Alexander Anderson from Hellsing (Minor spriting wanted) (Read 2442 times)

Started by Dope, April 12, 2014, 07:50:39 am
Alexander Anderson from Hellsing (Minor spriting wanted)
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Any Hellsing fan knows who Anderson is. I'll give a brief description for those of you who don't watch Hellsing. Anderson is a genetically enhanced priest with an insane personality. He's a member of an organization that exterminates unholy creatures such as vampires and ghouls. He has regenerative abilities similar to Wolverine and his primary weapons are blessed bayonets that he uses like traditional combat knives but also loves to throw.

So a couple years back when Ahuron released his D-Rugal it gave me the idea that Rugal would be a great base for an Anderson character and would need very little editing. So I figured I'd make a Rugal with an Anderson moveset. Rugal would still need knives edited into most of his sprites which is actually pretty easy for an experienced spriter. I started to do it myself long ago but lost motivation because of all the work required to do both spriting and coding.

I'd still love to continue this project but I doubt I ever will unless I can find someone who could do me the honor of spriting knives into most of Rugal's sprites. I have the entire moveset planned out. I also have more than enough voices and sounds for everything. I'd of course be the one coding the character. Honestly I think this character has a hell of a lot of potential and would make it into quite a few people's mugen rosters. My plans for this character would definitely make it my mugen masterpiece.

Here's an outdated video of my old progress on the character. I've improved quite a bit since then so if I were to pick this up again I'd start over from scratch.

Eventually, if this character sees the light of day, I'd like to go through and make an sff patch so that he looks like Anderson instead of Rugal. Here's an old wip animation my brother sprited years ago.

I find it unlikely any experienced spriters will volunteer for this because Hellsing isn't well known enough but I figured I'd post this and see if it catches anyone's interest.