RXMugen for Vanilla XBOX (Read 1360 times)

Started by Spidercide, February 07, 2018, 07:23:36 am
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RXMugen for Vanilla XBOX
#1  February 07, 2018, 07:23:36 am
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What up! Been away for a while due to problems back at home. Won't bore you guys with the details but I was in abject poverty at one point. Well I'm back now, stronger than ever. Revived my broken XBOX (with a lot of help from a dear friend) and am anxious to start-up XMugen again!

I know the drill, downloaded RXMugen from theisozone (TIZ) grabbed password, formatted my chipped XBOX drive F to 16k clusters (just incase), read the instructions in the RXMugen installation guide and stored all contents in the specified directories. Video, menu, and SF style Unleash X dash show up great. Music plays and everything. The problem is when I start up that Kung Fu Man game it will take me to the GENTOOX, Fat32x blue screen, say a few words then freeze. Where did I go wrong? I've been trying multiple forums familiar with this issue. Since XBOX is kinda dead and with it XMugen I can't get a response, but I feel like all I need is a little guidance and I'll get this thing working. You'd think XBOX users who like Mugen would jump at the chance for a multi-screenpack launcher and that it would be figured out on a wider scale, anyway if someone could lend a hand I'd super appreciate it!
Re: RXMugen for Vanilla XBOX
#2  February 07, 2018, 09:25:35 am
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I'm curious, what version of mugen is compatible on
the old xbone?
Re: RXMugen for Vanilla XBOX
#3  February 07, 2018, 01:34:19 pm
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X-mugen. It's a linux build that runs winmugen. It was extremely hard to get running and pretty slow. Dragon Claw's ultras brought it to a near stand still.
Spidercide you're sure you have winmugen characters? The linux side of things was VERY pick with names. I think you had to have everything lower case. It's been a decade since I messed with X-Mugen. I thought there were tools to make sure winmugen would run properly on linux. Might want to check that out. 
And use UIX as your dashboard :P
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Re: RXMugen for Vanilla XBOX
New #4  February 07, 2018, 05:33:18 pm
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Yeah, XMugen actually runs pretty good on the OG XBOX. I didn't encounter any slowdown with the games I have. The issue here is not getting a single XMugen build to run I already did that with XMugen KOF. Installed and ran flawless on my F Drive. What I'm trying to do here is get multiple screenpacks to run on one drive. The easiest method I'm told is to use RXMugen or NXMugen (NXMugen is outdated) but the developers for both (who I talked to in the past, really nice guys) are no longer roaming the forums - I certainly haven't seen them - tried a humble PM or two and got nothing. Therefore I'm left with trying to seek answers from the broader community on this one, perhaps someone with experience with multi-screenpack launchers.

The way XMugen works in my experience is it would allow for one screenpack per drive which is annoying. One for E, F, and G, but in order to be able to use F & G the XBOX must be chipped and formatted with 16k clusters (done on my end) yeah, that means you can theoretically only install 3 games including one on the smaller E drive with barely any characters (E is only 4 gigs that goes quickly with a 2 GB swapfile and plus custom soundtracks and other items) that's why I want to be able to use a multi-screenpack launcher for one drive. More convenient and easier that way. I used to have a multi-launcher but my hard drive died and took the launcher with it. I play all types of games from Darkstalkers to CvS. You can imagine I'd want like 8 Mugen games on my XBOX (DCvM, MvC3 Infinity, to name a few).

Btw @Odb718 I did use Unleash X the MSPL still refused to work. Unleash X is my primary dash, I use X-Select I can change default dashboards whenever I want.
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