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Re: Ikemen GO Plus

 March 03, 2019, 10:08:30 pm View in topic context
 Posted by K4thos  in Ikemen GO Plus (Started by K4thos May 26, 2018, 03:04:27 am
 Board: IKEMEN Releases

I've added links to both those forks and removed some not relevant stuff from the opening post. Let me know if something else should be changed (not sure if I should remove "Feature requests" and "Bug reports"?) I can also change the opening post all together if someone bothers to write a new one with more up to date info and F.A.Q.

btw. I see Gacel that you're using outdated lua scripts since you don't have latest footer text with F1 support:

and gamepad setting that mimics mugen:

Once I find some time I will send you the updated lua files (I need to first check what has to be changed to use them since the engine crashes if I just copy them to your repo)

Re: Ikemen GO Plus

 March 03, 2019, 08:24:07 pm View in topic context
 Posted by K4thos  in Ikemen GO Plus (Started by K4thos May 26, 2018, 03:04:27 am
 Board: IKEMEN Releases

huh, at least 10 pages to read since I've last been here. From what I see there is a new fork by Gacel with active development. Since this topic is still in use for the new fork, Gacel, let me know how I should edit the first post to properly describe your fork. I'm ok with completely removing link and information regarding my repo, since yours seems to be more developed and up to date with official OSDN commits.

Request: Mack the Knife

 July 17, 2018, 08:34:31 pm View in topic context
 Posted by K4thos  in Request: Mack the Knife (Started by K4thos July 17, 2018, 08:34:31 pm
 Board: Requests


Re: Kenji P.O.T.S style (W.I.P)

 July 13, 2018, 12:04:33 am View in topic context
 Posted by K4thos  in Tessa P.O.T.S style (W.I.P) (Started by k6666orochi July 14, 2017, 06:12:10 am
 Board: Projects

Great work. Kenji was easy to guess from your signature. The 4th character is a mystery. Looks like Shuma Gorath, Gi Gi or maybe Hydron :mblivious: I'm looking forward for your releases.

Re: Ikemen GO Plus

 July 12, 2018, 09:39:54 pm View in topic context
 Posted by K4thos  in Ikemen GO Plus (Started by K4thos May 26, 2018, 03:04:27 am
 Board: IKEMEN Releases

add004 lifebar works without issues. If you mean some custom character with 32-bit image used for lifebar portrait than please upload such character, so I can test if the portrait is displayed correctly.

Re: Ikemen GO Plus

 July 12, 2018, 09:15:05 pm View in topic context
 Posted by K4thos  in Ikemen GO Plus (Started by K4thos May 26, 2018, 03:04:27 am
 Board: IKEMEN Releases

I'd like to try it but I do not have a 64-bit system. Could you pass it to 32 bits?
there will be 32-bit version executable available (once released, there are no public releases yet). But check opengl video card requirement mentioned in the first post. If you're still on 32-bit system I'm afraid your video card may be too old to run the engine.

Same question my boy Genesis asked, since I do like pushing Mugen to its limits with my SP's, with the HD content, and with my previous encounters with Ikemen and the way it handled 32 bit sprites in the SP, it wasn't the best at times.
Same really I used 32 bit portraits for lifebar in old ikemen but was wondering how this would support 32bit
Please upload that lifebar with 32-bit images so I can  test if it works as expected. No idea if the 32-bit images support is better here compared to old ikemen.

Hi are controllers supported in the ikeman plus build? Are they implemented into this already?
yes, up to 4 joypads. You can also change joypad controlls directly in the options screen like in mugen.

Maybe old Ikemen Sp support? Mugen Sp's are nice and all but Really don't wanna remake an entire screenpack based on mugen version
Screenpacks are already supported. The only notable missing feature when it comes to mugen screenpack support is localcoord (which will be handled soon).


