Umi no Kokoro released! (Touhou) - Updated Twice (06-12-2016) (Read 2088 times)

Started by Deoxgigas, December 04, 2016, 03:50:38 pm
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Umi no Kokoro released! (Touhou) - Updated Twice (06-12-2016)
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- Changed the visual for the Grand Compressed Blast super to make it look like Kokoro is shoving a shining ball into the opponent rather than a weird mask. (Changed the move gif below accordingly.)
- Changed the visual for Geyser of the Endless Depths to remove the mask and instead temporarily turn Kokoro into a more ghostly form for the duration (That explains the iframes).

- Changed Kokoro's portrait after it was brought to my attention that the old one was pretty damn silly, and not in a funny way.

As promised, I am back to deliver the last of my until-now unreleased characters.

Umi no Kokoro is a palette swapped Hata no Kokoro, and just like my Resonance does for Iku, Umi no Kokoro retains alot of Hata no Kokoro's original moves, only, rather than masks and spirits, she now fights with water elemental attacks instead.

Umi no Kokoro was put into work way before Celestial Mukai and Prismatic Jam were even a thing, but finishing those two allowed Kokoro here to benefit greatly from the things I learned when making them. As such, alot of mechanics that were used for Jam in particular has been transferred over to her.

She can also make funny faces occasionally.

For more specific information, go to my site

And if you just want to download her, go to my onedrive.

*Note: The difference between the Mugen 1.1 and 1.0 versions of her is simply in her sprite quality. She was originally made for 1.1, and well, some sprites don't transfer well between the two versions.

Now, here's the usual move demonstrations:

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