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Started by KingPepe2010, June 02, 2014, 07:23:10 am
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Re: Character Request Topic
#41  June 10, 2017, 04:59:13 pm
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Question about takaha... i mean master higgins. instead of using his AI 1 sprites why don't u use his AI 4 sprites? it is alot more detailed anyways, and i was intrigued bout this but i'll ask u anyway: some characters can have ships as helpers? if it does i suggest for a konami character (probably konami man or bill rizer) the twin bee ship or vic viper.
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#42  June 10, 2017, 10:16:24 pm
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Kingpepe, can you make an official character list for this project? so people can stop suggesting the same thing over and over again, cause' some don't even bother to back track and read, one final thing, I just hope Kuros from Wizards & Warriors makes it in. (woops! I just suggested unintentionally lol)
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#43  August 03, 2017, 06:06:34 am
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Hell Fighter from Hell Fighter
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#44  August 05, 2017, 01:00:06 am
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@AntonioQuirino: I could also do a mix of both similarly to what happened with Bomberman. (Bomberman 2 look with Bomberman 1's coloring) As for ships, yeah that's a possibility.

@Noside: I probably should, I'll try to compile a list when I have the time.

@Gvino2i: Ooh, Hell Fighter's a good one. There's honestly a bunch I could choose from the Sachen library too...

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Re: Character Request Topic
#45  September 22, 2017, 10:59:47 pm
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I'm considering writing up an moveset for Spelunker, the infamously delicate miner that Japan loves. However, I'm not sure if referencing Spelunker 2 is allowed, as it's technically not a "real" sequel, and the explorer may or may not be the Spelunker from the first game. Any chance you could give a ruling on this?
Re: Character Request Topic
#46  September 22, 2017, 11:21:36 pm
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I would definitely say go for it. Even though it's completely different as a sequel, they still acted like it was one to Spelunker anyways. I would've done so anyways if I had to make a Spelunker character.
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Re: Character Request Topic
#47  September 23, 2017, 04:44:01 am
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What would his assists be? Prince of Persia? The guy from Deadly Towers? Karateka?
Re: Character Request Topic
#48  September 23, 2017, 04:51:32 am
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Actually, if all goes well, his helpers will be the bat from the original, and the Esper and the priest from 2.

Seriously, I wouldn't dare make the Prince a assist character.
Re: Character Request Topic
#49  September 23, 2017, 04:54:07 am
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Huh? Is making the Prince bad or good? Would you rather see him as a character?
Re: Character Request Topic
#50  September 23, 2017, 10:16:43 am
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Considering how unique Prince Of Persia is, the prince definitely deserves to be playable.
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#51  September 24, 2017, 12:25:27 am
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Alright, here goes. Forgive me if this is messy, I did this whole thing on my phone.

Representive of: Spelunker
First famicom game: Spelunker (December 1985)
Playstyle: Ultimate glass canon, mixed with some rushdown and zoning tools. Think smash bro's Little Mac mixed with a game of Bomberman.

-Incredible walk speed, and has the best dash in the game
-Basic moves allow for fast, easy combos
-Special "energiser" power charge allows for super fast meter gain
-Special moves are powerful and hard to avoid, ex versions exchange power for safety
-Rope can function as a proto-combo breaker, help avoid projectiles, or help your mix up game
-Supers can completely change how you have to approach him, hyper pretty strong too
-Made to be simple to use, hard to master

-If you don't master him, you're fucking dead, kiddo
-Seriously, has the lowest health in the game, his specials can all self harm in some way, and he takes fucking fall damage in a fighting game
-His jump and air attacks suuuuuck, why would you even do this
-If you hit his energiser, say goodbye to everything meter related for a while, dumbass
-He even takes more chip damage when he blocks, Jesus fucking Christ
-But hey, other than that, he's pretty cool


*Pick A Fight (back-up and punch)- Spelunker swings a pick axe above his head and into the ground. Good anti air, can be spammed, but spamming it will break the axe, leaving him vulnerable. Can OTG, but no good against projectiles.

*Got A Light? (Hold punch)- Sperlunker uses his helmet light to flash and stun the opponent. Does no damage, can't hit ducking opponents, but can't be blocked either.

*Leave Me Alone! (Punch while moving forward)- Whilst moving forward, Sperlunker slaps the opponent in a wimpy fashion. Think Luigi's dash attack in smash.

