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Started by Wolfenkrieg, November 09, 2018, 02:57:36 am
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Re: VC Wolf Projects
#21  December 09, 2018, 08:21:30 pm
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Tested it.
It looks amazingly good.
I've got a few questions though.

What version of photoshop do you have?
Because all these seperate layers for effects seem unnecessary. Make a layer style for it?

For example:

For the big portrait.
All those outlines can be done with drop shadows. (In newer versions you can make more than just one drop shadow).
It's WAY to much work, just to finish the name properly. I mean it's 8 seperate layers.

For the lifebar portrait...
What's what here?
You've made a black box along the the top edge (I asume this is the mask). But what's the limit for how big you can make it?

I'm not trying to be offensive here, but these files are too messy.

Keep in mind most people in the Mugen community aren't Photoshop gurus.
So you gotta make it as simple as you possibly can to use.

Remember to Include the font with your screenpack.

You have extremely valid points, I don't find it difficult but that's probably because of 2 reasons:

1: I'm no stranger to Photoshop
2: I guess i'm just used to his Photoshop structure. I know where to look and find the ports and names.

It's just kinda time consuming.

I usually edit his structure and put all the ports into P1 and P2 with their own sub folders for the specific characters.

Lifebar ports are a mess tbh, i did it exactly as the example ports were and it was offcenter when in game (P2 was, P1 was fine). P2 was cut off and by a pretty large amount.

Maybe he has an older version of PS, idk how it works since mines pirated (Don't have the $ for Photoshop or any of the editing software I use), but if he has an older one are you able to freely upgrade to CC?

I work pretty well in photoshop, myself as well.
But as I said, it's not everybody who knows photoshop inside out. ;)
It's not impossible, it just takes time.
If he doesn't have CC, then the solution could be categorizing into different groups.
The thing is, if you have to turn layers that many times, it feels a bit weird to work with.

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