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Re: New Dragonball Super Series

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 Posted by Flowrellik  in New Dragonball Super Series (Started by Omega April 28, 2015, 02:37:30 pm
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man this is gonna be sweeeeeet!
For this I can see that
A)The green fur might be FROM BROLY. Some time perhaps earlier in his life he might have went Great ape and they shaved it off of him and he now wears his own fur as a blanket? (Idk)
B) He's got a beef with Vegeta, Goku, AND FRIEZA. I believe that Paragus and Broly's story is that they might be renegade sayians with the intent on overthrowing King Vegeta and Frieza's entire family race.
C) I think Broly either has a kid of his own or a little brother.

Akito CVS/POTS (Final Version) - By Akito-sama and AVPBOY

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 Posted by Akito  in Akito CVS/POTS (Final Version) - By Akito-sama and AVPBOY (Started by Akito July 20, 2018, 10:26:13 pm
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Hello everyone, so after working on this character I finally get to what I consider the "ideal" for him. To summarize, I'll get a part of Read Me and put it here to make things easier:

Q: Who is Akito?
 A: My OC (Original Character) created in RPG game, converted for Mugen.

Q: And the sprites, you edited?
A: The sprites I used the char "Ortsac", created by charmaker Ariel Castro (ArielAlexCo). This char is very good, but unfortunately the creator did not give continuity to it, and since I really like it and Akito himself has the same basic appearance, I decided to use his sprites, giving him the credits for the editing work, of course .

 Q: Why did Akito have the same style / gameplay of Kung Fu Man?
 A: Akito already has a master, but decided to train with Kung Fu Man only to improve his skills to participate in Mugen. The idea is to make him a "default" character, to encourage people to want to do new things for him, learn to program moves, as well as the original Kung Fu Man (within the POTS style, my favorite).

 Q: What stage and music can I use for Akito?
 A: One can use the stage "Saidai Rieki Gym", and the song "Everlasting Training", both created by AVPBOY (will release today, maybe).

 Q: Can I use something from this char?
 A: Sure, It's opensource. This is what this character was made of, have fun.

I partnered with my friend AVPBOY, who helped me do a "polish" on the character, so he just as I became creator of that character too (thank you my friend, your help was very good). In relation to the last public version, the character had several updates:

- All 12 pallets are available;
- Stand animation revised;
- Added a Fireball projectile move;
- All other animations were reviewed;
- All sparks are aligned;
- All counter-punchs fixed;
- Added new voices;
- Z-Counter fixed;
- New big and small portraits;
- Added special intro with Kung Fu Man (by Divinewolf)
- Added special intro with Julia (release soon)
- Minor bugs fixed

(At this moment it 's all I remember, if there are more things I put here).

No doubt the character is much better than the previous version, and I believe that now, it is ready for a final release. From here, I will only repair some bugs that are being found by anyone who wants to give feedback to the post.

For those who want more details of the character, inside it there are folders with text files that contains the necessary information of the same and its history. This character is like a "seed" for people to put new moves on him and adapt him to new styles of gameplay in the POTS style.

I thank all those who were involved in the project, directly or indirectly, all kinds of help is good.

Thanks also to Ariel Castro (ArielAlexCo), the original creator of this character's sprites.

PS: Soon we will have a version of Akito that is being produced by a well-known charmaker with more moves and in the Infinite / POTS style. A little tip: É NÓIS!

And of course, thanks to everyone who downloads this character. Soon I'll be posting it on my page, but for now I'll put the link here for mediafire.

The seed was planted guys, Akito, "The Elegant Dragon" is here, have fun!



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avatar  Posted by The Street Fighter  in THE BLOOD OF CHAMPION : A NEW FIGHTING ERA (MUGEN) (Started by C.v.s The Abstract July 08, 2018, 10:32:13 pm
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Like the new stance, makes sense!

The 74846th profile pic thread lol

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avatar  Posted by Argetlam  in The 74846th profile pic thread lol (Started by Argetlam July 20, 2018, 10:15:13 pm
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Re: Marvel Cinematic Universe: Straight Outta Wakanda

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 Posted by GTOAkira  in Marvel Cinematic Universe: Straight Outta Wakanda (Started by Iced July 15, 2012, 03:54:44 am
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Re: New Dragonball Super Series

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 Posted by mete122  in New Dragonball Super Series (Started by Omega April 28, 2015, 02:37:30 pm
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they way its done looks like fighterz

Re: New Dragonball Super Series

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 Posted by Bastard Mami  in New Dragonball Super Series (Started by Omega April 28, 2015, 02:37:30 pm
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I enjoy the 3d provided they are doing things that are too expensive to do in 2d; it's fun how the best use of 3d in anime is in stuff like love live.

Re: Thedge is available for full characters commissions

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 Posted by cadiaco82  in Thedge is available for full characters commissions (Started by AerosMugen January 03, 2015, 04:19:44 am
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Hello Thedge.

How about your Michael Max and Richard Myer chars? Would you liberate them or are project exclusive?

How much for Axel Hawk?

Re: SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy (Switch / PS4)

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 Posted by Bastard Mami  in SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy (Switch / PS4) (Started by Titiln January 11, 2018, 03:26:53 pm
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I hope the villain is krauser

Re: Metal Warrior Works - Special Offer: Commissions only $4 USD

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 Posted by cadiaco82  in Metal Warrior Works - Special Offer: Commissions only $4 USD  (Started by Metal Warrior June 29, 2015, 03:40:47 am
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Hello Metal Warrior. I would like to ask.

How much for a complete Robert Python character? Like 400 sprites? Not coding. Just sprites and maybe voices.

My Bass/Forte Development Issue Thread!

