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Started by ( ゚ o゚) It's Urza!, August 27, 2007, 02:30:58 am
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Re: Everything Anime and Manga Thread
#12161  June 12, 2018, 11:40:01 am
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In that case, I'd definitely recommend Double Zeta; the early going is a bit rough, but once the show figures out its tone, it's good. And then after that, you can jump onto Char's Counterattack and close off Tomino's early-UC work!

I agree with that.
Double Zeta has always been the butt of the franchise for it's more cartoony take at the beginning.
But holy smokes that show is great when it actually starts to get the UC vibe.

Add Startdust Memories to that list btw
Re: Everything Anime and Manga Thread
#12162  June 15, 2018, 04:27:22 am
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Still want to know more about One Punch Man Season 2. İ hope they don't delay it like it happened with Attack On Titan Season 2. Speaking of that, Attack On Titan Season 3 is almost starting.
Re: Everything Anime and Manga Thread
#12163  June 15, 2018, 05:37:03 am
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yeah the action became teh suck, but the politics became top notch.
Re: Everything Anime and Manga Thread
#12164  June 16, 2018, 03:34:39 am
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Another recap episode for Full Metal Panic IV *groan*. Two recap episodes in a ten week period doesn't sound too good on top of official subs being late. Looks like production might be in a tight spot although the show's visuals remain solid. I'm loving it so far, but having to wait two weeks after these cliff hangers destroy me.

I watched Patema Inverted the other day and was some what disappointed. For something made b the creator of Time of Eve it felt a bit basic and Ghibli-light. Not a bad movie by any means ,but I can't see it as memorable.
Re: Everything Anime and Manga Thread
#12165  June 17, 2018, 07:49:11 pm
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so decided to watch hina matsuri and by god this show is amazing.

edit: yeah episode 5 and it's really really good , in fact i'm planning to buy a copy next week. i'd say it's on above konosuba level , comedy that doesn't rely on sex jokes and what impressed me is that the 2 female characters was shown naked without being sexual , that's hard to do really hard.
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Re: Everything Anime and Manga Thread
#12166  June 23, 2018, 02:53:05 pm
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I can safely say that AnjuHinamatsuri remains consistently funny the whole way through. Wonder what you think about Hitomi's arc? Hope it gets another season, but I'm tired of holding my breath for these things to happen.
Re: Everything Anime and Manga Thread
#12167  June 23, 2018, 06:58:16 pm
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i love all the characters and their personality. yeah i don't think it'll have a season 2 , it ain't that popular. though IMO it's more entertaining than the rest this season.
Re: Everything Anime and Manga Thread
#12168  June 24, 2018, 06:39:41 pm
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Just finished Gundam Wing finally, it took me forever
Good OST , Amazing Mech designs, Beautiful but sometimes blatantly overused visuals,horrible story,horrible characters.
Half way through the anime started acting as if disliking war is some incredibly rare trait only few selected people have which was absolutely retarded.
The final episode was great and a had a nice callback to the very first episode,but the series in its entirety just felt incredibly dissapointing and a fun finale can't make up for over 40 episodes of utter mediocrity(Or even Less-than-mediocrity at times)
The absolutely most dissapointing thing was
Spoiler: "Episode 48" (click to see content)
Another thing that made no sense
Spoiler: "Dorothy stuff" (click to see content)
This writing was a mess
I'll watch the Endless Waltz movie later but I doubt it can make this any better

pretty much every gundam,except Zero,looked amazing
Zero looked really generic but most protagonists in gundam get the short end of the stick with the basic "White suit with generic gundam head" design (Rare deviations being Moustache Man and Double X and probably a few others I dont know or remember)
It also had amazing tracks. The OPs were great,and so were the battle themes. The ED felt outta place throughout the entirety of the series.What was Relena doing on a safari? Why as she there? Whats the point of that?
But yea visuals and sound were not enough to save this for me

Edit: Forgot to add but the plot armor for main characters was absolutely insane and killed absolutely all tension
Also Heero threatened to murder a bunch of characters and by the end of the series they're all alive and well and most are his friends now. Good going you.

Edit 2 : Also I have no idea why they made Chang Wufei hate women so much. All it did was make him absolutely hilarious to me and sometimes hard to take seriously when everything he does is stuff "Begone thot" facebook pages would do
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Re: Everything Anime and Manga Thread
#12169  June 25, 2018, 05:06:01 am
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Every once in a while, I entertain the  idea of rewatching Wing just see how it held up since I first watched it on Toonami (don't remember a damn thing though). Not 48 episode curious though. I'll be content rewatching the OP's for the umpteenth time. The Endless Waltz's gundam designs were neat at least.

Combing through my backlog, I've finally come around to watching Land of the Lustrous. The CG usage in this show was definitely one of the more effective I've seen so far. The gems look nice and vibrant while the animation seems sharp whether it's a hectic fight scene or just simple character interaction. The facial expressions are especially good compared to a lot of the lifeless attempts I've seen in other shows. The characters themselves are alright; I'm assuming that their behaviour is all based on gem characteristics or something. The protagonist felt slightly annoying at the start ,but I eventually did find Phos entertaining. It's also hard not to feel a bit o empathy when Phos keeps biting off more than they can chew. The story is fine, yet it's basically the first act of potentially interesting series. I'm sure there's a bunch of symbolism in there that I'm missing out on and should read up to get clearer picture. A sequel would be nice, but etc. etc. etc.