 July 11, 2018, 08:39:09 am View in topic context
 Posted by K4thos  in I NOW IDENTIFY AS A HAM SANDWICH OR SOMETHING: MAZEMERALD 2 (for ID purposes) (Started by Mazemerald. July 07, 2018, 09:27:19 pm
 Board: M.U.G.E.N Discussion

Baby Bonnie Hood, Walruslui, I agree that my post was a bit hyperbolic after checking fanart made by other guys mentioned in this topic. There are tons of awesome spritesheets released on this site that I wasn’t aware of. Still I like Mack the Knife sprite work and hope he won't give up on Ginzu sprites due to (hyperbolic, imo) criticism of his work on Mack.

This isn't wrong. You're wrong. Being talented would include crediting where credit is due, if you lack the talent to create from scratch.
Including credit is "not being an asshole". Can't see how being one makes you talentless.

Being talented means being able to own up to the things you do instead of arbitrarily saying "everything was made by one company anyway, so no one else deserves credit."
Again, that's what we call "not being weird/awkward" rather than being talented.


 July 10, 2018, 10:06:02 am View in topic context
 Posted by K4thos  in I NOW IDENTIFY AS A HAM SANDWICH OR SOMETHING: MAZEMERALD 2 (for ID purposes) (Started by Mazemerald. July 07, 2018, 09:27:19 pm
 Board: M.U.G.E.N Discussion

yeah, no. While I don't understand his stance regarding authorship of fanart (I assume it has to be cultural thing or maybe a result of machine translation) but calling him talentless is straight out wrong. His Mack the Knife spritesheet is some of the best sprite work I've seen released here over the years. Very faithful to the original game and beautifully animated.

Re: Ikemen GO Plus

 July 07, 2018, 08:21:53 pm View in topic context
 Posted by K4thos  in Ikemen GO Plus (Started by K4thos May 26, 2018, 03:04:27 am
 Board: IKEMEN Releases

Same IKEMEN build
This is Ikemen GO Plus topic, not S-SIZE ikemen. Here is whole intro captured in the latest build, I don't see the problem.
I've requested uploading that Naruto stage but adriano gt ignored it, so can't test it more.

I really don't think it has anything to do with computer. Problems with Ikemen don't have to exist in Ikemen GO - these are 2 completely different engines that don't share a single line of code. Same with storyboards and screenpack rendering - code used in latest Ikemen GO Plus is different to the one used in Ikemen Plus.

but the demo at the start screen, if you don’t press anything, that’s been done right?

Re: Rugal Bernstein Updated (07/06/2018)

 July 07, 2018, 02:16:53 am View in topic context
 Posted by K4thos  in Rugal Bernstein Updated (06/7/2019) (Started by ReddBrink July 04, 2018, 11:26:47 am
 Board: Your Releases, 1.0+


Re: Ikemen GO Plus

 July 06, 2018, 11:45:38 pm View in topic context
 Posted by K4thos  in Ikemen GO Plus (Started by K4thos May 26, 2018, 03:04:27 am
 Board: IKEMEN Releases

Sorry if this has been suggested before, could we have adjustable bgm and sfx volume settings like in native mugen?
sfx, yes - WavVolume setting will be available in the stable version.

For bgm no (for now), because I don't know how to change it (stuff like frequency, channels, samplerate, mixing etc. is all black magic to me). There is no built-in volume functionality in go-vorbis library. @ShinLucho: experimented with it some time ago but without success. @MangeX: mentioned that he is working on binding SDL library to the engine, so if he suceeds, this won't be a problem anymore.

Anyway music related stuff is an open issue:
If there is any programmer with knowledge regarding sound implementations interested in the project, help would be really appreciated.

