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FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions

What is M.U.G.E.N?

M.U.G.E.N (also known simply as MUGEN) is a freeware 2D fighting game engine designed by Elecbyte. More information can be found on its Wikipedia page [iurl=]found here[/iurl]

How Do I download M.U.G.E.N?

The latest version of MUGEN is available on Elecbyte's site.[iurl=]Get the latest version of mugen (1.0) right here.[/iurl]

How many characters and/or stages does M.U.G.E.N come with?

The engine comes with one character Kung Fu Man and it also comes with the default screenpack and lifebars.  To acquire more playable content you will need to go to someone's site that creates content for MUGEN or create it yourself.

How can I find the creator's web sites?

Searching with Google will turn up a lot fast. There are several Portal sites that keep a database like The Mugen Fighter's Guild Database. If you can't find a specific character you can request for it in the request board. But please put in a bit of effort to look before requesting away.

How do I install new characters?

You will need to extract them from whatever kind of zip they are in and then, cut the character's folder and paste in the Mugen Folder named "CHARS" Then you need to open the data folder and open select.def with a text editor.

In the select.def you find Kung Fu Man he will look like this.

KFM, stages/kfm.def

To add the character you just downloaded you would put down that characters name here is an example.

KFM, stages/kfm.def

That's it just save the file and run mugen and your new character should be there.

How do i add stages and how do I assign a stage to a character?

Well just like the character you download extract, but instead of leaving the stage in the folder like you do with the character files, you just paste the stages .def and .sff file right into the stages folder.

Then open select.def and scroll down until you see where it says "extra stages". After this line input the stage as follows.


Now that stage will come up randomly when playing arcade. Buy you also want to know how to assign it to a character. Well it just like this:

KFM, stages/kfm.def
Ryu, stages/ryustage.def.

Now when you fight ryu you will fight him at the ryustage.

How do I set the order of the characters I fight?

At the bottom of the select.def file you will see something like this.

1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0,

There should be two of these one for arcade and on for team arcade.

As you can see there are 10 numbers and you can assign 10 different orders to your characters.

The current setting above is for three matches that follow the order 1, 2, and then three and the game is over.

Now lets say you want to fight all your characters randomly but the you want to fight a boss type character at the end. Lets also say you have 10 characters. You can set that like this.

9, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0,

This would cause you to fight 9 characters randomly at order 1 and fight 1 boss type at order 2 then the game would be over.

You can set the order all the way up to 10 10 is the limit to the order number.

After you have it the way you want you will need to add the order number to the character and this is how.

KFM, stages/kfm.def, order=1
Ryu, stages/ryustage.def, order=2

This means that you have assigned kfm to fight in order 1 and you set ryu to order 2.

How do I get my joystick to work

Start MUGEN go to options and configure your joysticks.

I am having trouble with configuring my mugen. Where do I need to post to get my questions answered?

The [iurl=]"M.U.G.E.N Configuration Help"[/iurl] board is where you should post to get your questions on how to configure your mugen answered.

I am interested in MUGEN creation. Where can I find some tips to get me started?

There are tutorials in a folder called "docs" within your mugen folder. Check out the tutorials to get some basic character creation tips. Be sure to check the files called air.html, cns.html, sctrls.html and trigger.html to learn the basics of mugen creation. There is a four part tutorial that shows how to make a basic character.

I am having a few problems with MUGEN creation. Where should I go to find a solution to my problem?

The solution usually exists within the problem domain. My lecturer told me that once. Alternatively, you can check out the
[iurl=]M.U.G.E.N Development Help[/iurl] board. If you ask a question here, you are bound to get an answer, but endeavor to solve problems on your own.

FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions

Tips, Tools (programs), and Tutorials

Click the links below to find answers to your questions.

Get Dos Mugen

Get Linux Mugen

Get Windows MUGEN

Get Windows MUGEN Plus ( Hi res ready version )

Get the latest M.U.G.E.N from the authors.

