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Re: Roster Showcase

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 Posted by Eric The Nihilist  in Roster Showcase (Started by Saohc October 14, 2009, 08:46:02 pm
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This is my first attempt at a MvC super hero style roster. I was never big into MVC mugen, but playing Redhot's mvc2 edits made me nostalgia out a bit and start this project. still finishing up adding stages and music, but as far as the roster and 1.1 portrait conversions are concerned I think I'm good to go. Roster suggestions are welcome.


Re: [Coding] How to make multi-hitting Helper-Type Projectile work with Hitoverride?

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Time = 0 should have allowed it to increment each time the state restarts. Turn on debug and make sure that you are actually restarting the state and that statetime returns to 0.

Re: Fighter Factory Studio 3.5.2 (UPDATED May, 19 + PATCH)

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 Posted by SolidZone 26  in Fighter Factory Studio 3.5.2 (UPDATED May, 19 + PATCH) (Started by VirtuallTek April 04, 2018, 02:43:30 pm
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So I just tested the patch and was about to report that FFS is still not remembering my current engines after quitting the program. But it turns out I forgot to click the "Apply" button and it will save the configurations. Not sure if I had to do that on the previous versions, but it works now.

However, the issue regarding the open and save buttons in the options still persists. The ffc files are useless because even if I save them, they will not load or will delete my current configurations if I attempt to. Just found that it's an issue since 3.5.1, but I barely use it since I rarely had to reinstall FFS so it slipped off my radar. As long as I don't click "Apply", it won't save after quitting and I don't have to reconfigure the engines again.

Collapse anim coding in Doom Time for Infinite's Dr. Doom

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 Posted by Baby Bonnie Hood  in Collapse anim coding in Doom Time for Infinite's Dr. Doom (Started by Baby Bonnie Hood May 21, 2018, 09:05:17 am
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This really should be in the release thread instead, but it's far too old to post in now so here will have to do.  Anyway, it bothered me a little that Doom Time causes a collapse anim in MvC3 but not in Infinite's conversion of him.  We've all already been over how Infinite's Doom is not accurate to MvC and has no intention to be, but can I at least be afforded this tiny bit of MvC3 source accuracy?

So here's the new coding.  Just replace all of statedef 3422 in customs.cns with this one and victims with anim 5950 should be properly collapsing after the big explosion.

[Statedef 3422]

[State 0, nhb]
trigger1= 1
[State 0, StateTypeSet]
type = StateTypeSet
triggerall = Anim = 3422
trigger1= animelem=7
statetype = L

[State 0, anim]
trigger1= !time

[State 3013, ChangeAnim2]
type = ChangeAnim
triggerall = SelfAnimExist(5950)
trigger1 = Time = 10
value = 5950

[State 0, dust]
triggerall = Anim = 3422
trigger1= animelem=7
[State 0, snd]
triggerall = Anim = 3422
trigger1= animelem=7

[State 0, end]
trigger1= time>=110

Re: Damage dampen multi-helper attacks?

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avatar  Posted by MrGiang  in Damage dampen multi-helper attacks? (Started by MrGiang May 20, 2018, 06:19:38 am
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Doesn't seem to work for me. Maybe I messed up somewhere?
Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty

Re: CyberBit Mugen

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 Posted by Tyrannosaurus rex  in CyberBit Mugen (Started by Lord-S April 21, 2018, 10:41:11 pm
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If you intend to re-write Diablo as a new updated character, I can provide you all the Primal Rage 2 sprites needed for him. You'll just need to replace the ones you have with the ones I provide you. He is always been my favorite character in that game along with Sauron, Armadon and Blizzard.

Re: [Coding] How to make multi-hitting Helper-Type Projectile work with Hitoverride?

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Thanks Cyanide. that MoveContact SCTR is intent for Enemy Character hits and the SCTR is meant for helper/projectiles hits.

Then are there any syntax function that allows tracking of both kind at once? I replaced (MoveContact =1) to (Time = 0) for VarAdd but still fails...
Any reference of other chars most appreciated.