Re: Ikemen GO Plus

 July 06, 2018, 05:01:37 pm View in topic context
 Posted by K4thos  in Ikemen GO Plus (Started by K4thos May 26, 2018, 03:04:27 am
 Board: IKEMEN Releases

As for unlockable bosses chars etc, the easiest way to go about it is just lock em behind points total if you wanna go into it a bit more you can add a difficulty modifier easy 1x normal 2x etc.
this is how unlocking stuff is designed currently (only partially implemented but I will handle it soon). Quote from select.def:

 ;IKEMEN feature: Unlock in-game content by fulfilling game progress conditions.
 ;Characters are locked via [Characters] 'hidden' parameter flag. Stages and
 ;modes are automatically hidden when any condition for unlocking them exists.
 ; Use the format:
 ; type:name = (condition_1), (condition_2), (...)
 ; type:name construct sets what content should be unlocked:
 ; char:  Character filename (or full path to DEF file)
 ; stage: Path to stage DEF file
 ; mode:  Mode reference:
 ;        - arcade: Arcade Mode
 ;        - versus: Versus Mode
 ;        - teamcoop: Team Co-op Mode
 ;        - survival: Survival Mode
 ;        - survivalcoop: Survival Co-op Mode
 ;        - training: Training Mode
 ;        - netplayversus: Netplay Versus Mode
 ;        - netplayteamcoop: Netplay Team Co-op Mode
 ;        - netplaysurvivalcoop: Netplay Survival Co-op Mode
 ;        - freebattle: Free Battle Mode
 ;        - 100kumite: VS 100 Kumite Mode
 ;        - bossrush: Boss Rush Mode
 ;        When it comes to individual bonuses (generated via bonus=1 char param)
 ;        name of the mode is the same as 'name' set in [Info] section of char
 ;        DEF file. Story Mode arcs use the 'modename' from [StoryMode] section.
 ; Condition consists of declarations: stat, op, value, mode, char, tmode
 ; If there is only 1 condition brackets can be omitted. "stat", "op", "value"
 ; parameters are required. Save file tracks stats for each mode, character and
 ; team mode individually allowing you to be specific when declaring stat
 ; conditions via optional "mode", "char", "tmode" parameters.
 ; stat:  Game stat that should be checked.
 ;        Stats tracked globally:
 ;        - gametime: total amount of time played
 ;        Stats tracked after each match:
 ;        - matches: played matches count
 ;        - wins: won matches count
 ;        - loose: lost matches count
 ;        - draws: draw matches count
 ;        - rankd: total rank D count
 ;        - rankc: total rank C count
 ;        - rankb: total rank B count
 ;        - ranka: total rank A count
 ;        - ranks: total rank S count
 ;        - rankss: total rank SS count
 ;        Stats tracked after mode is cleared:
 ;        - cleared: mode cleared count
 ;        - consecutive: max consecutive won matches count
 ;        - perfects: max perfect matches count
 ;        - continues: min continuous count
 ;        - score: max total score
 ;        - cleartime: min clear time (in seconds)
 ;        - difficulty: max AI level used to clear the mode
 ; op:    The equality and relational operators between stat and value:
 ;        ==, !=, >, >=, <, <=
 ; value: Condition stat value
 ; mode:  Game mode that stat check should be limited to. Use names from the
 ;        above mentioned 'modename' list. If not set all modes will be taken
 ;        into account (the value will be sum of counts, min or max)
 ; char:  Character filename (or full path to DEF file) Stat check will be
 ;        limited to this character. If not set stat check takes into account
 ;        all characters (the value will be sum of counts, min or max)
 ; tmode: Team mode that stat check should be optionally limited to. Options:
 ;        - 0: Single
 ;        - 1: Simul
 ;        - 2: Turns
 ;        - 3: Tag
 ; Unlock kfm if total amount of time played is greater then 1 hour:
 ; char:kfm = gametime, >, 3600
 ; Unlock SuaveDude if:
 ; - arcade mode (Single) has been cleared at least 1 time with Kung Fu Man
 ; - total time played is greater then 1 hour
 ; char:SuaveDude = (cleared, >=, 1, arcade, kfm, 0), (gametime, >, 3600)
 ; Unlock stage if VS 100 Kumite Mode has been cleared in less than 1 hour
 ; stage:stages/mybg.def = cleartime, <, 3600, 100kumite
 ; Unlock "story_kfm2" story mode arc if "story_kfm1" arc has been cleared
 ; mode:story_kfm2 = cleared, !=, 0, story_kfm1
 ;Insert your conditions for content unlocking below.

