Emporio Ivankov - One Piece Char (Read 6833 times)

Started by wenchu, June 09, 2016, 05:49:50 pm
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Emporio Ivankov - One Piece Char
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The second in command of the Revolutionary Army. His ideas of gender equality and opportunities for choice climb the absolute limits of the fruit hand Horu Horu, which allows you to inject different types of hormones turning his fingers into syringes. Queen and King of transvestites at the same time. Unsophisticated, embarrassingly glamorous, party-loving and poetry. With you: Emporio Ivankov!

I just want to add that without doubt is one of my favorite characters from the series. Along with Viktor and using five sprites Lucci85, we made all the necessary sprites to transform each of the characters we did and will do in your opposite sex. Of course the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeach sprite was a funny moment cause middle of the fight. We hope you enjoy the quick and easy gameplay we chose for this character. As we have always tried to do with the widest range of possible mechanical movements and taking as sources anime and games like Pirate Warriors 3.

Download Char

And if that were not enough, we bring you the stage of Okama Bar, that hidden in Impel Down prison, where inmates can steal some freedom to place bars. Let the party begin!

Download Okama Bar

But since we are generous also we leave them a stage more: the entrance of Impel Down. A simple stage that can work generically to dramatize any battle in this saga.

Download Impel Down Entrance

We hope you enjoy all the realeses.

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Re: Emporio Ivankov - One Piece Char
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Man, what a time I check on this guild XD!!! Cool, been waiting for him like hell. and boy that Okama stage was really nice. Thanks wenchu.