Where to find free to use (open source) sprites and sounds

[iurl=]File Compression Formats[/iurl]

[iurl=]Sound Issues Dos Mugen[/iurl]

[iurl=]Video Issues Dos Mugen[/iurl]

[iurl=]Console Controller Help[/iurl]

[iurl=]Making Batch Files[/iurl]

[iurl=]Crashing in address 8d48f [/iurl]

Optimizing WinMugen Keeping it from crashing as much

[iurl=]Adding characters in mugen for dummies [/iurl]

[iurl=]If you get the dreaded "assert failure in charsel.c line 3162"[/iurl]

[iurl=]How to add a motif/screenpack to Mugen.[/iurl]


Playing the correct characters music when Cpu challenges you

Midis on your Mugen

Win Mugen and it's Clsn Errors

Mugen's Filetypes

Module Music in WINMUGEN!!!111

Solution for the usb Analog controllers without the switch

VGmusic playback

[iurl=]I have just downloaded mugen so how do I get better people.
And how do you do the moves I can't find the move list.[/iurl]

How do I use order number?

[iurl=]Can I play MUGEN online? Can I play MUGEN on my console?[/iurl]

Creating Characters

Highlight of The Month: Secret/Hidden Characters

[small] smoother winmugen

How to change order in "Turns" KOF style

Shin RyuKen's Official Mugen Guide

Free tutorial making/ recording software

King Yoshis Guide For Beginners

How to add a character on mugen

How To Make Hidden Stages

Mugen Problems

Adding all characters & stages to mugen fast.

Question: How to open on a Dgca program and how? Answer is on this topic.

[Tutorial] How to add downloaded Chars into Mugen

MUGEN char/stage tutorial.

[iurl=]Are you a new member and people are not answering your questions and/or being rude?[/iurl]
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File Compression Format FAQ
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File Compression Format FAQ
by Ignatius

The file formats listed below are sometimes proprietary formats but most of the mugen archives are compressed with 3 or 4 file formats. First you got to find a program to extract or compress the files. Note that this isn't reserved to mugen but also applies to all domains as most of the files on the internet are compressed.

ZIP - .zip extension.
This is a common file format for most of the sites.
Try Winzip at

RAR - .rar extension.
Another common file for some of the sites.
Try WinRar at
Note : WinRAR supports ZIP, RAR, ACE and some other formats, so I think you'll only need this shareware for 98 % of the files out there. Japanese creators will use ZIP or DGC/GCA most of the time.

ACE - .ace extension.
Less common but still a used file for some of the sites.
Try WinAce at

LZH - .lzh extension.
This is another file format that's familier with zip files. Winzip does not work
to extract those. Use WinRar instead.

GCA - .gca extension.
This is a mysterious file that is extremly uknown to many mugen fans and newbies. Try this GCA program at or try

DGC - .dgc extension.
This another mysterious file that is made by the same creator who made GCA. get this program at

7zip - .7zip extension.
This program is very good at packing large amounts of images into much much smaller files. Get this program at

Note that all programs are shareware except DGCA and GCA and 7zip which are freeware.
Note : DO NOT ASK FOR CRACKS FOR THE SHAREWARE ONES. Mugen Guild does not want to be affiliated with warez or any other form of illegal content.

Special Additions from users.
Retrieved from posts

Extra information on DGC / GCA & tips by N.

Got a DGC file and it won't extract when you double click it?  That's because there may be a file a two your computer can't read, so it stops the process and you're stuck with a partial or failed extraction.  Try the following:

Open up DGCA.exe, use it to find ____.gca (or type the path to it in its address bar,) then double click it. You should now see a ____ folder.  Double click that and you should now see the files.  Highlight and extract the ones that don't have question marks for their names (they're what's causing it to fail, since they can't be read.)

Hopefully, that's a clear explanation.
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Sound Issues Dos Mugen
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Sound Issues Dos Mugen

In case you can't get dos mugen to work, use winmugen.

Most of the time you'll get crappy sound when running MUGEN under NT series (including Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP). This is due to the fact that DOS environment is now only emulated, and not implemented like in previous Windows versions (95/98/98Se).
If you have some weird sound output when lauching MUGEN, get VDMSound. This program "overcomes what has probably been the most exasperating limitation of DOS boxes since Windows NT -- sound support."

Note 1 : By the way, get also the LaunchPad available on the same page, in order to configure VDMSound.
Note 2 : It is known that VDMSound can crash Allegro, the heart of the MUGEN engine. So if you get an exit screen with various informations, you know what is the cause.

This only applies to DOS Mugen!
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Video Issues Dos Mugen
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Video Issues Dos Mugen

In case you can't get dos mugen to work, use winmugen.

