KoF XIV 2D version (Read 2539 times)

Started by Rowy Delson, October 15, 2017, 04:34:12 pm
KoF XIV 2D version
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Hello everyone
I am starting a new Project.''KOF XIV" in 2D.
As you guys know there is some stuff of KOF XIV like life bars,Screenpack and etc.But there is not any official Mugen of KOF XIV.
So I thought that we should make a official KOF XIV MUGEN and I think that it will be a popular MUGEN since there is not any other like this.
So if anyone is interesting in making a 2D KOF XIV with me, just let me know.
Things we'll need in this project is.
Some KOF XIV Sprites,Stages,Themes,An HD mugen engine(fun to play with).All in 2D.

It'll be great to play a 2D KOF XIV.Just like good old days.
Thanks for reading.

Here is the Character Select Screen
Thanks to billykharles

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