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Character: Simon
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(Upon request since he was already finished, this topic is meant to fully explain this character as well as allowing any discussion regarding him)

Representative of: Konami
First Game: Castlevania (September 26, 1986)
Progress: 100%
Playstyle: Defensive character with mid-range/long-range options.

-Really good anti-airs.
-Boomerang and Whip Swing can go through projectiles and his slide kick can go right under a few of them.
-Has one of the farthest-reaching meterless non-projectile attacks..
-Basic attacks have decent reach.

-Combos aren't particularly strong.
-Can't deal well with pressure.
-Jump is floatier than most of the characters and he's unable to change his direction during a neutral jump.
-Although he has several ways of dealing with projectiles, he can't deal with low projectiles very well. (Projectiles fly above them, you can't slide under them, whip can hit them but the startup is quite slow)


  • Back Kick (Down-Back, Kick) - For an anti-air, it has to hit pretty close but it launches the opponent up on hit. Really unsafe on block.

  • Dagger Toss (Hold B, F, Punch or Kick) - Simon throws out a dagger that travels forward. The dagger's speed can be controlled by holding forwards or backwards. Kick version delays Simon's toss.
  • Backflip (Hold D, U, Punch or Kick)- Simon's anti-air move. Simon is invincible during the beginning of this and move slightly backwards upon using it. However, it's quite unsafe on block. Punch version does a shorter hop while the kick version does more damage but has a bit less invincibility.
  • Whip Swing (F, DF, D, DB, B, Punch or Kick) - Reaches pretty far and needs to be blocked high. The whip also has the ability to destroy any 1-hit projectile. However, this move has a lot of startup and it's quite unsafe on block so it's best to use this when you're not near the opponent.

EX Specials
  • Boomerang (Hold B, F, Punch+Kick) - The boomerang goes through any non-super projectile and hits the opponent once forward and once on the way back. However, it doesn't travel the whole entire screen.
  • EX Backflip (Hold D, U, Punch+Kick) - Slightly more invincibility and Simon tosses out an axe that makes the backflip do more damage. The axe itself travels in an arc and if this move is done in the corner, the axe falls towards the other corner.
  • Flame Whip (F, DF, D, DB, B, Punch+Kick) - The whip sticks out for a longer period while engulfed in flames, making it do more hits and dealing more damage.

Super Attacks
  • Holy River (Level 1) (Hold B, F, B, F, Punch) - Simon drops a holy water bottle, it breaks and 4 flames appear in front of him. This attack reaches farther than his Whip Swing and cab be canceled from his Dagger Toss. This attack also needs to be blocked low. It's really easy to jump over these flames and Simon is left quite open while using this.
  • Medusa's Wrath (Level 1) (Hold B, F, B, F, Select) - Simon summons about 5 Medusa heads that fly forward and wave up and down. These Medusa heads can be easily defeated with any attack and do weak damage. However, Simon still has complete control as they spawn but he's unable to use any move that uses up meter in the mean time. Simon can also be interrupted before the Medusa heads are summoned and he could end up wasting meter.
  • Spawn of Death (Level 3) (Hold DB, DF, DB, U, Punch+Kick) - Simon takes out the invincibility potion, drinks it and Death appears on screen along with his scythes. These scythes will go after Simon until the potion's effect wears off. While Simon is invincible, he still has access to all his basic attacks but none of his specials can be used. This super itself does have quite a bit of startup after being activated so it's possible to hit Simon out of it before he drinks the potion (and waste all the meter he had).

Red Skeleton:
  • Red Skeleton behaves differently from other helpers. When you summon him (uses the entire helper bar), he comes up from behind and slowly walks toward the opponent. Once he gets close, he'll attempt to grab them (blockable) and bite them. If the red skeleton gets hit, he crumples and remains on the floor. During this time, Simon's assist power meter will refill and once it's full, Simon can resummon him (still requires the entire helper bar). The skeleton loses no health upon getting hit but the assist meter takes longer to recharge compared to the other helpers.

Kid Dracula (3 hits):
  • Standing - Charges up and throws out two fire shots. (1/3 of the helper bar)
  • Crouching - Shoots with the bomb ability at the ground, causing an explosion where he is. (1/3 of the helper bar)

Getsu Fuma (5 hits):
  • Standing - Jumps at the opponent while spinning with his sword and upon landing, he swings it causing a fire wave to come out. (2/3 of the helper bar)
  • Crouching - Takes out the drum and hits it, causing a soundwave to fly forward. This soundwave can break through projectiles. (1/3 of the helper bar)


1 - Default
2 - Castlevania II palette
3 - Doppelganger (Castlevania III)
4 - Getsu Fuma (Getsu Fuma Den, Getsu Fuma gains Simon's CV1 colors)
5 - Alucard (Castlevania III)
6 - Captain N's Simon
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