This is also an annoying problem when trying to run MUGEN. There are several issues, depending sometimes of the hardware. I'll try to list them as much as possible.

a. VESA Drivers

Many questions concerns the screen where you see MUGEN asking you to install the VESA drivers of your graphic card. Modern cards (>= GeForce 2) use different VESA modes than MUGEN can actually support in its DOS form. New VESA drivers are not detected by the DOS engine, thus results with an error message. Here's what you can try to do :

-> Configure properly mugen.cfg file

;Enter the width and height of the resolution you want to set here.
;The optimal resolution is 320x240, but if your video card has problems
;You may want to try 640x480.
Width  =320
Height =240

;This is the color depth at which to run MUGEN. You should set it to
;16 bit color unless your video card has problems with it.
;16-fastest, 24,32-slower, 8-slowest/worst
Depth =16

;Set this parameter to 0 to disable screen stretching, and set it to 1 if
;you want to scale it up to fit the current resolution.
Stretch =0

;Set this parameter to use a resolution-doubling filter. You will
;need a fast machine to use these filters. You will need to increase
;the screen resolution to at least 640x480 for these modes.
;0 - off
;1 - diagonal edge detection
;2 - bilinear filtering
;3 - horizontal scanlines
DoubleRes =0

;Choose from "1" for VESA1, "Linear" or "Banked" for VESA2, and "3" for
;Note: VESA1 is very slow on certain video cards, especially the newer
;ones. "Linear" or "3" is usually the fastest for new cards.
; Default is "Linear".
Vesamode =1

;Set to 1 to enable vertical retrace synchronization.

The parameters values bolded should solve 70/80 % of your problems.
If they don't work, try fiddling with the values to see if you can get it to work.

b. Weird graphics

-> Update your drivers

Sometimes, updating your drivers will allow you to run MUGEN. If the previous didn't work, go to the official site of your manufacturer's card

This only applies to DOS Mugen!
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Console Controller Help
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Making Batch Files
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Making Batch Files
For the curious: making batch files...

Open up notepad (not wordpad) and type the text for the bat file into it. Then select save as, and save it as "Name.bat", where Name is the desired name of your file. Make sure to include the quotation marks: this will make it save the file as a BAT type, not TXT.

When you need to make changes to the BAT file, simply right click, and select Edit from the menu.
Crashing in address 8d48f
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Crashing in address 8d48f
If you experience some loading crashes in a character, resulting in a crash in address 8d48f (or similar), this is an issue in the character's def file.

1. Version dates should NEVER have strings.

versiondate  = 06,16,2002
mugenversion = 04,14,2001 

The code above is the only accepted syntax. NONE ELSE.

2. The same for pal defaults. only 1-12 values are allowed, delimited by commas. Other values will cause the crash!

pal.defaults = 4,5,6,1,2,3

3. If the character has no intro or ending, yet there's an [Arcade] section written, it also is a probable cause of crashing. Comment the code out or omit it altogether.

Adding characters in mugen for dummies
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Adding characters in mugen for dummies
Adding characters in mugen for dummies
_________________________________________________ ________
Say you want to add the character svcKen.

1.  move the folder "svcKen" (Your character that you want to use) to the CHARS folder.  The CHARS folder is located in your main MUGEN folder.

2. Make sure that Ken's character directory/folder name is "svcKen" and that its .def file is also the same as your directory's/folder's name. The .def file is a file that is an ID card of sorts. It tells MUGEN what that character or stage is. Every character and stage has one.

So in this example, your directory/folder's name would be "svcKen" and your .def file would also be "svcKen.def"

To summarize:

your folder/directory name = svcKen
your character's .def name = svcken.def

Make sure that that is the case before you move on.

