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Started by Ramon Garcia, September 15, 2016, 05:28:47 pm
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KOFWOJ GOLD Lifebar [converted to 640X480 by RAMON GARCIA] 25 versions
New #41  February 16, 2018, 07:19:30 pm
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KOFWOJ GOLD Lifebar by Zelgadis, Glasses, John7, Nightmare Arata [converted to 640X480 by RAMON GARCIA] 25 versions

link of lifebar:
After a lot of time finally i get finish all the edits of this lifebar have fun friends :)

Spoiler: Lots of pics (click to see content)

Chars that was used:
Grant-kofexess by Adrianares
Shakuen1.0 by ASH [playable]-RAMON GARCIA

Telestial Solice by Saiyajin Mui
Telestial Solice by kohaku

Original post:
:bison: IF YOU WANT SOME SPECIFIC CHAR IN HI-RES=FILTERED SPRITES SEND ME PRIVATE MESSAGE ON THE MUGENGUILD SITE OR FACEBOOK WITH THE LINK OF CHAR THAT I CONVERT (Observation is a very cheap price :yes: and the result is very good]. Here is the links:;u=84319 or :yippi:
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