Re: [Code] Need help with Helper-Type Projectile with acceleration attributes

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avatar  Posted by Redash  in [Code] Need help with Helper-Type Projectile with acceleration attributes  (Started by Redash May 13, 2018, 01:44:42 pm
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Thanks much Baby Bonnie Hood :)

It works like a charm with the right trigger

Help me with my childhood dream.

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avatar  Posted by hjaal  in Help me with my childhood dream. (Started by hjaal May 21, 2018, 07:07:30 am
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It's been a long time since I've been looking for this mugen, unfortunately with no success and after all these years of searching, I've come to you for help. If anyone knows the name of the game please pass me or link from where to download, please.


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 Posted by mikecrazy2004  in EVIL GOD (Started by FlavioCamarao January 25, 2018, 07:44:15 pm
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wheeee wheeeeeeeeeeeee  =) yay man COOL Update... keep it up............ wow

Re: Fighter Factory Studio 3.5.2 (UPDATED May, 19 + PATCH)

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 Posted by VirtuallTek  in Fighter Factory Studio 3.5.2 (UPDATED May, 19 + PATCH) (Started by VirtuallTek April 04, 2018, 02:43:30 pm
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If I try to delete or ctrl+x a code in the middle of a big file (more than 10k lines) the program freezes.
This in the current version (3.5.2)? This is like the bug in 3.5.1 I fixed in 3.5.2, can't reproduce in the latest build, tried cut and delete on many lines in a 20k lines file.

UPDATE: Reuploaded Windows and Linux versions with a patch to fix some small bugs. A patch only (files to replace) is on first post too.


Re: Random Topic V10

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 Posted by Baby Bonnie Hood  in Random Topic V10 (Started by Orochi Gill July 09, 2016, 05:00:44 am
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I was reading through Infinite's Deadpool release thread where the Unlimited team was... unappreciative of their sprites being made far better use of.  And amidst all the familiar posts about permission, someone said this:

I understand that some creators see asking permission as a sign of respect.  However, thinking this through logically, if one did ask permission, and permission was not granted - what then?  Would the entire community then have to accept only the original released contribution, with no chance of it ever being improved upon or given a fresh perspective by someone else?  That would very quickly shut down the ability for any mugen releases to evolve creatively and for the whole community to enjoy a variety of mugen works.  I think crediting the original authors shows enough respect on its own.

As good an argument as that is, there is however one actual case of permission being asked for and subsequently denied: Dragon Claw.  There was a WIP where someone wanted to make an edit of Dragon Claw to improve him with new moves and such, but then it was discovered that apparently Reu's family had decided not to allow any further edits of Dragon Claw after PotS's 1.0 update to it.  So the WIP died, and the only latest Dragon Claw available even today is still PotS's 1.0 update; no doubt a testament to the community's respect for Reu.

This is a double-edged sword.  On one hand, there won't be any Shin Evil God Orochi Hyper Demon Of Omega Death Dragon Claws; but on the other hand, there won't be any MvC3 Dragon Claws either.  Still, Reu's family has spoken so that's that.

Which means I'm probably stuck with his very unhype and very unchallenging 1.0 AI forever.

Re: Overwatch thread

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 Posted by Xhominid  in Overwatch thread (Started by DelusionTrim June 09, 2016, 08:46:32 pm
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Most of them honestly seem so uninspired, just like last years'.

Re: CyberBit Mugen

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 Posted by Lord-S  in CyberBit Mugen (Started by Lord-S April 21, 2018, 10:41:11 pm
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- Is there a way to improve the resolution? The sprites all look a bit distorted and I'm wondering what can be the best method to change resolution and improve the display (even if it means setting to full screen perpetually).
Are you talking about characters? Not sure what you mean about distorted....
If you're talking about motif and screen size, the motif works on Mugen 1.0, you need to port it to Mugen 1.1, I have no plans to do it.

