Sash Lilac by DuckSS (A very late MFG release) (Read 11672 times)

Started by Synck, February 10, 2016, 06:40:46 pm
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Sash Lilac by DuckSS (A very late MFG release)
#1  February 10, 2016, 06:40:46 pm
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Hello, long time no see....
I'll start with some important information about me first.
I have worked on few mugen projects for 5 months and after that I have released all that stuff on MFFA (which includes Sash Lilac).
So the original date of her release is 31.01.2016.

The reason for not releasing her before is my personal thing so don't ask :P

I'll just copy and paste the thread's text which I made before:


Also there's one problem with this character :( If your stage has bounds < 1000 then she might get stuck as the projectiles in corner when she performs LvL3 Dragon crusher. To fix this problem you need to get in stage's definition file and increase the bound with bigger numbers.

I recommend using her in mugen 1.0, because I'm not sure what could happen in mugen 1.1 with her LvL3 Move.

Also I did play her full game and about to finish it soon :P

Also I made patch for Carol with special intro so you might find my video about her on my channel.

Download my stuff on my brand new website (which is in demo mode for now):
Note: Refresh the pages to get the real results (I recommend refreshing the first page you get before you refresh the others).

Lilac is in Normal section > Original characters
Carol's patch is in Normal section > Patches

So much respective credits to:

@Veanko: For your character Carol and your codes from her
@altoiddealer: For code feedback
@Odb718: Also for code feedback

Serious WARNING! :

- There's few NSFW stuff on my website and on my youtube channel so watch out what you're looking for.

Follow me on Facebook:

Enjoy playing mugen with this character!
Re: Sash Lilac by DuckSS (A very late MFG release)
#2  February 11, 2016, 07:21:28 pm
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I recommend posting a more direct link to the character.  Your site is kind of tough to navigate due to the illegible labels.

I'm going to take a look and see if I can solve that "stuck in wall" issue

Re: Sash Lilac by DuckSS (A very late MFG release)
#3  February 11, 2016, 08:28:53 pm
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Wow, yeah that stuck in the wall thing is very odd.

I recommend that you at least add a rough workaround.

[state 1000]
type = changestate
trigger1 = frontedgedist < -550 || Time > 100
;trigger1 = abs(Pos x) > floor(gamewidth/2 + 550) ;(Gamewidth/2) + 550
value = 3023

so add Time > 100 as a failsafe.  Doesn't look as smooth as when the move is used on the proper stage bounds but t least the fight doesn't get jammed up.

Also, determined my original trigger suggestion abs(Pos x) > floor(gamewidth/2 + 550) can just be replaced with frontedgedist < -550

Re: Sash Lilac by DuckSS (A very late MFG release)
#4  February 12, 2016, 02:21:25 am
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If there are any problems, let me know. I will try to fix them as soon as possible. I plan on making more stages, and eventually characters, down the line.
For more info, visit my website at