KOFE 2018 release preparation (Read 214 times)

Started by swipergod, August 05, 2018, 06:22:07 pm
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KOFE 2018 release preparation
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So KOFE 2018 will release within the next month or month and a half. What's the big deal? Well I figured I'd go through my blog and try to pull out the changes from the last release whch was way back at Evo 2016. There's probably more, but this is what I could find.

  • We're now on Mugen 1.1 with increased RAM for better stability (although there are still crashes).
  • The combo system is more flexible to allow different access points to the unique chain and some special combo only moves
  • All characters now have collapse KOs
  • All characters have fixed trip, face to ground gethits and othees
  • All characters have air guard animations now
  • Lin added as a new character
  • Hinako added as a new character
  • New Launcher for the game with access to a movelist and quick options
  • Benimaru can now do an Air Raikoken, has a new intro and has lightning effects when he counters a throw
  • Fully Implemented Iori's XIII costume and he gains a new HSDM
  • Costume change for Robert and loses his high low fireball, plus new DM fireball animation
  • Color Separation for King
  • Costume change for Billy and new special intro with Joe that includes Lily
  • Costume change for Ryo and new SDM animation
  • Andy now has long range fireballs and his weak dp is real bout style
  • Elisabeth uppercut and rush DM have been changed
  • Mai gets her ducking crawl from KOF '95
  • Saisyu's SDM has changed to a double serpent wave
  • Shermie has a new weak kick and victory pose
  • Takuma replacing Mr. Karate and a new special intro with Mr. Big
  • Yuri has a new Guard Counter strike and animation sprite for her double chou upper and new HSDM animation
  • Kyo has a new Guard Counter strike and backward leap
  • Added a couple of missing sprites for Athena
  • Zero gained new close weak attacks
  • Heidern has a new SDM and close weak punch attack
  • Joe has a new animation for his weak slash kick and golden heel
  • Geese removed from Kula's SDM effect
  • Jhun special intro with Athena
  • Chris has a couple new basic attacks
  • Blue Mary's HSDM is now a running grab and her DM now has a new impact effect
  • Yamazaki's HSDM is now a counter all
  • Mr. Big has some new animations and a new overhead attack
  • Maylee loses her rushing kick special and gains an anti air like Kim
  • Kesou is getting a new close strong punch
  • Ralf loses his throw special, but gains his ground punch special
  • Chizuru's reflect attack also now drains some super meter if it connects
  • Rugal's throw DM is now a rush attack
  • Krauser gains an air throw
  • Capcom fighters Ryu and Chun-Li join the fight

Eagle eyed followers of KOFE will note that this list does not include Tessa. She'll come out later on. There has to be some roster left for the bigger 1.0 release.

Official KOFE website is up.  Go visit it for all your KOFE needs:
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