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Re: Spritesheet Expansion Thread

 March 12, 2018, 10:22:21 pm View in topic context
 Posted by Sean Altly  in Spritesheet Expansion Thread (Started by Graphicus September 18, 2011, 07:17:56 am
 Board: Sprite Projects

Those look very good.

Re: wrestling

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 Posted by Sean Altly  in wrestling (Started by Titiln August 28, 2007, 08:49:26 pm
 Board: Entertainment

The rumor I had read about was that they were going to do an "unsanctioned" match between Ciampa and Gargano at one of the Takeovers that would lead to Gargano getting called up to either SD or 205 Live and Ciampa becoming a top heel in NXT for a while.

Re: Roster

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 Posted by Sean Altly  in Roster (Started by Sean Altly January 10, 2018, 11:56:24 pm
 Board: S.H.A.D.E.s of Manhattan 3

So you are keeping Wyldestar after all?  What are you plans for her gameplay and story role?

As for Chad in Black, maybe one of the newcomers could inherit her gameplay without affecting the story.  I always felt that she had a playstyle that stands apart from the cast, tho a bit too good.

Gameplay will mainly stay the same but her projectile is gone, replaced with the slash-type move her EX version has. Storyline wise, she's the one who causes Byrne to fully transform into Obsydian which sets the "City of Chaos" plot into motion.

I had considered a new character called Sketch (or Etch, undecided) who could draw things that come to life, and her gameplay would be very similar to Chad In Black's, but it all depends on how much time I have and how long it takes to sprite the other, more essential new characters (Castle, Elle, and After Image). I may also just include CIB as a "bonus" character who canonically isn't present in the story but is still playable.

Cool to see you back, my guy.

Thanks man!

Re: Returning Characters - Movesets, Gameplay and Story

 January 23, 2018, 11:02:56 pm View in topic context

Well I'm glad for the feedback because I consider it invaluable. I'm about to post some more movesets and info, and I will probably be releasing SHADEs 3 versions of Zenith and Snow within the week.

Re: Returning Characters - Movesets, Gameplay and Story

 January 23, 2018, 07:57:46 pm View in topic context

I may eventually do EX versions again but I want to make sure the core cast is as solid and balanced as possible first. This was the feedback you gave me about Snow when I first started talking about SHADEs 3:


- Not many changes need to be made here, obviously. I will say Senton Splash and Psy-Kick basically have the same function. Psy-Kick should probably have an EX version but I don't know what it would do.
- I like the fact that basic Snow is more of a defensive Guile type and EX Snow is an offensive version. If you have to sacrifice one in the re-design though, try to resist the urge to incorporate some of EX Snow's moves into regular Snow.

I'm actually using your feedback for all the characters as a guide for what should be changed and streamlined.

Re: Returning Characters - Movesets, Gameplay and Story

 January 19, 2018, 06:36:51 am View in topic context


Story: Snow has recovered from the near-fatal wound inflicted upon him by Thirteen (as seen in Thirteen's ending in SOM2). Traumatized and deeply affected by the experience, Snow is determined more than ever to end the suffering of his fellow subjects and win their freedom.

Moves: Most notable, as with most SHADEs 3 returning characters, Snow's list of super moves has been condensed, and his special moves have been streamlined.


-Shin Tap - F+LK - A slightly farther reaching LK with more recovery. Basically his MK repurposed as a command normal, best used to extend combos and to make up for the relatively short reach of his standard LK
-Psy-Knee - DF+HK - A short ranged hopping knee strike, functionally very similar to K' from KOF. Hits overhead unless it's used in a combo.
-Backward Sobat - B+HK - A version of his Rolling Sobat HK that moves backwards instead of forwards
-Running Sobat - F+HK during run - A version of his standard HK with more forward momentum
-Psy-Combo - LK > Shin Tap > Psy-Knee > Running Sobat


-Psych Shot - Charge B,F+P or K - The P version is from a standing position and the K version is from a crouch. The only difference is screen positioning, the K version does not need to be blocked low.
   -EX Psych Shot - A faster, multi-hit version of the high/low Psych Shot

-Psych Slice - Charge D,U+K - Flash Kick-type anti-air attack
   -EX Psych Slice - Snow's old L2 super is now the EX version, a double rotation Flash Kick

-Psy-Kick - QCB+K (also in air) - Hopping spinning kick that gives Snow options for horizontal offense. Can also be performed in the air with different movement properties
   -EX Psy-Kick - A high-arching version of Psy-Kick that homes in on the opponents horizontal position, good for jumping over projectiles. Has a small hit-box at the very beginning that will only hit air-borne opponents, making it a good anti-air that doesn't require a charge


-L1 - Psych Force - QCFx2+P - A fairly safe, single-hit Psych burst that appears either directly in front of him (LP) or at mid-screen (HP).

