Position, velocity and acceleration (CNS) (Read 2150 times)

Started by Just No Point, September 29, 2015, 12:18:47 am
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Position, velocity and acceleration (CNS)
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Those of you with basic knowledge of math should understand these concepts. M.U.G.E.N uses the following coordinate system. The greater the x-position, the farther right the player is. The less the x-position, the closer he is to the left. A y-position of zero is at ground level. As the player's y-position gets larger he moves downwards. For example, a negative y-position means he is in the air. Similarly, when we say a player has positive x-velocity, it means he is moving forward, and if he as negative x-velocity, he is moving backwards. A player with positive y-velocity is moving downward, and a negative y-velocity means he is moving up. A positive x-acceleration means the player's x-velocity is increasing, a negative x-acceleration means his x-velocity is decreasing. Likewise for y-acceleration.
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Re: Position, velocity and acceleration
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It should also be mentioned that position and velocity are also relative to the player's coordinate space. For example, a character with 320x240 coordinate space with an X pos of 160 will be on the right edge on the screen, whereas a character with a 640x480 coordinate space and an X pos of 160 will only be halfway towards the right side of the screen. Velocities are also scaled in a similar manner.