Remake of another Idea Engineering post (Read 2151 times)

Started by RedDragonCats17, July 26, 2017, 07:27:12 am
Remake of another Idea Engineering post
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Hey guys, I was thinking about whether I should make this post or not, so I decided to say fuck it and just make it.

This is a remake of another Idea Engineering post I made a long time ago, this time it's gonna have a poll of which character idea sounds more interesting, and the moves of the character below it's description and their stage. (I asked OldGamer if he could help me with 2 stages which I'll mention, but he's got his hands full, but I'm a patient boy (not really))

I came up with my own independent fighting game style, a style that's similar to Team Z2's system, but it also has things from Smash Bros, in other words, Charge Attacks. (I think Tekken has them as well, I know Soul Calibur has a form of a charge attack)

Charge Attacks are self explanatory, the more charge your attack has, the powerful it becomes. It's similar to Smash Bros' smash attacks, but in this case, it'll give you more power allowing you to do your supers more quickly. Depending on your opponent, your attack might be delayed, so use it wisely. Each element of a charge attack is based on the character you play as. For example, if you play as my version of Ryu, his charge attack is lightning based, and Ken's charge attack is fire based. The charge attacks follow the elements the character uses.

The characters have 2 different bars, "Justice" and "Rage". The bars depend on the character you play as, same for the Charge Attacks. Ryu and Daisy (Mario) have Justice Bars, Akuma has a Rage Bar, and Inuyasha has both.

The characters in question:

Ryu (in progress): The character I'm working on right now, but barely made progress. Ryu will have moves from Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Street Fighter 3, and Street Fighter 4 moves. A move such as this and this

Hadouken (QCF + P)
Joudan Sokutogeri (QCF + K)
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (QFB + K)
Shankuketsu Hadouken (HCF + P)
Shoryuken (D, DF, F + P)


Shinkuu Hadouken (QCF + 2P)
Shin Shoryuken (QCF + 2K)
Shinku Tatsumaki (QCB + 2K)

Charge Attack:

SF4 Focus Attack

Justice Attack:

Metsu Shoryuken (QCF + 3K)

Akuma: The character I plan to work on next, like Ryu, he'll have moves from the games I mentioned before.

Gou Hadouken (QCF + P)
Zanku Hadouken
Shankuketsu Hadouken (HCB + P)
Tatsumaki Zankukyaku (QCB + K)
Hyakkishu (DHCF + P)
Hyakkishu > Hyakki Gozan (No input)
Hyakkishu > Hyakki Gojin (K)
Goushoryuken (D, DF, F + P)
Ashura Senku (D, DF, F + 3P or 3K)


Messatsu Gou Hado (QCB + 2P)
Messatsu Gou Shoryu (QCF + 2P)
Tenma Gozanku (Air QCF + 2P)
Messatsu Gorasen (QCF + 2K)
Shun Goku Satsu (LP, LP, F, LK, HK)
Demon Armageddon (U, U + 3K)

Charge Attack:

SF4 Focus Attack

Rage Attack:

Wrath of the Raging Demon (LP, LP, B, LK, HK)

Princess Daisy: The character I was planning to create, but got into a pickle because of the model I was using. I'm trying to determine whether there are watermarks in the trial version of 3DS Max or not, so far the research has gotten me no where. I once heard in a post that there are watermarks everywhere but in another post the trial is fully functional. If you guys know anything about the trial version of 3DS Max, give me all the info I need. Anyways, Daisy will be fighting in real martial arts. The styles in question: Karate, Judo, and Professional Wrestling. She'll also be relying on the inventory from her source game, Super Mario Land, and the Mario Sports games.

Superball Fire (QCF + P)
Baseball Hit (QCB + P)
Soccerball Kick (QCF + K)
Gao Summon (LP + LK)
BunBun Summon (MP + MK)

I'll update the list if I can, my dad is back from his vacation and I don't want him to see me on this computer this late at night. But what do you guys think? It's not a full game idea but it's something. And as I said, I just decided to make this post just because. I'm gonna make a poll later.
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