-L3 - Cerebral Destroyer - QCBx2+P - Massive, fast-travelling and very hard to dodge Psych Shot

DM - Cerebral Illusion - QCFx2+S - Just like his old DM, he projects an illusion of himself, and if it hits or gets hit by an attack, the opponent is trapped and assaulted by Snow AND the illusion, ending with a Psych Spike in mid-air (it used to also be a Destroyer but that felt redundant design wise)


-Air Senton is gone, replaced by the Aerial Psy-Kick which is less safe and less abusable, and is mainly for ending air combos or halting Snow mid-air to control his descent
-Old L2 Super (the double flash kick) is now his EX Psych Slice
-No more Psych Sweeper, it was too many projectiles and the fixed position of Psych Force requires more strategy and planning while giving him a close range big-hit move that can get his opponent off of him in a hurry

Gameplay: Snow's gameplay is more focused on zoning and accurate reads and reactions. His multiple projectile options and need to charge his specials makes correct reads, patience, and space control more important than ever.


Story: At the conclusion of SOM2, Thirteen succeeds in his obsessive quest to pierce Adamas' unbreakable skin. Unfortunately, Adamas immediately cracks Thirteen's mask open with a thunderous blow, stunning him and sending him reeling, causing Thirteen to decide that making Adamas bleed isn't enough. He attacks Adamas' friend Snow, nearly killing him, awakening a desperate desire within himself to kill not only every person who has wronged him, but also their friends and family.


Story: Deciding to distance herself from her sordid past and no longer identifying herself as a victim, Vesper decides to leave a mark on the saga of the SHADEs subjects by eliminating Moses Maddigan, Sabotage, Obsydian and Kane Kelly in pursuit of an unknown goal.


Story: After briefly defeating Byrne but being scorned and rejected afterwards, Wyldestar decides to prove her strength and maturity by defeating Bryne's evolved form of Obsydian. If she happens to save the city and get famous, well, that's just a little bonus.


Story: Further seeking atonement but unsure of her true motives, Zenith allies himself with the bounty hunter Elle in order to capture the missing Specialist, who went into permanent hiding after hearing of Elle's arrival in Manhattan.

Re: Returning Characters - Movesets, Gameplay and Story

 January 19, 2018, 06:35:48 am View in topic context


Story: Having ended her physical relationship with Moses while asserting her professional status within Maddicorp, Fray seeks to prove that she is more vital to the company than even its CEO by assuming full control of the Collection Agency amidst The Specialist's disappearance.


Story: Weakened by his defeat at the hands of Snow, Kane senses the power of a newly transformed Obsydian. Kane seeks him out and forms an unholy and immensely powerful alliance with the naive Obsydian, hoping to manipulate his God-like power for his own ends, throwing the entire city into disarray.


-Black Knuckle - F+HP - Spinning backhand, better range than standard HP but more rcovery
-Vertical Limit - B+HP - Completely vertical uppercut, good for a quick, safe anti-air
-Entity Strike - F+HK - A strong but unsafe double-fist strike by The Entity with good priority and damage
-Midnight Flicker - LK > LK - Quick double kick to extend combos
-Midnight Combo - LK > LK > F+HP > F+HK - Target combo that ends in a hard knockdown


-Jet Black Stare - QCF+P
   -Jet Black Impact - P - Does light damage but pops opponent up for juggles or a super move
   -Jet Black Slash - K - More damage than above but does hard knockdown, use when KO is guaranteed
   -Jet Black Strike - U+P - Oberhead follow-up for a blocked JBS, but has huge start-up and recovery if blocked
   -Jet Black Retreat - LK+HK (EX) - EX move, performs a safe retreat, use when initial move is blocked at the expense of meter

-Avenging Angel - DP+P - Shoulder-strike anti-air attack, same properties as a standard DP
   -EX Avenging Angel - Double AA with quick invincible start-up but lots of recovery if whiffed

