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Started by Ricepigeon, October 19, 2015, 05:18:17 pm
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TargetLifeAdd (SCTRL)
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Adds the specified amount to all targets' life, scaled by the targets' defense multipliers if necessary.

Required parameters:

    value = add_amt (int)
        add_amt is added toe ach target's life.

Optional parameters:

    ID = target_id (int)
        Specifies the desired target ID to affect. Only targets with this target ID will be affected. Defaults to -1 (affects all targets.)
    kill = kill_flag (boolean)
        If kill_flag is 0, then the addition will not take any player below 1 life point. Defaults to 1.
    absolute = abs_flag (boolean)
        If abs_flag is 1, then add_amt will not be scaled (i.e. attack and defense multipliers will be ignored). Defaults to 0.

;Fighter Factory 3
[State 0, TargetLifeAdd]
type = TargetLifeAdd
trigger1 =
value =
ID = -1
kill = 1
absolute = 0
;ignorehitpause =
;persistent =

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Additional Notes:
This controller is almost always used when you have Player2 in a custom state, such as a throw or a grab, and eliminates the use of adding more HitDefs in order to create more cinematic-looking attacks. This controller is almost always used in conjunction with the TargetState controller as a result.
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