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Started by puffolotti4iji, February 02, 2018, 12:22:30 am
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Iji based: The Human Anomaly
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Finally i have got a project to present. "The human anomaly" I already presented a spriteset, and a demo. Now i'm working on production of my game, "Alpha strike" Based on Daniel Remar's Iji

I already presented the graphic in the appropriate section.

The following archive is an almost empty core (it has got light and strong standing punch, for testing purposes) soon i'll give a version with some AIR paragraphs, and some sparks and projectiles. I published this empty version in case someone wants to develop another version of the character or another character. This file should be a good empty template to get started, altough the number of images and sounds may look odd.

The sounds come from the original game, the voice of original character by Daniel Remar, Iji Kataiser was performed by Anna Ashabova.

The system will be 2 punches and 2 kicks,
2 punches together to get the moves that require the alien weaponry, 2 kicks together for moves based on translation (such as teleport.)

All the throws in the game will be special or hyper moves. (The human anomaly won't have any throw, since compared to the other characters she is cat-sized)
Every character will have some method combos.

Every character will have a personal nanomachines control unit, that could be used in different ways, while the aliens are all expert in using this device, the human anomaly is a novice, and therefore, despite her super strenght and agility, her way to use her personal nanomachines control unit to devise strange weapons is quite savage. In fact in Alpha Strike, the game where she will appear, she's the alien presence, kinda like Blanka in the street fighter serie.
In the game the projectiles are divided into energy, (like plasma or void) mechanic (Like rockets, bullets or object) and fluid (fire, acid, electricity). There is a character that is vulnerable only to mechanic and fluid, wich are the weakest ones.

About the human anomaly, her movelist, if nothing better comes up, will be:

a= light punch
b= strong punch
x= light kick
y=strong kick

Costant powers:
The human anomaly can control the gravity force to a certain degree, and so she can control her jump up to a certain point.

Command moves:

F+a= turn elbow (can be cancelled into 4 different hits, 2 punches and 2 kicks)
F+b= full revolution backfist (can be cancelled into 4 different hits, 2 punches and 2 kicks)
F+x=  sobat

While running any punch = elbow drop
While running any kick = Rolling thunder
While running D+Any kick = Sliding kick
At beginning of slide kick, any kick = vertical shotgun kick (short)
While hopping back any kick = somersault kick
In air D+ any kick = Meteor kick

Special moves

D,DF,F, a = dash straight
D,DF,F, b = Ghost punch (startup dodges projectiles)
F,D,DF,F, any punch = knockenglock ("Bone bell". A rising head butt.)
(Possible in air) D,DB,B, any punch = Elbow dash
D,DF,F, any kick = Triple sobat
F,D,DF, F, any kick = Vertical shotgun kick (Long)
D,DB,B, any kick = rolling back somersault kick
at beginning of rolling back somersault kick, any kick = vertical shotgun kick

In air D,DF,F, any kick = airborne somersault kick
In air D, DB, B, any kick = airborne rolling thunder
In air B, DB, D, DF, F, any kick = dragon kick

Super moves (require power and will fumble if there isn't enough. AI over level 3 never fumbles.)

2P = energy barrier (stops projectiles but doesn't hurt opponents)
F+2P = change teeths odd times, shoots teeths even times (pretty much like sharon's gun in SF ex plus alpha 2)- mechanic projectile
B+2P = uses all the current power to heal herself
D+2P = crack attempt (steals power from the target. works on both foes and allies)
DF+2P = crack attempt (steals health from target to replenish power, works on both foes and allies)
DB+2P = crack attempt (sacrifices own power to restore target's health. works on both foes and allies.)

F,DF,D,DB,B, 2P = Nano overload (changes next punch or kick in an explosive special move)

in air 2P = nano overload (basically hurts whoever she touches and destroys incoming rockets, but not energy projectiles)

In air 2K = gliding forward

Hyper moves

D,DB,B, 2P = retribution (a shower of plasma balls originating from the HA herself, low HP = higher damage.)
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