Target Combos (Mechanics) (Read 1463 times)

Started by Ricepigeon, May 06, 2016, 09:42:01 pm
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Target Combos (Mechanics)
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Target Combos are character-specific variations of Chain Combos.

While most fighting games have their own rules governing how different attacks can cancel into each other, Target Combos are exceptions to these rules. Take as an arbitrary example; a game where the Chain Combo rules state that standing Light Punch may cancel into standing Medium Punch or standing Hard Punch, but not standing Medium Punch into standing Strong Punch. One character in the roster, however, has the ability to cancel his/her standing Medium Punch into standing Hard Punch. While this ability may exist as a general rule that applies to the entire roster in another fighting game, in this instance it falls under the category of a Target Combo due to the fact that it is character specific. These usually require strict timing compared to normal Chain Combos. Other examples of Target Combos include:

Chun Li's Diag j.HP -> HP (USF4)
Wolverine's Cross Slash (s.M -> S.L) & Brutal Claw (j.M -> j.L) (UMvC3)

In MUGEN, Target Combos can be replicated in the same manner as any other cancel, using a combination of the changestate controller and the stateno and movecontact triggers.

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