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Started by puffolotti4iji, January 12, 2018, 02:47:54 pm
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flat animated stage-Ventilation room
#1  January 12, 2018, 02:47:54 pm
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Not much to say, there is no parallax, i tried to separate the animated element as well as the beams of light, and such things would be a good business if the stage gains quality or loses weight, but so far, this one, altough disgusting, is the most reasonable solution.
I'll remove the floor and make it a separate drawing, i'm working to get the floor as a parallax scaled floor.

It is correct to say is entirely animated because is a fffffrigging flic of 12 full canvass renders. As said above, any attempt to separate the VDK screen or the light beams made it heavier.

Here the screenshot

Here the files
Re: flat animated stage-Ventilation room
#2  January 12, 2018, 08:47:01 pm
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nice stage
Re: flat animated stage-Ventilation room
#3  January 12, 2018, 11:22:05 pm
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Thank you very much.
I'm still working on it, i made a low res version with the production quality

It will be animated like the previous one

perhaps i'll have the new light flicker, but i don't think is a good idea.

here the files:

The high res version will have hopefully ( :mlol: <-i'm laughing seriously, right now i don't know if it is possible.) parallax floor

I update the stage, also because is thought for small characters.

I wrote another .DEF file that gets a reasonable scale, but makes little sense if character aren't able to jump or throw each other 10 m (30 ft) up

Anyway here there are the files:
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Re: flat animated stage-Ventilation room
New #4  January 13, 2018, 01:47:05 pm
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Sorry for the double post, but i have new info.

Regardless of how many people may be interested in implementing this stage on their project, i realized that beside being quite heavy even for 2018, it lacks "universality" and that's not a good thing.

I'm working on a set of sprites that will allow to resize the whole stage to any resolution below 1280X720 (+envshacking)
while working on this stage i'll make sure to provide the tools to make it usable for videogames that scale the character to a smaller "ring" (Wich means bigger characters)

(I'm interested in the zoom function, that i don't know yet. I'll try to learn how to use it for sure.)

At the same time i'm going to separate the fans animations, let the sky blank, but most important, remove the bridge, to allow re-scaling

(windows are separated because they are supposed to be transparent)

The parts that now are missing will be animated, but i'll do the lightning effects for the whole stage on an alpha mask, that's supposed to take much less space.

I'll work on sparkling loose elements, perhaps i'll give some sparks to the engine of the third fan (the one that's kinda struggling, add some stuff)
Probably i'll add some rust, or moss, or ivy or human corpses... of course i'm open to suggestions.

who tried this very stage may have noticed that looks like is set in smurf-village. The scale is correct, for Alpha Strike, but won't fit on most of the games for 2 reason.

First one, most of the fighters are over 2.5 meters tall when standing straight, this game is about aliens, the 3 humans are the "blanka" of the situation. While Blanka is a huge guy, the humans are perceived as cat-sized but extremely dangerous monsters. I forgot to mention that the stages are sized around those aliens.

Plus, Alpha Strike will be overall small-ish looking, with emphasys on throws or hits that send the opponent flying for several meters, some characters will be carrying clockwork-tactical bombs or self-installing turrets that can be kicked, kinda like in tekken-ball, team play will involve a lot of volleyball.
Irgen, in particular will be able to throw his ally (if is one of the small-sized characters) against the opponent, as if he was a fireball. It would be nice if i can obtaining a compromise by using the zoom feature, but i can't know in advance if it will help or if it will make the game more confusing.

In few words, while i'm working on the stages for "Alpha strike", i'm also going to rescale and optimize them for MUGEN.
Let me know if you have suggestion to make it look better for Alpha strike or if you want me to add some detail or element to make it look better for your MUGEN distribution (IDK... laser trimmers instead of cristallizators, a flood, crates on the bridges, that sort of things.)
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