Toon Link (MVC Series) (Read 1364 times)

Started by n00b12, December 16, 2017, 02:54:29 am
Toon Link (MVC Series)
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I am finished making Toon Link with Goku's Voice (Which I call Toon Link English Voice) Don't panic about it please.
I felt bad about taking another guys sprites while it was in a W.I.P. This was a W.I.P. for a few days. I did not
upload anything so nobody can take my sprites. Enjoy!


Hyper Combos:
Arrow Storm
Triforce Slash

Hero's Bow
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Re: Toon Link (MVC Series)
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That's all well and good, but until you post screenshots of the character in MUGEN this isn't a project.
There's a race to be on top
The competition doesn't stop
Mixing with the ladies fair
being charming debonair
The gang will reign supreme
And no one can deny
They'll make some history
And always have an alibi
So join in the jubilee
The cats are great they'll all agree
Find in each calamity
the cat's superiority
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