MUGEN Multiverse screenpack problem (Kireishito Edit) (Read 6832 times)

Started by DWMCrasher98, January 10, 2018, 10:34:13 pm
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MUGEN Multiverse screenpack problem (Kireishito Edit)
New #1  January 10, 2018, 10:34:13 pm
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Hey guys! Long time no see!
I downloaded Kireishito's edit of the MUGEN Multiverse screenpack (and it's fan-fuckin-tastic!!!). But I have two major problems

1)Stage Preview: I really loved the idea at first and wanted to do one for all of my stages, but the Stage Viewer tool, for some reason, doesn't work with a lot of my stages (Has issues loading them like Kung Fu Man's Mountainside Temple stage)! So I told myself "Oh what the hell" and decided to try and disable them seeing as random stages would preview the chosen stage (For example the Sentinel Base would show up as a preview for Mountainside Temple). Is there a way to just completely disable previews?

2)My character's displayname won't appear on the character select screen (as well as the VS screen and, probably, the victory screen seeing as I haven't checked that out!). How can I enable them in that particular screenpack!

Many thanks and I'll soon begin with some future projects for more chars, stages ecc.

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