Naruto Mugen Character Request  (Read 2585 times)

Started by moongem, April 12, 2008, 10:28:18 pm
Naruto Mugen Character Request
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Minato Namikaze! Theirs a descent 4th Hokage already but I had an idea about a newer, better one! Apperance same, except in his white coat with flaming bottom, One of his specials he summons Kushina and they do a team attack, another he summons Rin, Obito and Kakashi, Kakashi does Raikiri, while Obito does a Katon no Jutsu and Rin heals Minato, another special would be, Of course Rasengan-warp, Shows a close up picture of the 4th and he does The Ultimate Rasengan we saw from Jiraya in his fight with Pain with the Body flicker to make it pretty much undodgeable.

Uchiha Madara! For his opening he walks out onto the screen where the Tobi mask and throws it off. He would wear those clothes he wore while his talk with Sasuke, where he shows himself. His specials could be a few Katon Jutsus, and a one-hit KO would be to summon the Nine-Tailed Fox who shots a giant ball of condensed Chakra

Please! These seem to be good Idea's and I don't know how to make characters
Re: Naruto Mugen Character Request
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Are you asking for stuff to be made?

In that case, "No u."