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avatar  Posted by Argetlam  in My Bass/Forte Development Issue Thread! (Started by Argetlam July 20, 2018, 09:10:37 pm
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My issue is destroying my helper/projectile that turns into a clone of the character when colliding with another projectile/helper. (Only running while shooting has helper projectile)

Ive looked up all the destroyself solutions, yet nothing...

P.S. As you can see, I still haven't figured how to do the charge shots, he can do the charging animation, but its always a regular shot. Variables are so confusing, I don't understand it at all X(

Wont stop me from studying in the meantime.

Issue1:projectile helper that shoots while running turns into clones
Issue2:How to do charge shots.

ive included the file here!


Castlevania Openbor project

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 Posted by theoz  in Castlevania Openbor project (Started by theoz July 20, 2018, 07:30:10 pm
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A project converting mugen chars to openbor engine...its keep going


Re: New Dragonball Super Series

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 Posted by AlexSin  in New Dragonball Super Series (Started by Omega April 28, 2015, 02:37:30 pm
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It's not the same Broly so your point is moot. :P :P :P

Also you know everything, huh? Good. What does it add to the conversation? Nothing.

I saw a scene where they used 3D.
It doesn't look as awful as in the other movies. From what little I've seen it's pretty decent and follows the style well, but it's still visible that's 3D. Hopefully they don't use it much.

Re: DC Television Universe Discussion Thread

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avatar  Posted by Seadragon77  in DC Television Universe Discussion Thread (Started by Uche_of_MFG May 14, 2015, 11:21:37 pm
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I've said this on Twitter, but it's hasn't been said here...

The original Teen Titans cartoon is the middle ground on the scale here. It's what everyone knows and remembers... Teen Titans Go! is when you take the scale towards a more goofier aspect. You still have action based moments, but 75% of the show is humor based. It should also be noted that Go! wasn't intended for the original fan base of the older cartoon... it was aimed at the younger generation.

Titans is when you take the scale in the completely opposite direction. It's a world of grim dark crap with Robin, of all people, using the 'F' bomb and Starfire actually fire based powers and melting people... look, I get the feeling that this series would cause far more alienation to the old fan base then Go! ever could.

Re: Visual Select Screen Editor (updated 01/09/2013)

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 Posted by tunglashor  in Visual Select Screen Editor (updated 01/09/2013) (Started by tunglashor September 20, 2010, 06:54:33 am
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Sorry I haven't been around lately...

doesnt work with Jesuszilla's POTS Felicia
You're right, it doesn't work with the latest version of this character.  The problem is in the SFF file; some unexpected values are in there and it's confusing the program.  It looks as though Fighter Factory Studio isn't writing the expected values for certain fields (obviously Mugen isn't using these values or the character wouldn't work, but VSelect does).  It would be easy to fix but unfortunately I can't make changes currently, for reasons I won't bore you with.  In the meantime you can fix the problem by doing the following:
  • open Felicia in an older version of Fighter Factory (e.g. 3.0)
  • make some small change to a sprite ,e.g. change the X axis from 0 to 1 then back to 0 again
  • save the SFF
That should result in a SFF that VSelect can open.

Huh... deleting the VSelect backup folder completely fixed it.
That's very odd, I don't know why that could possibly cause problems but I'm glad it worked for you.  I'll look into it some time and see if I can figure it out.

Has anyone been able to use this with Tatsu MM2 screenpack, every time I try to use vselect it just closes with this screenpack
I tried it and you're right, it doesn't work due to a silly bug in VSelect.  Until I'm able to fix it, you can get this screenpack working as follows:
  • open notepad (empty file) and press TAB, then Ctrl+A (select all) then Ctrl+C (copy).  Bear with me...!
  • open data/add004/system.def in notepad
  • press Ctrl+H (replace) then Ctrl+V (paste), then click Replace All
  • save the file, and it should then work in VSelect
(short version: the Tab characters in system.def are confusing VSelect so delete them!)

Re: New Dragonball Super Series

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 Posted by Predictabo  in New Dragonball Super Series (Started by Omega April 28, 2015, 02:37:30 pm
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For almost 10 years... 10 years everyone called me stupid. Everybody said I'm crazy and everything, yet I knew this day would come. Not only did geese make it in Tekken 7, but BROLY IS NOW CANON! I TOLD Y'ALL!!!!

I told y'all for many many years this would happen!

Re: Screen moving when it shouldn't move

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 Posted by altoiddealer  in Screen moving when it shouldn't move (Started by DeathScythe July 18, 2018, 12:55:32 am
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The helper doesn't affect the camera, and neither does Mika or target.

So other players will.

You can prevent thjs by spawning 2 additional helpers with affectcamera = 1, at either side of the screen, constantly posset to their spawned location (unmovable), effectively locking the camera

Re: Sayaka Miki WIP

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 Posted by R565  in Sayaka Miki WIP (Started by Nep Heart July 19, 2018, 03:15:30 am
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Why are your words ridiculously big? But yeah, I love that someone is doing a custom version with these sprites.

Re: Motorized bug's graphics

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 Posted by Trololo  in Motorized bug's graphics (Started by MotorRoach April 15, 2013, 06:42:31 am
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Holy Cow, this is just perfect!
And man, just love to see that characters that needed to no one just one year ago are now getting such love.

Re: SF3 Ryu, Updating my first Character

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 Posted by vyn  in SF3 Ryu, Updating my first Character (Started by vyn June 18, 2018, 04:30:50 am
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since this time im trying not to be lazy, im indexing the effects to the main pallette and im not using transparencies for the most part, some pretty cool things can be done.

This is the main pallette, its a mix of pink and red

What Shin Gouki/Akuma did you use? That pose is new to me.

My own, just a stance edit really, all else is pots shin gouki