High res spriting scratch and non. (Read 6035 times)

Started by Fou-Lu, November 15, 2004, 06:14:20 pm
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High res spriting scratch and non.
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Here's a little topic about the methods of high res spriting.  Let's start with scratch sprites.

IMO if your going to make something original go for high res it's easier to work with then low res.  Also you can add more detail.

Step 1: First you draw something say a sprite of the stance of your fighter for instance this is best to start with.  Make the size of it around the size you want it to be as a sprite but it need not be exact.  

Step 2: scan it  

Step 3: Create a layer for it

Step 4: trace the image under the layer.  This will give you a nice smooth image without excess lines or colors.

Step 5: copy paste the trace as a new image.

Step 6: now go to colors -> 2 color this removes the transparency.

Step 7: make your first layer of color pick your colors and just go over where you want each different color to be this is your guidline for more extensive color later.

Step 8: You'll now use the guidline to make more extensive color and shading.

That is all you do really.

For high ressing a sprite simply resize the sprite to the desired levels then retrace it just like you would a scanned drawing.  The rest is similar though you want to copy the colors and shading of the original.

I could possibly post examples at a later time

Fare thee well

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