*Grab (forward or back and select)- Sperlunker repeatedly stabs the opponent with his explorer knife, then shoots them point blank in the head from the front or back with his explorer gun. (Aka the weapons from Spelunker 2)


* Phantom Blaster (down, down-forward, forward and kick)- Sperlunker draws and fires his ghost killing Phantom Blaster! As expected for a gun that can kill ghosts, its damage output is high, and it's range is top notch! Anyone in front of you who isn't half a screen away will have their health drained and be pushed back slowly (beware- they won't suffer hit stun, so don't use this point blank!), and any enemy projectiles hit will disappear after a few seconds. There's just one tiny flaw: using this move will drain your health. The damage should be worth it, though- unless, of course, you mess up... Oh, and don't try to spam it- the start up and ending lag will give them time to close the gap.

* Fantastic Flare (forward, forward-up, up and kick, available on ground and in air)- Spelunker throws a flare upwards. On contact or after a short delay, it explodes, hurting enemies in a small radius and destroying all enemy projectiles on screen. It then leaves behind a small fire ball than slowly floats to the ground that can also hurt the opponent- but it can also hurt you if you touch it. Holding forwards or backwards while performing this move will change how far you throw the flare. This move can only be used when none of your flares are on screen.

* Rock Breaker (forward, down forward, down and kick)- Spelunker plants a grey bomb, and after a few seconds, a powerful blast is unleashed! This move has deceptive range: just like the original, instead of showing a explosion, the game simply makes the background flash, so gauging the blast radius is pretty hard. Unfortunately, you have to gauge the blast radius too- your own bombs can harm you! Putting distance between you and your bomb isn't hard with your speed and excellent dash, but how much distance do you need?  Whatever happens, remember only one bomb can be out at a time. No blowing yourself up twice!

EX specials

* Sequel Shooter (down, down-forward, forward and punch+kick)- Spelunker fires six bullets from his Explorer gun. The range is a bit short, and the total damage is only slightly more than the phantom blaster when all six bullets connect, but at least you're only draining meter, not your health! You can also duck while firing by holding down.

* Triple Flare  (forward, forward-up, up and kick, available on ground and in air) Throw three flares at once, at different distances. Remember, you can't use this while one of your flares is on the screen. The only EX special that makes a special less safe.

* Gangway! (forward, down forward, down and punch+kick) This move helps the Spelunker get out of the blast zone after setting up a bomb- by having him charge away from it! If his self-preserving charge hits the opponent is flung onto the bomb, which detonates immediately! But be warned, if the Spelunker hits a wall, a blocking opponent, or is just plain hit, he'll be the one thrown onto the bomb and immediately blown up! If no one ends up on the bomb, the bomb will explode normally, and Spelunker will trip and fall over once out of blast zone.

* Rope-A-Hope (up/down and punch+kick in mid air) Spend meter to hang off a rope in midair, even when you're in hit stun. Use this to avoid fall damage or attacks your great dash can't handle. Up/down lets you go up and down the rope, tapping left or right will make you fall straight down adjacent to the rope, and pressing punch and left/right together let's you jump off. Both falling and jumping off let's you do air combos on the way down, but if you fall too far, you will take fall damage and get knocked down on landing.

Super attacks

* Multiplier (level 1) (u,u,ub,u,uf,db,d,df punch) Spelunker  holds up the hidden item: multiplier! Now for a limited time, his damage is doubled! But be warned: if he gets hit, the effect wears off early, and the first hit does double damage just to pour salt in the wound.

* Speed up (level 1) (u,u,f,b,f,b punch) Spelunker holds up the hidden item: speed up! His speed increases dramatically, and his dash goes even further now! Use your newfound super speed to pull off even crazier combos, but once again, don't get hit, or you'll waste your meter!

* Invulnerability (level 1) (u,u, triple circle punch) Spelunker holds up the hidden item: invulnerability! Now even though Spelunker still suffers hit stun, he no longer takes damage from any attacks, including his! But beware, he's still vulnerable to fall damage, so if your opponent hits you high enough, wave goodbye to your power up...

* (Note: only one "hidden item" super can be active at a time. In the case you do try it, the new one will override the old.)

* Zero Toku Punishment (level 3) (u,f,d punch+kick): Spelunker gets a little mad, and proceeds to use his jumping animation as a jump kick. If it connects, he follows up with a flare to the face, leading into a utter beat down in front of the hell screen from Spelunker 2. It ends with the dazed opponent being hit into a bomb by a mine cart, being blown into the air, and finished off with Spelunker using the energiser as a makeshift laser canon. Be warned, if this doesn't end the round, you will be locked out of all meter related moves for a while as the energiser shorts out.

Note: in the great Spelunker tradition, all of his helpers are capable of hurting the Spelunker.

