself, it's under statedef 1000; or just overwrite the old file with the new one in the mediafire folder.
Re: KOF XIII Boss Saiki fully sprited
#3  January 01, 2012, 02:43:57 pm
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hey thank you for this release i was waiting for a genuine saiki


when you block sometimes, saiki stays stuck in his blocking stance and you can't control him anymore, he can't be hit but can't move neither. there was a similar bug with Ahuron's Jotaro
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Find them at:;dl=cat294

You are free to use the materials in the stages I released before 2014. Credits are always appreciated.
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Re: KOF XIII Boss Saiki fully sprited
#4  January 01, 2012, 03:00:43 pm
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no problem! I wanted one too, so I got down to it xD
Re: KOF XIII Boss Saiki fully sprited
#5  January 01, 2012, 03:04:01 pm
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The only SNK boss i can't beat in MUGEN. I hope he's not cheap like this in KOF 13. :/
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Re: KOF XIII Boss Saiki fully sprited
#6  January 01, 2012, 03:10:04 pm
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lol you need to know how to glitch him :P something to do with the counter move ;) His AI here is very similar to KOFXIII's. Big hint
Re: KOF XIII Boss Saiki fully sprited
#7  January 01, 2012, 03:39:54 pm
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Updated again with dust near his feet during A+B recovery. The full new file including all updates has "updated2" in the name.

You know what, I'm not gonna finish the boss flame thing.. It's too hard. The sprites don't seem to be properly ripped anyway; either that or some code must be needed to make some shadow or something.

Will keep adding pulse updates till he feels complete

edit: stateno 5070 lose voice added... I swear, I keep forgetting to put that back in.
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Re: KOF XIII Boss Saiki fully sprited
#8  January 01, 2012, 05:20:30 pm
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1.0 Mugen Only?
Re: KOF XIII Boss Saiki fully sprited
#9  January 01, 2012, 05:28:20 pm
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err, it's having issues with winmugen. I'll see if I can fix it

edit: can't be fixed. The character would be crippled if I minused all the ifelse or other stuff. Use in mugen 1.0!
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Re: KOF XIII Boss Saiki fully sprited
#10  January 01, 2012, 08:40:34 pm
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  • Quien coño te crees que soy!!!!!!
I can´t download  :o
Re: KOF XIII Boss Saiki fully sprited
#11  January 01, 2012, 08:52:10 pm
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It's uploading now, there's an update. 5min
Re: KOF XIII Boss Saiki fully sprited
#12  January 01, 2012, 09:04:17 pm
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Important update as of 2-1-2012 (sorry that u have to download the whole 17mb file... but I guess it's worth the time to get the latest stuff):

1. Fixed a bug where dark web would suddenly reappear after disappearing as long as the animtime hasn't ended. Now this doesn't happen

There is still a funny thing that happens when if u do a hard punch at the same time that the second dark binding stun activates, the game will lag for a short while then resume. I assume it's the pausetimes, but so far I can't find a way to solve it.
Re: KOF XIII Boss Saiki fully sprited
#13  January 02, 2012, 04:10:25 am
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Boss Saiki_2-1-2012_update1:

52. Lowered forward fireball's sprite priority (Statedef 1000) from 2000 to 100, so he will not appear in front of the dark web if he is standing in it
53. Walk and grab (statedef 1400) p2facing = 1 added to the hitdef
54. Added correct fall on ground/bounce off ground sounds
55. corrected sound for jump land (Saiki cannot jump here, but you can trigger his jump land by recovering from throws that launch him into the air)
56. Changed projectile guardsounds to the one all the current KOFXIII mugen characters are using... But this isn't the right one!
57. Added a prelimnary crashing sound before the KO voice, just like in the original KOFXIII
58. Fixed Lose by Cheap KO not activating on certain occasions

edit: There is a typo in the movelist: Super counter can also be performed by D,F,D,B + a/b
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Re: KOF XIII Boss Saiki fully sprited
#14  January 02, 2012, 11:33:14 am
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I'll wait for a winmugen hi-res update   ;D
Re: KOF XIII Boss Saiki fully sprited
#15  January 02, 2012, 03:31:14 pm
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ok there is a winmugen patch uploaded in the folder... But the winmugen version has bugs and is not as accurate due to minusing some codings. For example, different pausetimes for p1 and p2 is not allowed in reversaldefs...


The kof13saiki.cns is the winmugen patch,
the kof13saiki.air is the mugen1.0 patch adding animation 5090 for getting hit when in lying down state.
Re: KOF XIII Boss Saiki fully sprited
#16  January 02, 2012, 03:35:20 pm
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this character is awesome but its missing the anims or the flames on his hands and feet will it be possible to add them so it can be as close as it can to the real game
Re: KOF XIII Boss Saiki fully sprited
#17  January 02, 2012, 03:43:44 pm
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it can't be added because the sprites weren't ripped properly. Press Z to select saiki and u will see some flames in standing position... however that's the best we can go so far...
Re: KOF XIII Boss Saiki fully sprited
#18  January 02, 2012, 07:48:55 pm
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60. re-enabled combo from lightpunch into fireball handswipe
61. down fireball not activating when hitting at near pos y = 0 solved.
62. Finally managed to disable combo from sweepkick into fireball hit.

But hard punch combo from dark web can't be  disabled yet

mugen 1.0 patch.rar
kof13saiki.cns - winmugen
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Re: KOF XIII Boss Saiki fully sprited
#19  January 03, 2012, 08:11:50 am
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Man, the combos are freaking hard to code!! Thankfully, it's still the school holidays, and update as of 3-1-2012 is here:

63. Added landing (not recovery from fall) from jump dust
*64. Hard punch hitting enemy when enemy is not in dark web does not combo into forward fireball handswipe. However, hard punch NOT hitting enemy can cancel into handswipe for a hit
*65. Sweep kick cancel into forward fireball handswipe now hits when enemy isn't hit by sweepkick. When enemy is hit by sweepkick, handswipe doesn't hit
*66. If enemy is stunned in dark web, hard punch cancel into forward fireball ensures that the fireball DOES NOT hit enemy (this might fail sometimes depending on the enemy's gethit state configuration)
*67. C+D cannot cancel into any handswipe or fireball hit
68. when in dark web, light punch cannot cancel into handswipe hit, and fireball does not hit also
69. Adjusted the y-scale for super darkening's explods, so that for 640x480 users, the flames extend all the way to the top of the screen!
70. Fixed some bugs with gethitstates.

edit: Fixed 5061 anim from looping awkwardly

Combos left to correct:
1. light punch needs to be able cancel into forward fireball handswipe when enemy is not in dark web. This is very hard to accomplish since the triggers clash with each other and with other states - I repeat, playing him on winmugen is a waste of his potential.
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Re: KOF XIII Boss Saiki fully sprited
#20  January 04, 2012, 12:13:14 am
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Nice update Boyboyz and can you possibly fix a problem I'm have with the palette because I made an Oni palette for your Saki but it only shows the paltte just for his walking animation and not the whole animations like getting hit, punches, kicks,etc...