The save file stuff that is checked here is related to save implementation presented in this post:

Re: Ikemen GO Plus

 July 06, 2018, 04:46:20 pm View in topic context
 Posted by K4thos  in Ikemen GO Plus (Started by K4thos May 26, 2018, 03:04:27 am
 Board: IKEMEN Releases

Game pause I mean the actual menu. Like pressing start in a normal game. I usually play on my TV with wireless controllers so having to(sounds lazy lol) get up and press on the keyboard, ruins the experience. I'm just asking what you think though.
Already partially answered:
Changing Esc button functionality when pressed during fight to display Tekken like menu is on the roadmap.
As for assigning Esc button to some button on gamepad then don't worry. I'm planning to add system button configuration (Esc, screenshot, etc.) to options screen at some point.

Cutscenes & story. Separate things being asked. In arcade mode of the cvs series, it has that tournament image, showing the characters etc, stuff like that for arcade. Then of course these  So as with this game, you have two main bosses so it'd be set to each individual. When you beat Bison in cvs the base explodes, Geese falls to his "death"(oan if there is anyway to get something high quality to replicate that would be so sick, imagine? With interactivity you can really knock him off the stage.) The scenes from CVS-W, were those storyboards? Like a way to insert storyboards in-between fights (not limited to story) pretty much how SFV is now. Not very good at typing down plans, I usually just do it & figure it out as things go, but sure you get it.
Storyboards other than intro and ending between fights in arcade mode could be implemented via already existing "rivals" character parameter in select.def desribed in this post. I will add it to roadmap, it's easy to implement.

The ranking, you brought up and have a list of modes that have to do with score so I was just commenting on it. So you aren't interested in that?

err, I've said we're looking for help in order to implement it. And the help is desperately needed considering lack of score system prevents us from implementing game modes and features on the development roadmap. I'm starting to loose confidence in my English skills with questions like this :(

The score thing is pretty much the same as in various games. Tech/Reversal/Counter/Combo etc etc. He already started working on it, score staying constant till the end of arcade, but haven't had time to look into it myself, but it is being experimented on atm.
We are interested in how Tatsu's score system works internally (I've even sent him a message, asking if he could share his general design, exact formulas and values, no reply unfortunately) but things like add004 CNS code and tricks to keep the value saved between matches are not needed at all for implementing this feature. Ikemen GO is an open source engine, so tricks and convoluted solutions in order to circumvent around mugen engine limitations is not something that we want to replicate.

As for cutscenes I would just make the engine being able to open movie files, if you know what you're doing you can keep the quality 720p ( have not tested 1080) for like up to a minute to like 10mbs size with little to no quality loss( I doubt most of the cutscenes are longer) I would allow for more customization too if people plan to edit the old slide in cutscenes sf3 had and whatnot.
see the "scene" parameter desription in the previously posted story mode desing. Movies are already planned - WebM (aka the only movie format that makes sense these days).

how the SF2 snes score system works
Thanks. In other words in SF2 (and probably in many more commercial games) score is determined by individual values associated with each move. That's easy to implement and it would be a nice feature for full game developers. Probably the best way is just adding new parameter to statedef when "movetype = A". Something like "score = x" where x is the score value that should be added when attack successfully hits. But as you mentioned yourself this is not really something that would work for normal mugen compilations.

I dont care for a score system in fighting games but if I was to implement it I would strip it down to the most generic and easy to implement way.
What I mean is, instead of doing it on per char basis, I would assign generic points for a light,medium,heavy,grab,special,hyper etc.

Lets say a jab is worth 100 points a medium punch would be 200 heavy 300 once I got all my  values set I would calculate the A B C whatever ranks at the end by how much points the user has accumulated split them up into banks lets say an 100-1000 is an F at the end or whatever and go from there.
yep, that's exactly what is needed to make it "just work". And considering add004 already uses a system that ranks player's actions in a solid way, I hope someone will be able to analyze the common1.cns and describe how it works in detail, so that we can implement it on engine level (fully adjustable via mugen files).

