Release Party - Air Man (RMM) (Read 2154 times)

Started by laspacho, December 31, 2017, 07:29:07 am
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Release Party - Air Man (RMM)
#1  December 31, 2017, 07:29:07 am
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----------- | Air Man | -----------

Sprited By: Laspacho
Coding Rmm Re-Code and Update: Acey
Originally Coded By: DarkCipherLucius and Magma Dragoon

Mugen: Mugen 1.0
Character Number: 10


Character Move list

QCF+P: Air Shooter
QCB+P: Tornado
QCB+K: Slide Kick
QCB+K (air): Down Kick

D, D, any button: Change Weapon
   LP: Tornado Man
   MP: Dust Vacuum
   HP: Wind Kick
   LK: Wind Storm
   MK: Storm Tornado
   HK: Whirlwind
QCF+K: Use Weapon

QCF+PP: Hyper Wind
QCB+PP: Hyper Tornado
QCF+KK: Upper Wind



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Re: Release Party - Air Man (RMM)
#2  December 31, 2017, 08:47:02 am
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Compared to my feedback of other RMM characters, I feel like this one might sound more harsh so please bear with me:

-Hitsparks, hyper bg, super jump fx, dash fx, launcher effect, and combo messages are missing.
-His two intros from DCL's Air Man are gone.
-All attacks use the default hitsparks and guard fx.
-The sound where he switches weapons has a second of delay.
-Air Shooter does additional hits if close.
-Dust Vacuum can't be used in the air where DCL's version could.
-Dust Vacuum's guard fx is misaligned.
-If you switch weapons before the pieces of Dust Vacuum disappear, it is no longer usable until the round is over or reset.
-Slide Kick should only be blockable when crouching.
-Wind Storm and Storm Tornado is unblockable.
-Hyper Wind is unblockable in the air.
-Wind Kick has no sound when executed.
-Upper Wind does the regular amount of damage to the opponent's health when blocking it.
-Doing Tornado in the air is pointless as it's the same as doing on the ground.

I'm going to be honest, but this feels more like a beta than an update of DCL's Airman. DCL did a very great job on the character when it released years ago, but Acey severely downgraded it by removing all the aspects of the character. That's when I noticed the sprites went from 1027 to 551 when I opened it on Fighter Factory. If the sprites and effects are from RMM, do you know why Acey remove them? I hope the missing RMM sprites will be added back.

Will post on RMM's release page when I have the feedback on all characters or removed if fixed before I'm finished with it.
Re: Release Party - Air Man (RMM)
#3  December 31, 2017, 08:51:00 am
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Well, could be done better, but it's nice too. Some feedback:
-I suggest you make Tornado Man scream his "Air Shooter" phrase not when he jumps out, but when he starts shooting.
-I can't combo normals into Weapons while I can combo into Other Specials. Is that supposed to be like that?
-Wind Kick lacks Sound Effects.
-I think you need to make his Weapon Specials more varied. For example, Wind Kick, being quite a Shoryuken-like move, could WORK like Shoryuken (the weaker button- the lower leap, but faster and safer recovery.)
-Also, I have a lot of questions to Upper Wind... Why is it looks how it looks?
-And, at least, give him a decent AI. I dunno why, but I can defeat Airman while I shouldn't.
Re: Release Party - Air Man (RMM)
#4  January 01, 2018, 06:28:18 pm
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I have downloaded him multiple times and it seems his weapon select doesn't work. The only way I can get it to occur sometimes is with half circle foward...