Creating life bar by Shin Yagami (Read 2092 times)

Started by shin yagami, June 22, 2014, 08:13:49 pm
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Creating life bar by Shin Yagami
#1  June 22, 2014, 08:13:49 pm
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Well do not know if this is the right section lol, but here I bring you a tutorial to show you how to create a life bar for MUGEN, is in Spanish, but can use the translator to translate. XD

This tutorial will be divided into 2 parts, the second part is divided into 8 sections.

1 - PART - Creating the sprite of life bar.
2 - PART - Coding.

a. Life 2.1 bar
b. 2.2 Power bar
c. 2.3 Face
d. 2.4 Name
e. 2.5 Time
f. 2.6 Combo
g. 2.7 Round
h. Win 2.8 icon

Hope that helps, and if something change or add to the tutorial you can make me know. Greetings!