Re: Ikemen GO Plus

 July 06, 2018, 02:16:20 pm View in topic context
 Posted by K4thos  in Ikemen GO Plus (Started by K4thos May 26, 2018, 03:04:27 am
 Board: IKEMEN Releases

A native, universal pause screen.
Game pause is already implemented, works the same as in mugen (during a fight, press the button literally labeled "Pause" on your keyboard.)

You added two extra buttons correct? Not sure the total number available? So taunt could be select and pause start?
7 mugen buttons + 2 new ones (intended for tag related stuff, but works the same as any others, so can be used normally in CMD files and assigned to whatever you wish)

Similar to the training menu, but all being accessible through player 1. This is ideally how I had wanted to do command list(in-game). So exiting straight to menu and or gameover instead of going to continue.
Changing Esc button functionality when pressed during fight to display Tekken like menu is on the roadmap.

I’m interested to see this ranking system as well.

It's not implemented yet. If you want to see it in foreseeable future you could help by analyzing the add004 common1.cns code and post here how exactly the rank value is calculated there. Not as CNS code (I don't understand a single line from add004 system with all those explodes, helpers and variable usage). What is needed is normal description how it's calculated (formulas used, how many points to achieve each rank, which stuff increases the score, how and exactly how much etc. etc.) With this info I could implement it on engine level, probably customizable from within lifebar or screenpack. Maybe the match calculation could stay in common1, but in such case using dedicated SCTRLs and triggers for storing the data (without convoluted code and workarounds)

Alternatively, if someone has information how exactly scores works in some commercial game, then we could use it as a base too (if the system is good enough).

Once match rank system is implemented global rankings would be just a sum of match scores at the end of the chosen game mode.

I don't think anyone on the team is interested in designing this feature, so If no one will help with this task, match ranks, rankings, score display on victory screen, as well as some of the previously mentioned modes that depends on scores won't be implemented any time soon (maybe ever since I don't think I can design the proper system myself).

So about th we extra modes. Are you going to make a story mode? Don’t you need to create a base for these things? Just curious if you were, that’d be cool. What do you think about cutscenes? Think cvs series, Rugal/Akuma on roof etc. After you beat the boss hmm, various things like showing Geese falling, Rugal losing control then it goes to the characters ending. Now that I think about it, you made those SVC endings.
Not implemented yet but already designed: (quote from select.def)
Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty

Re: Ikemen GO Plus

 July 05, 2018, 12:27:56 pm View in topic context
 Posted by K4thos  in Ikemen GO Plus (Started by K4thos May 26, 2018, 03:04:27 am
 Board: IKEMEN Releases

Another question, can we define custom placements for individual character slots, instead of them all being determined based on rows/columns?
no, it's still grid based. But following features makes it more flexible:
1. select.def has following optional characters parameters
 ; - exclude
 ;   IKEMEN feature: Set the paramvalue to 1 to avoid including this character
 ;   in 'rows' and 'columns' screenpack selection grid. (similar result as
 ;   hiding unselectable AI only characters in mugen without need to create tons
 ;   of unnecessary select.def slots to do so) Excluded characters are not added
 ;   to randomselect pool.
 ; - hidden
 ;   IKEMEN feature: Set the paramvalue to hide a character:
 ;   1: cursor can move to this cell, face and face background are not rendered
 ;      (same result as hiding selectable characters in mugen by placing them
 ;      outside visible grid, but without need to create lots of unnecessary
 ;      select.def slots to do so),
 ;   2: cell can't be selected, art is not rendered (slot is ignored until
 ;      character is unlocked).
 ;   3: cell behaves like randomselect slot until character is unlocked.
 ;   Unlocking hidden characters is handled via [UnlockContent] section.