Bat (sort of 1 hit?)
Just like the game, killing the bat won't stop it from coming back. You'll have to wait for their health meter to slowly refill itself before using it again, but you'll never lose it permanently. (Full bar cost)
*standing - bat flies above of the point between you and your opponent, and drops, um, cave dust on anyone below.
*crouching - bat does a swooping attack. (1/3 bar cost)

Priest (3 hits)
*standing - priest walks in and casts magic. If your opponent doesn't have a good lead, the magic freezes them in place. If the opponent does have a good lead, priest casts aura, causing them big damage on hit. Aura can only be cast once per round. (Full bar cost)
*crouching - priest slowly walks in front of Spelunker. If a projectile or opponent tries to hit him, he uses Rosemary, reflecting projectiles and knocking any in front away from him. (2/3 bar cost)

Esper (2 hits)
*standing - Esper jumps in and shoots three lightning bolts for big damage. (1/3 bar cost)
*crouching - Esper places a marker where the Spelunker is currently placing. When the marker is on screen, pressing select whilst crouching will teleport you to the marker for free. (Full bar cost to place marker)

Other stuff:

The Fall that kills you - Like the original, Spelunker is so vulnerable to fall damage, he can die from it in mid-air. Any time he continuously goes downwards (except when climbing ropes) for more than his jump height, his health drains till his descent stops, whether that be the ground or the opponent juggling you. With Spelunker, sometimes being comboed can save you from extra damage...

Energiser charge - when Spelunker power charges, he holds out the energiser for super fast meter. However, if the opponent hits the energiser, it'll short circuit the energiser, and lock out all meter related moves. So play it safe, kid!

Busting makes me feel good - if the opponent is killed by the phantom blaster, they will be disintegrated, and Spelunker will perform a familiar victory dance...

CAVE IN! - finishing the whole match  with Zero Toku Punishment will cause a cinematic that ends up replicating the original ending screen.

Victory pose specifics - Sperlunker's match won pose changes depending on whether the opponent sticks around or not when defeated. If the opponent sticks around, a ghost will emerge from their body, and Spelunker will quickly zap it away. If they don't, they will drop a diamond for him to pick up. His mid match victory pose has him walk to towards the centre of the screen, passing the checkpoint statue and boarding the descending platforms to the next level.

1 original red and blue
2 HD all red
3 evil twin all black
4 box art yellow
5 explorer green and white
6 special: white shirt with blue jeans
Re: Character Request Topic
#52  September 25, 2017, 01:56:28 am
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Admittedly, there's a lot of neat ideas in here. I especially like how you incorporated Hell from Spelunker 2 for his level 3 super as well!
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Re: Character Request Topic
#53  September 25, 2017, 06:48:50 am
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I would suggest Popeye but he is more of a cartoon character and not a video game character. Despite that, it was very popular as a game.
If not, Popeye could be a striker but, here goes in case of hope. lol

Game: Popeye
Developer: Nintendo
Release Year: 1983
Gameplay Style: He is more of a punching man with possible flips with some boxing abilities.

- Drill Punch: Popeye does a drill punch where his arm turns and spins. He takes aim and hits like Balrog does but doesn't hit straight. It causes a spin.
- Uppercut: A strong uppercut
- Flip Kick: a Guile-ish flip kick which knocks the enemy to the wall and causing a fall.
- Rolling Tornado: Popeye does a rolling tornado forward. He can also does it diagonally from the air or up to air from the ground and causes multiple hits.

- Multi Punches: Popeye eats his spinach and dashes towards the enemy. He throws the enemy into the air and does many multihits upwards. Kinda similar like Luffy does.
- Spinach Power: Kinda the gatling like Luffy does again but, his first punch knocks the enemy to the wall/corner and Popeye starts beating the crap out of it with many big punches. The last punch knocks the enemy to the other side of the wall.

Power and Strenght
- Popeye is not too slow and not too fast. He can taunt with a spinach can. He throws and catches it.
- His spinach gives him speed.
- He can run or dash
- His forward and backward jumps are tumbles. Like spinning or rolling as a jumping.

- Ship

I know he doesn't make a chance but, I felt writing it as The Game was very popular back then.
I think I can suggest you stages from various Nes Games if you want.

Re: Character Request Topic
#54  September 25, 2017, 05:38:51 pm
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Admittedly, there's a lot of neat ideas in here. I especially like how you incorporated Hell from Spelunker 2 for his level 3 super as well!

Thanks! I don't really know much about fighting game mechanics and what makes something broken, so if there's anything that looks like it wouldn't work, that's why.