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Started by Barmac, August 22, 2007, 10:23:36 pm
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Krocodlie Kore
New #1  August 22, 2007, 10:23:36 pm
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I recently downloaded the hi-res mugen, and enjoyed the Hi res stages, so I decided to remake a stage I already made and never announced to the public.

NOTE: This is the first, and only hi res stage I'll make because of how risky it is to use Hi-res mugen (why the f**k does have to have the one major risk?  >:( )

If anyone wants the correct any mistakes I made with the stage go ahead.

Super Jump: No
Scoll: Yes
Animation: Yes
Music: Yes Here:


Downloads -> Stages -> [HI-RES Stage] Krocodlie Kore
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Re: [HI-RES Stage] Krocodlie Kore
#2  August 23, 2007, 02:29:30 pm
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Love the stage now make a good naruto stage and i will orgasim.
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Re: [HI-RES Stage] Krocodlie Kore
#3  August 29, 2007, 05:33:12 am
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I'm not sure what the original looks like, but there appears to be some color loss.  Splitting the original image into pieces and then piecing them together in the def file would help.  The middle carpet also looks blurry.  Was the original single layer as well?  All I see here is a single layer + one animation.

I would set zoffset lower.  It looks weird walking over the bones.

If you want to match the shadows in the background, the character shadows should be bigger and aimed at the opposite direction.

I think that's about it.