Gotenks Released with HDBZ 4.2b plus fixes!!! (Read 1658 times)

Started by Just No Point, February 21, 2018, 09:43:21 pm
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Gotenks Released with HDBZ 4.2b plus fixes!!!
#1  February 21, 2018, 09:43:21 pm
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"Hey hey hey!"

Hello everyone, Team Z2 is proud to announce our next full character to be used in Mugen and more so in Hyper Dragon Ball Z, the wicked fused kid Gotenks! Check out the video below, and link to Youtube to read the full video description of the video for a ton more information!
>>>>    <<<<

Congrats to Daeron (main spriter), JustNoPoint (main coder), the rest of TeamZ2 and the testers on Discord for this latest crazy addition! Gotenks is loaded with a ton of fun stuff, so enjoy!
And a big thanks to all of YOU who supported us all this time and have been enjoying our works; you're the reason we do this!

Gotenks comes equipped with AI coded by JNP and a movelist in his files.

Even though we spent weeks, months testing him to the limit, there's always a chance a bug or issue may occur. Please feel free to bring any feedback or bug reports to the creators!

Link to Gotenks's network page:

HDBZ Champ's Build with Gotenks-compatible updated characters:

Here's a patch for Gotenks as a bug was found after release &gt;_&gt;
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Re: Gotenks Released with HDBZ 4.2b plus fixes!!!
#2  February 22, 2018, 03:32:35 am
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So, we're gonna see true perfection in the future, huh?