-Comet Pressure - RDP + P - Jumping long-range punch attack, similar to Terry's Power Dunk
   -EX Comet Pressure - EX version hits on ascent and has a faster, more direct descent

-Entity Capture - HCB+K - The Entity grabs opponent and throws them against the wall, HP is for damage, LP does little damage but pops opponent up for juggles/combos


-L1 - Negative Charge - QCFx2+K - Quick, single-hit orb super with low range, high-priority and projectile invincibility

-L3 - Desolation Row - QCFx2+P - Fast, long-range multi-hit super that can hit grounded, air-borne or falling opponents

-DM - Symbiotic Harmony - QCFx2+S - Decent range grab super that does huge damage but has lots of recovery


-Entity Strike specials are now just one command normal
-Old L1 Super Sin & Punishment is now the EX version of his DP
-Black Reign is gone due to redundancy
-New Jumping HP
-Negative Charge is now his L1 super, no actual charging required
-Entity Capture had no differences before, now the LK version does minor damage but pops the opponent up for juggles
-Jet Black Impact is similar, it now does minor damage but pops the opponent up for juggles, making it different in use from Jet Black Strike
-Jet Black Retreat was mad safe and abusable before so now it's a meter-eating EX move
-Old MP is now his HP while his old HP is now a command normal
-Less health overall due to gameplay and storyline reasons

Gameplay: Kane is a bit of a miscellaneous-type character with good anti-air and rush down options, plus a command grab, making him a threat at all ranges except long range due to his lack of projectile. He has probably the best DM in the game which makes keeping a full-meter a priority for him when the chips are down. He is pretty fragile though which makes it important to play strategically and patiently with him.


Story: Lacking confidence and feeling vulnerable after he is defeated by his half-brother Sabotage, Maddigan joins forces temporarily with the rogue subjects he had been hunting in order to eliminate Obsydian and Kane so that he can clean up his company's mess, unbeknownst to his loyal VP Fray and the Collection Agency.


Story: After being surprised and bested by Wyldestar, Byrne's anger and frustration cause him to fully evolve into the God-like Obsydian, a being with immense powers but still seeking the short-sighted goal of "total anarchy." He is visited by a bruised and battered Kane Kelly and convinced that the two should destroy the city and bring about the end of civilization.


Story: Having been captured and imprisoned by the Collection Agency, Ruckus is suddenly released when Kane and Obsydian attack the remote storage facility he's being kept in. He calls up his trusty tag-team partner Donny Brooks and once again ventures out to talk some sense into his sister Fray.


Story: After narrowly defeating his half-brother Moses Maddigan in an intense battle within Maddicorp, Sabotage nearly falls to his death but is saved by Maddigan at the last second. This leads to an uneasy alliance between Maddigan and the rogue subjects in an effort to defeat Kane and Obsydian in order to restore order to Manhattan.

Returning Characters - Movesets, Gameplay and Story (BLOODTIDE updated 2/15/18)

 January 19, 2018, 06:34:38 am View in topic context


Story: Questioning his loyalty and fearing for his own personal safety after the events of SOM2 (including Thirteen's successful attack that saw him finally make Adamas bleed as well as his near-fatal attack on Snow), Adamas begins to wonder if what he's fighting for is worth his life and considers fleeing or accepting some sort of deal from Maddicorp.


-Step Side Kick - F+HK - A longer range HK that moves him forward. Hits hard


-Diamond Shard - QCF+P - Pretty standard projectile, though the LP version moves particularly slow to allow the heavy Adamas a chance to use it as a shield for safe approaches
   -EX Diamond Shard - Throws 3 Shards in quick succession

-Diamond Dust - QCF+P in air - An air version of Diamon Shard that breaks up quickly
   -EX Diamond Dust - Throws three in quick succession, like EX Diamond Shard

-Fist of Adamas - QCB+P - Dashing straight diamond punch, basically his only forward-moving attack
   -EX Fist of Adamas - Faster, multi-hit version, great for combos and instant punishes

-Diamond Spike - DP+P - Not your typical anti-air. Ssince it's safer than your standard DP, it's timing is more specific and there is no invincibility at the beginning
   -EX Diamon Spike - Faster version that's slightly taller and has a bit of invincibility at the beginning


