Custom MVC patch for One Winged Angel's SF3 Urien by R@CE 45 (Read 5782 times)

Started by ~Hale "R@CE" Caesar~, January 26, 2009, 10:14:32 am
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Custom MVC patch for One Winged Angel's SF3 Urien by R@CE 45
#1  January 26, 2009, 10:14:32 am
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 whats up guys i'm here to show off my patch for One winged angel's Urien from Sf3
Well guys this all started as a result of how much i didnt like how capcom made urien in the first place... they claim that his powers were that he can make his body be as hard as steel and also that he can manipulate electricity...

 Sounds kinda cool right, only problem is, in the game, they didnt show this off too well, they really toned his powers down,and i guess the reason being is that there could only be one top dawg, and that was Gill so seeing that Mvc2 exaggerates characters moves and me of course seeing that Urien had way more potential, i decided to edit One wing Angel's urien and giv him the moves he should have`

 Why One winged angel you may ask, well because he was the first version of Urien that i had got when i first started messing
around with mugen. I luv the way he made his work, nice and simple, so i choice to edit his over the rest

 Anyway, I have put alot of work into this edit and i'm still working on him and even though i used some other creators coding on somethings the majority i edited myself and i made sure to credit them and also i edited from how they were orginally were anyway so all of it is not the same....

 Urien has so far all of his previous specials and supers
 But i have added 4 new supers

Zeus's Wrath   x, x, F, a, z

Hercules's Revenge D,D, x+y

Posiedon's Fury D, DF, F, x+a

Spartan Might D, DB, B, x+a

Get character from here :

Download patch here at :

All have come into play and there will be probably 2 more specials in the update maybe

 Also alot of changes have been made so al i can say is when u play with my patch using One Winged Angel's Urien, you will see the changes that were made

Velocties were changed on special, also on some supers, super jump added, chaining added, superbackground added,
hyper ko backgound added, super armor added, mvc dust added, and much more just listing

 Urien Still has the same A.I. that One Winged Angel left him so just to let you kno i didnt code the ai but that doesnt mean that he doesnt have good ai, he is boss material and he fights at his best and also he is more to what can be looked at as a rival version to  Kong's Gill....this is not meant to be mvc accurate this is my own take of it and how i think if Urien was made into mvc style, how he should be made....

Also since Gill cheats and has Ressurection, i have given Urien super armor so he can stand a chance against gill to somewhat of a degree i did this also cus Urien also has the ability to make his body become as hard as steel

Urien is not unstoppable, He can still get his butt handed to him if He relies on his super amor even though it has its advantages it sometimes puts him at a disadvantage, it still is his ultimate down fall cus of his defense,

Best way to beat this version is to combo him like no other

I used some my own coding skills combined with Kong's and IMT's template,also Some sprites from kong's sprites rips,

Coding from Esandy for the get hit state, and also Vyn for his raging Demon move

also i already kno there r some bugs that i need to fix, i am currently workin on them

and also shintra35888 fpr using his aura codethat he made for Gill from sf3 to giv the glowing effect

Credit goes to : Acey,Kong,Vyn, ESandy,shintra35888 and last but surely not least One Winged Angel
Without them this character would not be at its full potential

wish me luck and i hope when the patch is down you guys will enjoy
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Re: Custom MVC patch for One Winged Angel's SF3 Urien by R@CE 45
#2  January 26, 2009, 06:50:16 pm
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Dont just download, give feedback so i can make the patch even better okay  :sugoi:
Re: Custom MVC patch for One Winged Angel's SF3 Urien by R@CE 45
#3  January 26, 2009, 07:41:16 pm
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When I pit him against Wonder Woman Urien ignores the lasso attacks, Spider-Man's Maximum Spider also misses, and I think it was a mistake giving Urien 2-3 layers of super armor to break. Haven't played alot of 3rd Strike but I don't remember Urien even having super armor in the that game. I think you'd be better off either disabling it or giving him 1 layer to bust through. He's too thick right now when I had ZX Akuma hit him with a Shadow Dragon he didn't even register the first 3 hits.

I am pleased to see that you gave him aggressive AI though (charge, combo, dive, hyper, etc.). Just needs a few adjustments in the armor department before he's ready to take on the worldwide arena of Mugen.
Re: Custom MVC patch for One Winged Angel's SF3 Urien by R@CE 45
#4  January 26, 2009, 09:57:46 pm
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 Ok thanks, yeah he didnt have super armor at all in 3rd strike but seeing that this is MVC we r talkin about i added it in, i felt that since he can, make his body as hard as steel (Cus that is one of his powers just like Gill has his own powers(Resurrection), why not giv him his....

 But yeah thanks man, i admit the super armor does need fixing and also i need to add in original voice overs for 4 of the new super moves, and also fix his throw that he already has and add in his other throw

 He is not meant to be accurate to 3rd strike in anyway.... I added what i wanted cus i felt like if he was to be in mvc, this is what i think he should play like....

 I will work on the layering, although i had set it to about 2 hits, but still, i will check it out