3. Now, goto the DATA folder of your mugen.

4. Open up the "select.def" file.

5. Scroll down where you see [Characters]

6. Right BELOW "[Characters]" and the " ;Insert your characters below.," Put "svcken" (without the quotation marks)

7. It should look something like this:

... (Bunch of text that actually tells you how to add characters )
;Insert your characters below.
kfm (<=== this should already be there)
svcken (<===this is the character you want to add)

8. Close and Save your select.def

9. That's it.

Add Characters:

Adding Stages and Music:
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If you get the dreaded "assert failure in charsel.c line 3162"
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If you get the dreaded "assert failure in charsel.c line 3162"
If you get the dreaded "assert failure in charsel.c line 3162"

To dumb it down a little, you have to check everyone one of your character's .def file to see if it's missing a line of code.  Listen carefully:

1. Suppose the character's name you are checking is called "supernoob." 

2. Every character has a .def file.

3. A .def file is like a ID/driver license

4. And let's say that the .def file name is supernoob.def

5. open your character's folder

6. Look for supernoob.def.  open it.

7. You should get something like this:

; Player information
name = "Supernoob"       
displayname = "Supernoob"
versiondate = 07,17,2000
mugenversion = 06,27,2000
author = "Black-Baster"


; Player information
name = "Supernoob"       
displayname = "Supernoob"
versiondate = 07,17,2000
mugenversion = 06,27,2000
author = "Black-Baster"
pal.defaults = 1,3,4,6  <=== (If this character "supernoob" already has a line of pal.defaults code, then this one is good.  Go check another character, and repeat the whole process again from 1. to 8.  If this character doesn't have a code like that, then goto 9.)

; Player information
name = "Supernoob"       
displayname = "Supernoob"
versiondate = 07,17,2000
mugenversion = 06,27,2000
author = "Black-Baster"
pal.defaults = 1,2  <=== (Add this line of code here if there isn't already a pal.defaults code )

9.  save supernoob.def and close it.

10. Keep checking and adding pal.default codes as necessary until everyone of your characters in your MUGEN game is taken care off. 

11.  Run your mugen game and see if the same problem comes up.


How to add a motif/screenpack to Mugen.
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How to add a motif/screenpack to Mugen.
How to add a motif/screenpack to Mugen.

First extract the screenpack files into a new folder and name it whatever you want (You'll probably want to name it as the screenpack)

Then move that folder to the DATA folder.

Open mugen.cfg and find the motif= line , and change it as follows:

;motif= system.def ;Default Motif
motif= data/yourfoldernamehere/system.def

You can add several lines to organize your screenpacks, and remeber to add a ";" to your inactive screenpacks to avoid errors like so:

inactive: ;motif =

active: motif=
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I have just downloaded mugen so how do I get better people.
And how do you do the moves I can't find the move list.

I have just downloaded mugen so how do I get better people.
- Google them.  Don't ask for characters here, unless you want a 'thrashing'.

And how do you do the moves I can't find the move list.
- Look for a readme.txt or some other document of some kind in that character's folder.  Any creator should have included a movelist.
How to add characters, stages and music videos
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你們為什麼要跟我做对?  是不是想找死啊?  好!  我会成全你們的!!
Can I play MUGEN online? Can I play MUGEN on my console?
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"Can I play MUGEN online?"

"Can I play MUGEN on my console?"
Only on XBOX. Use the link below for details.
Eh, use the search button here or in google for more info.
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Are you a new member and people are not answering your questions and/or being rude?

r u typin lik this? lol
B carful not 2 tipe thes ways

 If you type like above too much on a forum it is hard for people to understand what you are saying. Or they just don't like it. Try to fully type out as much as you can and be as informative as possible.
Let the members know you have made efforts to solve the problem yourself as well by checking stickies, googling, and using the button.
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  • In after lock
This thread needs to be renamed to Dreamslayer's thread.

Many people risk their lives everyday by having Mugen.
Re: Your Question Might Already Be Answered Here!
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  • YOMI
Nah, I have something else in mind.  Better or worse?
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Nah, I like the ambiguity of Dreamslayer's thread since appropriately naming threads doesn't determine whether or not someone new will read it or not.

Many people risk their lives everyday by having Mugen.
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Since a few versions ago, 7-zip can also open RAR files

(Supported formats: 7z, ZIP, CAB, RAR, ARJ, LZH, GZIP, BZIP2, Z,CHM, TAR, CPIO, RPM and DEB)

edit: It can compress into zip, tar and 7z formats... I have found that it compresses zip files better than WinRAR does.
edit: on max settings

When compressing large files, the .7z format has a better compression ratio than .rar but takes way longer to actually compress.
edit: This is no longer always true, .rar sometimes has better compression AND WinRAR may just be the best archiver out there now, primarily because of it's speed/compression ratio.
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yah but it can't recompress them into .rar or .zip (winzip style) I think. o_O
still good ;)
in for surprise.