- Your talon is a bit broken in A.I and I was wondering what can be done to ease up on some attacks he keeps on spamming like that annoying Face Ripper attack. Its even very rare for him to substitute

Talon never was a serious work. I did him to test my codes before porting Vertigo, which was the real deal for me.
His A.I. was intentionally broken because an internal joke, one friend ask me to code an A.I. to beat some cheap characters from 2002 or so, and I did it. It was a joke. I not even like this character and have no plans to update it, sorry.

- How can I implement the exploding heart and brain as helpers for each character. Could you provide me one example?
I'll make the code other day, just remind me.

- Given that I will be adding quite a lot of material to your whole Primal Rage Mugen package, is it okay that I modify your exclusive name on the title screen/intro and character select screen to be removed to make this more of a full game project, and instead give credit to you on a credits screen?

All my work is open source, following Elecbyte wish. Open source is not public domain though. Feel free to edit and modify.
Just put the credits somewhere on read-me file, there's no need to "on screen" credits. ;)

Rare glitches:
- Diablo has a glitch, that at times when the opponent hits with a heavy attack (like ) while he is in the air, he suddenly shifts to the air and loses gravity on the ground. I will see what can be done to correct this myself,  but I just want to know what you think is causing this.

That's the old and stupid A.I. code. Diablo is on my priorities to be updated, and I'll write a new A.I. just like I did with Vertigo.

You could disable his A.I. (Talon too) editing the diablo.def file, removing : st2=D_int3.cns
then save the file. Or switch to D_int1.cns for a easier A.I.

People don't know there are 3 A.I. levels, the hardest one is the default.

Actually these Primal Rage characters is full of secrets and hidden stuffs, I remember to put Atari 2600 helpers if you win by perfect and press start at beginning of next round (during round announcer).
Almost all my characters have some sort of Easter egg. :)


Re: Dxwho Sprite Packs Part 2

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 Posted by The Magic Toaster  in Dxwho Sprite Packs Part 2 (Started by dxwho April 05, 2018, 12:20:41 am
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Ah man. Thats an old ass title i havent seen in a long time. Speaking of Dos titles ever thinking of revisiting Cat Fight or that game Murakami is from?

Re: Leo Pots style updated

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 Posted by k6666orochi  in Leo Pots style updated (Started by k6666orochi December 10, 2017, 03:09:06 pm
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I was a little busy and I put it aside, now I'm updating it, for the moment I added the Slash hit Spark then I'll fix the errors I had in the normal grip, what if I needed help with the AI because I tried and had an error that made him move before the round began and another that always repeated the attack Achilles Rush and Chronos Rush

Re: Jmorphman's WIP thread: JMORPHMAN NEEDS HELP!

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 Posted by Jmorphman  in Jmorphman's WIP thread: JMORPHMAN NEEDS HELP! (Started by Jmorphman November 01, 2010, 09:13:43 pm
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Darkstalkers fx are tricky to work upon due to their "simplistic" shading, and some other stuff. So I opted to smooth the frames out manually before applying any filters, trying to keep most of the details from the source.

Well, what about these?
Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty
These look great!!! :D

Though I'm not sure about the wave pattern on Demon Cradle, cuz that's not exactly a fire move, but it'd be interesting to compare the FX with the wave pattern and without.

Re: Block Rock Garden (Iconoclasts) released

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 Posted by Yururin  in Block Rock Garden (Iconoclasts) released (Started by ShiroTori May 21, 2018, 01:43:41 am
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Ngl i thought that said "Black Rock Garden" and got SUPER hyped lmao

But im still pleasantly surprised. Nice stage :)

Re: Post Fan Art Thread

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 Posted by RoySquadRocks  in Post Fan Art Thread (Started by 1Ultima December 12, 2011, 08:22:44 pm
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Re: [No Theme Thread] All Pixels Unite

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 Posted by !E  in [No Theme Thread] All Pixels Unite (Started by HQ October 02, 2015, 12:53:10 am
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