2. You can use following new parameters in screenpack DEF file [Select Info] section:
- searchemptyboxesup
- searchemptyboxesdown
if the slot was not found in the below (down) or above (up) row searchemptyboxes starts a lookout for the first valid slot (1 = search moving right, -1 = search moving left). If valid slot was not found in the expected row then it automatically switches to next row and so on. Which means CvS2 style select screens with rhombus icons, and even madness like in the below screenshot can be implemented without silly workarounds:

I wonder if tag mode could be a game mode in the arcade selection instead of in the character selection, just a suggestion.
Then we would need the same for Simul and Turns. And why just Arcade? In such case, for consistency sake, all the other modes that support teams should have it separated. Sounds bad, imo. To be honest I don't even see a point in "Arcade" and "VS Mode" as separate entries when both "Team Arcade" and "Team VS" already have Single option to choose, but that’s Elecbyte implementation, so it's there for compatibility sake. Useless (imo) modes like these can be disabled via itemname in screenpack.

If full game creator needs adjustment like you mentioned than it's extremly easy to modify Lua files (which makes the change likely not forward compatible with future Ikemen GO Plus releases, if it's not done via screenpack, but compatibility is not that important for full game releases).

Re: Ikemen GO Plus

 July 04, 2018, 09:24:32 am View in topic context
 Posted by K4thos  in Ikemen GO Plus (Started by K4thos May 26, 2018, 03:04:27 am
 Board: IKEMEN Releases

Alex Sonico, no idea, sorry. If you're interested in editing the source code maybe @MangeX: will be able to help you since he has set up GO environment recently. If all you want is the executable than consider waiting for the stable build.


There are few more game modes that don't exist in mugen but I'm interested in implementing for default Ikemen GO Plus:
- Story mode
- Versus Co-op (supporting up to 4 different local players in 2 co-op teams)
- Tournament
- Time Attack
- Time Challenge
- Score Challenge

The problem is that both main window and Extras section are bloated already. Considering mugen has max 11 items in main menu and many screenpacks are designed around this number, I've been thinking how to group the new modes in order to end up with total 11 items with submenus. Here is what I came up with taking KOF14 as a reference since it uses submenus like this:

 - Arcade           (choose a fighter to defeat opponents in customizable arcade mode)
 - Team Arcade      (choose a team of fighters to defeat opponents in customizable arcade mode)
 - Team Co-op       (team up with another player to defeat opponents in customizable arcade mode)
 - VS Mode          (choose a fighter to defeat a human opponent)
 - Team VS          (choose a team of fighters to defeat team of human opponents)
 - VS Co-op         (team up with another player to defeat co-op team of human opponents)
 - Arc_name_1       (follow story mode arc designed for this mugen game)
 - (...)            (there can be multiple story arcs in a single game)
 - Round of 32      (win the customizable single-elimination tournament starting from Round of 32)
 - Round of 16      (win the customizable single-elimination tournament starting from Round of 16)
 - Quarterfinals    (win the customizable single-elimination tournament starting from Quarterfinals)
 - Semifinals       (win the customizable single-elimination tournament starting from Semifinals)
 - Training         (practice moves and combos with training KFM by stupa before taking on the CPU or human opponent)
 - Trial            (practice moves and combos completing pre-set trial challenges)
 - Quick Match      (practice your skills against AI controlled CPU character(s) of your choice)
 - VS Mode          (choose fighter(s) to defeat online human opponent(s))
 - Team Co-op       (team up with online player to defeat opponents in customizable arcade mode)
 - Survival Co-op   (defeat as many opponents as you can in a row with an online human teammate)
 - Time Attack      (defeat 10 opponents as quickly as possible, beating previous time records)
 - Survival         (defeat as many opponents as you can in a row with 'turns' like life recovery)
 - Survival Co-op   (defeat as many opponents as you can in a row with a human teammate)
 - Boss Rush        (defeat all bosses in a row)
 - VS 100 Kumite    (win at least 51 matches out of 100 without life recovery)
 - Time Challenge   (defeat 1 selected opponent beating previous time record)
 - Score Challenge  (defeat 1 selected opponent beating previous score record)
 - Bonus Games      (defeat 1 selected bonus character beating previous score record)
AI Battle
 - Watch            (watch CPU controlled match of your choice)
 - Random Test      (watch endless random CPU matches, generating useful AI rank data)
Player Data
 - Ranking          (display score ranking leaderboards)
 - Profile          (display profile data available in save file)
 - Replay           (watch saved replays of your online matches)
Options             (adjust game settings)
Exit                (exit the game)

in order to be backward compatible with mugen screenpacks (especially with awful workaround that mugen creators came up with that uses single letters referencing images in font instead of normal text) only the original itemnames will be enabled by default:
(new ones needs to be added into screenpack DEF file to show up)

