Moeou-Kyouko by Bluest released (Read 2723 times)

Started by i_oVo_i, January 06, 2012, 01:14:07 am
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Moeou-Kyouko by Bluest released
#1  January 06, 2012, 01:14:07 am
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Re: Moeou-Kyouko by Bluest released
#2  January 10, 2012, 01:37:42 am
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  • I'm master of lolis!!!
OMG, is Sakura Kyouko from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica....yeeeeaaaaa  ;D

Note: Pending for Accelerator of Toaru Majutsu no Index  8)
-Sere un NOOB....pero almenos tengo mejor vida social que un maldito FRIKI como tu!!!
-"QUOTEAME" al fin no me molesta, solo me elevas mas el EGO!!!
-Disfruta de este día.... hasta que un TIPO CON CUENTA CLON te lo arruine.

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Re: Moeou-Kyouko by Bluest released
#3  January 10, 2012, 01:40:41 am
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don't expect this to be a good char her ai takes effect immediately so you can't play as her and she get her opponent caught in an infinite loop impossible to win against her honestly.

You'll fix chuchoryu ? Sounds like a plan. How about you code him from scratch instead ?
Re: Moeou-Kyouko by Bluest released
#4  January 10, 2012, 01:52:54 am
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  • Rude, selfish & a bit insane.
I was expecting GS Kyouko.......but she's a god character.