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Started by GTOAkira, January 30, 2019, 11:53:50 pm
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Capcom Pro Tour 2019
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Hello World Warriors. As we confirmed at Capcom Cup in December, Capcom Pro Tour (CPT) is coming back for a brand new season. We’re gearing up for another exciting season featuring Street Fighter veterans and up-and-coming new players as they battle to become the world champion.

To help get CPT competitors and community ready for the 2019 season, we have a lot of new details to share with you today, including the schedule, beginning with Final Round in Atlanta, GA March 15-17 format changes for 2019, and new events!

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition (SFV:AE) will once again be the focus of CPT 2019. Players will compete for a total prize pool worth over $600,000.

Points distribution :
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Full Schedule here :

Premier Events Results :
Final Round :
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NorCal Regionals Results :
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The Mixup :
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Re: Capcom Pro Tour 2019 : Info and Schedule revealed!
#2  February 02, 2019, 10:34:04 am
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I was worrying about the banning characters that was posted in eventhub that might be applied to the CPT tournaments, but that was for the 3 on 3 team battle, so not sure if they will apply it for future or in between this year since Capcom is doing things "differently" this year:

I love watching Tokdo using Gouki in almost every CPT tournaments and I can learn some tricks from it to kick my friends' butts  :mlol: but if Capcom happens to ban Gouki, then it will be pretty disappointing :S I have watched many top players started to use other characters rather than their main beginning of this year
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