Fear Mace Rosenkranz by Miyagi Updated to 【Ver_0.7α版(70%)】On 2018/1/7 (Read 2317 times)

Started by Memes never die/Manby, January 07, 2018, 07:58:01 pm
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Fear Mace Rosenkranz by Miyagi Updated to 【Ver_0.7α版(70%)】On 2018/1/7
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She's decent a 6/10 for me. Click on "ダウンロード" to access the creator's onedrive from the website. She's the file in the middle of the others there.
Her video Skip to around 5:32 if you have a Nico account to watch this or some other means. At around that time in the video is where it talks about new stuff she got.
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