-L1 - Diamond Rush - QCFx2+P - Multi-hit "auto-combo" type super, purely offensive option that is rather safe if blocked but leaves him wide open if whiffed completely

-L3 - Diamond Rapture - QCFx2+K - Long range projectile-type super where he raises thee huge Diamond Spikes in succession, thus making the move very strategic since proper screen position and close proximity to the opponent is necessary for full damage. In exchange for this the move is very safe and does great block damage

-DM - Blue Sky Falling - QCFx2+S - Throws a quick, hard-hitting giant diamond at the opponent, and if it hits, they're stunned while Adamas jumps into th air and comes crashing down holding a massive diamond ball (think Hulk's Meteor super from the MVC games). Fast but tons of recovery if the initial hit isn't successful


-Fist of Adamas has less range, this along with his lack of run makes Adamas a big, slow tank with good projectile options
-Both projectile supers (Diamond Break and Ice Storm) have been repurposed as EX versions of Diamond Shard and Diamond Dust (though the projectiles for EX Diamond Dust/Ice Storm are now normal sized)
-No more Diamond Cutter command throw
-Made it easier to juggle with his L3 (Diamond Rapture)
-Completely new DM that was introduced in Capcom vs The World
-New sprite update, also introduced in CvTW
-I need a new VA for him because I want to add some new intros and the original VA is not available to me

Gameplay: Adamas is still the main "beginner"-type character, with a pseudo-Shoto moveset, high damage, and high health. He is still slow and is one of only two characters to have a forward dash rather than a full run.


Story: After his encounter with the seemingly honest and good-natured NYPD detective Garret Laurel, Apollo's blind loyalty to Maddicorp and its assumed benevolence begins to crack, throwing into chaos everything Apollo believes and stands for.


Story: Now that her brother Snow and his allies know of her true nature as a CIA mole, Bloodtide finds herself conflicted between her duties (under orders from her superior Gant) and her familial loyalties.



-Bloody Heel - DB+HK - Her launcher, a vertical heel kick


-Crimson Arrow - Charge B,F+K - Long-range flying kick, only HK version causes knockdown
   -EX Crimson Arrow - Faster version of CA that will eat one-hit projectiles

-Vermillion Strikes - Charge D,U+K - Anti-air flurry of kicks, will only hit air-borne opponents, not a typical AA
   -EX Vermillion Strikes - Faster version that does much more damage

-Bloodshot - QCF+P - Ground skimming projectile that dissipates a little over halfway across the screen
   -EX Bloodshot - Very fast moving and traverses the whole screen

-Scarlet Tornado - QCB+K (also in air) - Twirling, jumping move that now functions more like Cammy's Hooligan Combination
   -EX Scarlet Tornado - Fast, short version that hits once and passes through opponent, guaranteeing an extra hit
      -Scarlet Dive - K during ST - A short, quick, dive kick that halts forward momentum
      -Scarlet Capture - Throw button during ST when close - A hurricanrana that sets them up for juggles, strict timing
      -Scarlet Needle - P after landing from ST - quick sliding elbow, hard knockdown
      -Scarlet Barrage - K after landing from ST - Series of kicks with good reach and damage
         -EX Scarlet Barrage - LK+HK after landing from ST - Faster with more range, damage and hard knockdown   


-L1 - Red Cyclone - QCBx2+K - Super version of Scarlet Tornado where she is surrounded by blood

-L3 - Crimson Tide - QCFx2+P - Creates a huge tidal wave of blood, practically full-screen projectile that does huge damage

-DM - Born in Blood - QCFx2+S - Quick grab with slightly more range than normal grabs, she then surrounds and impales her opponent


-Added more options to Scarlet Tornado so that it's more like Cammy's Hooligan Combination
-EX versions of all specials are no available
-Life increased from 850 to 900
-Slightly longer range on her launcher
-Bloodshot projectile now only travels about half-screen, making them harder to spam
-The Wall and Ruby Weapon removed, they were too safe and I want her playstyle to be more risky
-Claret Capture/Hurricanrana are no part of Scarlet Tornado
-DM Born in Blood now has much less range and more recovery, still a good move but overall less safe

Gameplay: Bloodtide is a very mobile character with lots of options. She has 900 life meaning she's a little squishy. I find the best way to use her is to hop around and get in your pokes and quick combos, building meter for either her DM or her L3 Super (which is maybe the safest L3 super in the game).


