C.N.0.1 New AKof OC by black realased 12-23-17 (Read 6520 times)

Started by Alex Sonico, December 23, 2017, 03:33:41 pm
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C.N.0.1 New AKof OC by black realased 12-23-17
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Well what lovely surprise we have here!

Original topic from the MMV forums.

.N.01 (AKOF) released by BLACK on 2017-12-23 :

* C.N.01's information (Google Translate from Japanese to English) by BLACK  :

Name: C.N.01 (Cyborg · Number 01)
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 108 kg
Hobby: Knitting
Important things: Memories
What I dislike: "Ness" "KANE" "Bad guys"


A certain country ... in the back of the forest ... A small village that nobody knows ...

In the village where poor people live on their own self ... I was born ... I grew up ...

There were times when it was painful, but still my family is ... I have friends ... I have friends ...

I was happy. 

Until that day comes ..."

WHAT DAY COMES? it to read more about that day, to get to know more, now!

Download BLACK's C.N.01 from the official MUGEN web site here  :

Google Translate from Japanese to English=>
"Thank you, I have a character dedicated to Mugen produced by BLACK here
The character download password is "mugen"."

And if anyone can post a preview if its not available on this post I would appreciate it.

Edit: Never mind, I just figured out how to do it.