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Started by Titiln, December 08, 2017, 03:55:32 am
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Re: Soulcalibur VI
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I'm glad to see that she is in. I first met her in SC IV, and I was quite interested in her.

Although her voice sound much younger than I last remembered. Is she really that young?

Well, if we take into account of her debut, she was pretty young at the time (18). She took up arms to help out Seigfried and her country, but had great potential despite being young. With the timeline in a weird state, she might be a bit younger in VI, so yeah new VA, and changing up origins a tiny bit.
Re: Soulcalibur VI
#362  November 03, 2019, 09:09:29 pm
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Soul Calibur 6 mixes events from SC1 and SC2 (and adds a little bit of SC3, as well). SC1 happened in 1587, and SC2-4 all happen in 1591 (yes, all three happened in the same year). Hilde was 18 in SC4, which means hat in SC1 she was 14, so she could be any age between 14 and 18.