In order to create flexible sub-menu grouping I'm planning to introduce new type of itemname that contains group in its name. Using above proposition following groups would be available:
Assigning particular mode to a group will be done by adding the group name to itemname, for example:
places Survival Mode into Mission sub-group. Omitting "mission" would result in Survival Mode available from within main menu (like in mugen).

Screenpack distributed with ikemen go plus by default will have all modes arranged in sub-menus like in the above propositions.

Feedback regarding this design proposition would be appreciated.

edit: added Trial Mode to the list, inspired by Street Fighter EX series:
Trial Mode implementation designed with @Yamori X: help.

Re: Ikemen GO Plus

 July 04, 2018, 02:11:00 am View in topic context
 Posted by K4thos  in Ikemen GO Plus (Started by K4thos May 26, 2018, 03:04:27 am
 Board: IKEMEN Releases

@Alex Sonico:
How to compile Ikemen GO on windows:
1. Install GO:
2. Set go environmental variable if not set automatically
3. Install TDM-GCC-64 compiler:
4. Download this unofficial soft OpenAL dll file:
and place it within C:\TDM-GCC-64\lib directory (for some reason engine can't be compiled with official OpenAL dev package)
5. Install git for windows (required by one of the libraries):
6. Use shell file or get.bat batch file to download libraries used by Ikemen GO
7. Compile the executable with or build.bat

Keep in mind that the code hanging on Github is currently few months old. Updated source code should be available soon (once it's in committable state) but testing and reporting here is not needed until there will be proper release (in "releases" section on Github). dev builds always have known bugs and unfinished features.

Will there be an option to disable turns/tag/team and only allow for singles?
Already implemented. Works the same as removing modes from mugen - by disabling "itemname" parameter in screenpack. For example if you have this in your screenpack then only Single mode will be available (also changing order of these itemnames changes order in which they are displayed):
teammenu.itemname.single = Single
teammenu.itemname.tag =
teammenu.itemname.simul =
teammenu.itemname.turns =
On top of it if you leave just 1 team mode itemname in screenpack DEF file than the team selection menu won't show up at all.


btw. yesterday @ShinLucho: implemented FNTv2 support, so now we are a lot closer to mugen 1.x screenpack support (the only thing left for HD screenpacks is localcoord)

Re: "Tiny Buffering" Update [Divinewolf] UPDATE: 27.06.18

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AI is an outsource thing for me.
Not sure if I understand this sentence. If by outsource you mean something that you prefer others to provide, why exactly you never internalize those AI patches? Each your update likely breaks all external patches created for your characters, so we're at situation that people who are not actively playing as your characters, but against them, are better suited sticking with char versions that are several years old. Don't get your approach to AI, really.

Re: Ikemen GO Plus

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Public Releases:
You can build the IKEMEN GO Plus with Go's gc compiler in the repository below. (keep in mind that the code hanging there is currently outdated, updated source code should be available soon, though. No public releases as of yet.

Re: CvS-ish Necro Sprite set

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your spoiler doesn't load to me on Opera and Firefox. Internet speed is not an issue here. I'd suggest uploading the gif somewhere like mediafire or dropbox.

edit: looks like direct link after quoting your post works:

I like the result. Any chance for sharing how exactly it has been done? Maybe a link to your photoshop macro?

For Street Fighter III characters in CVS style some mugen authors use xscale= 0.83333, yscale= 0.96754 for [size] in constant file, and the result is surprisingly good. What's the scaling factor used here?