Story: Following an encounter with Apollo and a suspension from the force, Det. Laurel dedicates his time and efforts into the dual cause of protecting the city from Obsydian and Kane, and trying to get through to Apollo, the good-hearted tech genius brainwashed by Maddicorp.


Story: Awakened by Maddicorp after a brief chemically-induced hibernation, Exile seems to have lost his sympathetic and remorseful side and now follows his orders with no resistance. However, something deep within him is telling him to remember who he is and where he came from.

Re: wrestling

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 Posted by Sean Altly  in wrestling (Started by Titiln August 28, 2007, 08:49:26 pm
 Board: Entertainment



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 Posted by Sean Altly  in Screenpack/Design (Started by Sean Altly January 13, 2018, 08:27:21 am
 Board: S.H.A.D.E.s of Manhattan 3

This thread is for opinions and ideas for the screenpack/design of the game. Here are a few images. Keep in mind that at this point I'm doing this all by myself and these don't necessarily represent the final design. Anyone who would like to help better flesh out these ideas would be greatly appreciated.

The options screen has an awesome jumpy "security cam" sort of effect that I dig


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 Posted by Sean Altly  in Roster (Started by Sean Altly January 10, 2018, 11:56:24 pm
 Board: S.H.A.D.E.s of Manhattan 3


The game will feature the return of all of the SHADEs 2 characters except for The Specialist and Chad In Black. That list is as follows:

-Det. Laurel
-Kane Kelly
(now completely transformed into Obsydian)
-Moses Maddigan

The game will feature a minimum of 4 New Characters, with the possibility of more being added later as free "DLC" (it's all technically DLC but you get what I'm saying). Those 3 are:

-Dark Nation (who is already completed but was never officially added to SHADEs 2)
-Castle - a South-American dictator with the power of extreme endurance and unbreakable skin and bones
-Elle - An English bounty hunter with expert combat prowess whose arrival in Manhattan sends The Specialist into hiding
-AfterImage - a young runaway with the ability to duplicate himself who owes his life to Maddicorp

Characters that I may add later are, in order of likelihood:

-The Renaissance Man - a former college professor with photographic memory, extreme intelligence and super-human athleticism
-Gospel - a religious zealot with lightning-based powers who was driven insane by the experiment
-Relay - An overly competitive high-school-aged girl with the power of super speed

I'm also most likely going to include two characters named Lynch and Cronyn, who will be edits of the Specialist/Solid Snake sprites and assets. They will be the game's Collection Agency representatives.

I'll be posting more character details soon. Be sure to give me any ideas or opinions you may have.

Gameplay Plans & Discussion

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 Posted by Sean Altly  in Gameplay Plans & Discussion (Started by Sean Altly January 10, 2018, 11:41:58 pm
 Board: S.H.A.D.E.s of Manhattan 3


As far as gameplay goes, the theme of SHADEs 3 is efficiency. What this means is I'm streamlining the gameplay overall, cutting out clutter and redundancy in movesets, and really examining each and every attack and deciding what its uses, strengths and weaknesses are. Admittedly in the past I've put little thought into normals, command normals and target combos. Not this time. Here's a quick breakdown of the general gameplay system of SHADEs 3.

- 4-Button Layout (LP,HP,LK,HK)
- Dedicated button for strategic maneuvers, called the S button (Z by default)
    -Pressing S with no directional input results in Easy Overhead
    -Pressing Fwd+S is a forward evasive roll
    -Back+S is a backward evasive roll
- Dedicated button for Throws (C by default)
- Everyone will have a universal forward and backward throw, something I should have done already for consistency
- 2-Level Super system (a decision I have made recently after the Zenith video I posted)
    -Each character will have one or two L1 Supers and one L2 Super
    -This will allow for a maximum stock of 4 EX moves, like in SFIV
    -Desperation Moves now require less than a quarter total health AND a full Super meter
        -Due to the new requirements DMs will be extremely valuable but not broken
        -All DMs will be performed with the same command for each character, QCF, QCF+S
- Certain characters will have standard chain combos (i.e., L>H), while lighter, quicker characters who deal less damage overall will have
   Darkstalker chains (LK>LP>HK>HP for example)
- Air chain combos will stick around
- Anti-air specials will be unblockable in the air, another thing I should have done already
- The Guard Crush meter will deplete faster, so using your evasive roll to get out of certain situations will be essential
- Everyone will have a Run and a Back Dash/Hop
    -No more attacking during the back hop

Due to the 4 button-layout, chain combos will be shorter for most characters and thus the damage dampener should be less of an issue, but I am playing with the code trying to make sure that Supers in combos will be worth it since they were admittedly pretty worthless before.

