Benhazard Old who knows new project for fun? (Read 449 times)

Started by benhazard, June 04, 2019, 01:44:27 pm
Benhazard Old who knows new project for fun?
#1  June 04, 2019, 01:44:27 pm
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I had been of from sprite art from a long time since DBS, and worked which some friend over Skyrim modding. (something I'm still doing) but have found a bit of time to invest in my old passion for Pixel Art. althought I'm not as used to. still, I had found an old edit I had done a long time ago that attempts to convert Renamon from Digimon Battle Spirit into a CVS like fighter.:

Might be worth to do I guess. what do you guys think? any ideias for reference and stuff?
Re: Benhazard Old who knows new project for fun?
#2  June 06, 2019, 02:59:00 am
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I'm not a fan of Digimon. I don't know anything about it. Though I am a fan of your sprite skill. I loved what you did with Gouken. As for Renamon, looks just as good as what you did with Gouken. I think it'd be cool if nothing else. I'm not sure what you mean by reference. Like for moves? Or you mean animations? Either or, I'm kinda at a loss. I'm not sure what Renamon is capable of. And as animations are concerned...I'm not really sure. I suppose you could base it on what type of fighter Renamon is. I assume you're using Chun-Li for size reference? Maybe some animations as well.

I'd need to know more overall. I know too little/pretty much nothing about Digimon. Though I know Renamon is one of the more popular ones. Maybe if this blossoms out more, I may be inclined to do a bit of research on her, and give some suggestions.