Again, the overall idea here to is to tighten everything up. No more bloated movesets with redundant specials, no more command normals that serve no purpose, no more repetitive normal attack animations (like LK and MK being the same animation only slowed down for example).

Feel free to post suggestions, ideas, problems with SHADEs 2 that you want to make sure get addressed, pretty much anything related to general gameplay here. I will be posting a video preview of the most recent build soon.

Here's the video I posted yesterday featuring Zenith and a look at the screenpack so far. Note: This was before I made the decision to drop the Super meter from 3 levels to 2.


Re: Joe (SF1) - Spriting has begun! First Anims on Page 4!

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 Posted by Sean Altly  in Joe (SF1) - Spriting has begun! First Anims on Page 4! (Started by Sean Altly April 23, 2014, 11:42:51 pm
 Board: Sprite Projects

Oh whoops, I was wondering why it didn't work, lol

Re: post here if you want a subforum for your full game

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 Posted by Sean Altly  in post here if you want a subforum for your full game (Started by Titiln October 25, 2010, 10:29:28 pm
 Board: FullGame development

Hey guys can I get a sub-forum for SHADEs 3? I'd ask to just resurrect the old SHADEs 2 board but it seems a bit cluttered. If you'd rather do that I understand though, either one works for me.

Re: Joe (SF1) - Spriting has begun! First Anims on Page 4!

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 Posted by Sean Altly  in Joe (SF1) - Spriting has begun! First Anims on Page 4! (Started by Sean Altly April 23, 2014, 11:42:51 pm
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Were any arrangements ever reached as far as a voice actor goes for Joe?

Re: SHADEs of Manhattan 3: City of Chaos - Opinions wanted

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 Posted by Sean Altly  in SHADEs of Manhattan 3: City of Chaos - Opinions wanted (Started by Sean Altly November 21, 2013, 07:57:54 am
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Just posted a new update video showing off Zenith's updated sprites and gameplay. It's also a general SOM3 preview. Now with voice over of my sensual, silky voice.


Re: Joe (SF1) - Spriting has begun! First Anims on Page 4!

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 Posted by Sean Altly  in Joe (SF1) - Spriting has begun! First Anims on Page 4! (Started by Sean Altly April 23, 2014, 11:42:51 pm
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So I know I came back and people were like "nice" and then I disappeared again but my work schedule has changed so that all 40 hours are in the span of four days. So that means I will have three days off in a row every week, and I'll be dedicating at least one of those days a week to at least 8 hours of spriting. I will be finishing up a few animations for Joe, then working on SHADEs 3 and possibly Batman.

So I want to ask an important question. If I can guarantee regular content production because of my new schedule, would there be any interest at all in contributing to a Patreon if I started one? I've seen it's become a popular tool of artists and I could use the extra money to make sure I don't have to get a second job or spend more time than necessary driving for Uber (something I do Friday and Saturday nights for extra cash).

I may create a poll for this, and I'll be posting at least one animation tonight. Let me know what you guys think.


Here's Joe's run. Yes I used Kyo's lower half but with some edits.


Re: Battle of Gods: Organized Religion Discussion

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 Posted by Sean Altly  in Battle of Gods: Organized Religion Discussion (Started by Chronan November 14, 2017, 11:11:59 pm
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Re: The Donald Trump Political MAGAthread: Gun advocates going off half-cocked

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 Posted by Sean Altly  in The Donald Trump Political MAGAthread: IRANIAN CAPS LOCK RAGE (Started by Ricepigeon March 22, 2017, 08:42:19 pm
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Holy shit, he's a climate change denier too.  Just when you think he can't possibly be more of cartoon character.  XD

He also edited out a bit where he called liberals "greedy little communists"

Re: The Donald Trump Political MAGAthread: Gun advocates going off half-cocked

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 Posted by Sean Altly  in The Donald Trump Political MAGAthread: IRANIAN CAPS LOCK RAGE (Started by Ricepigeon March 22, 2017, 08:42:19 pm
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The whole "what the fuck is wrong with you" thing seems like an overreaction