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Touhou: Incident Zero - idea engineering (Yukari prototype + Legacy chars)
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So after working on THRP for a while, I decided now was a good opportunity to expand my horizons with gameplay and create a spinoff/reboot. Some mechanics are borrowed, but others are drastically different;

Incidents are nothing new in Gensokyo; in fact, one might even say that the occurrence of incidents are Gensokyo's way of life. Incidents generally follow a simple formula: youkai cause an incident while humans attempt to resolve them. In this way, the conflict between humans and youkai, with the spellcard rules governing the ensuing battles, ensure the youkai's continued existence and the balance of Gensokyo. Although rare, it is possible for an incident to threaten the entire existence of Gensokyo; in these cases, it is not unheard of for even the most youkai-like youkai to become involved in resolving these situations.

Lately, however, residents of Gensokyo have encountered what can only be described as "black fragments". These fragments have begun to appear in Gensokyo around the same time as the urban legend incident, which has since been resolved; however, the appearance of these fragments continue to persist and lately have been growing in number. Those who have found these describe experiencing certain changes to themselves, exhibiting powers that they normally wouldn't be capable of, with different fragments bestowing different abilities. These fragments also have the ability to alter their surroundings, with the possibility of even linking Gensokyo to different worlds. Could it be that these fragments are yet another urban legend manifesting in Gensokyo, or is it part of something more sinister? If these fragments have the ability to change Gensokyo's history, and even its inhabitants, it could erase Gensokyo entirely and cause an incident massive enough to create a new world: an Incident Zero.

, , and for attacks.

is now used for player-specific actions, and will differ by player. For instance, Marisa will use this to execute her EX Specials, while Sanae will this to control her wind gusts.

is now used for the new Bomb mechanic, as well as Last Words. See Alignment System for more details.

Combos and Chaining
All characters follow a simple cancelling method for attacks:

Normals -> Command Normals -> Specials -> Spellcards/Last Words

Damage Proration
All attacks apply a proration value, which reduces the damage of the next attack in a combo by a scalar amount. All attacks, whether they be Normals, Specials, and Spellcards have a 10% minimum scale. Cancelling any attack into a Spellcard or Last Word will automatically apply a 92.5% proration during the attack's startup. Unlike that of Touhou RP: Gensokyo Reloaded, Last Words are now affected by proration and always have a minimum scale of 30%.

Spellcards and Last Words
Spellcards in Incident Zero are functionally identical to Supers from traditional fighting games; they can be executed only with a certain amount of power. Each character has two levels of power meter (2000 power total), with each Spellcard consuming one level. Although rare, certain characters may also possess a Spellcard that requires two levels of meter (2000 power).

Last Words are higher level Spellcards; each character, with the exception of Marisa, has exactly one Last Word. The conditions for using a Last Word is directly tied to which alignment the player chooses. Type-C characters do not have access to Last Words. It should be noted that Shinki has an additional requirement of unlocking all six seals on her inscribed pentagram before her Last Word can be used.

All Spellcards and Last Words that deal damage will cause untechable Knockdowns and have no juggle restrictions.

Spirit Meter & Bombs
Each player has access to a spirit meter which the player can spend to use bombs, as well as their Last Words. The method of gaining spirit, the method & effects of using bombs, and the amount of Spirit Meter needed to use a bomb are all dictated by which alignment the player chooses at the beginning of the round. The length of each character's Spirit Meter is exactly the same at 1000 points.

Alignment System
Similar to the Faith system of Hopeless Masquerade, Incident Zero allows each character to align themselves with one of three possible alignments: Type-A, Type-B, and Type-C. Similar to grooves in other fighting games, each alignment bestows upon the character certain perks and changes to their gameplay, with each one consisting of their own pros & cons. Each alignment also dictates how bombs are obtained and used, as well as which Last Word the character gains access to when choosing Type-A or Type-B.

Type-A is a primarily offense-oriented alignment. Spirit meter will only increase as the player deals damage to an opponent. A bomb will cost 100% of the Spirit Meter and can be used by pressing ; bombs deal no damage, but will inflict Hard Knockdown on hit, grants the user with startup invincibility, and gives the user 1000 Power and 25% Spirit Meter on hit. Bombs can only be used when the player is in a grounded idle state, and cannot be cancelled. Once the player has reached 2000 Power, they can enter Spell Trance with ; this a time limited mode whose duration is inversely dependent on the player's life, with the duration lasting longer the lower the player's Life is. During Spell Trance, the player's Power bar will begin to gradually decrease; during this time, all of the player's Spellcards will cost a small bit of time, but will have a slight damage decrease. Spell Trance is also the only time a player can activate their Last Word once they have reached 100% Spirit Meter, which ends Spell Trance on use.

Type-B is a primarily defense-oriented alignment. Type-B characters fill their spirit meter as they take damage, and using a bomb costs 25% of the Spirit Meter. Bombs can be used during blockstun by inputting , which will cause the character to execute one of their Special moves as a counterattack, similar to an Alpha Counter. Spirit meter can also be gained through the use of a Just Defend, which will negate all damage and gain a small bit of Life back, as well as adding a greater amount of spirit than simply blocking. Type-B characters can activate their Last Word once they have reached at least 50% Spirit Meter and 1000 Power, and will consume all available Spirit Meter on use, with the additional Spirit consumed either increasing the Last Word's damage or duration, depending on the Last Word. Shinki is the only except to this rule, as her Last Word requires 100% Spirit Meter when in Type-B.

Type-C is a primarily speed-oriented alignment. Type-C characters gain Spirit Meter by performing offensive actions, such as hitting an opponent, and can use Bombs at the cost of 33% of the Spirit Meter. Bombs can be used during any action by pressing , which will cancel the character's current action, including Spellcards. Bombs can also be utilized to perform a Graze Dash with ; a Graze Dash differs from a regular dash in that it both causes the user to home in on the opponent, as well as granting them projectile invincibility. A Graze Dash can be cancelled into any attack just like a normal dash. Additionally, any action may be cancelled into a Graze Dash at the cost 66% Spirit Meter. Skillful use of Type-C bombs can effectively extend combos and allow for cancels that are not normally possible, such as a Spellcard into a Special or another Spellcard. Type-C characters do not gain access to any of their Last Words; instead, they have access to Spell Overdrive, activated at 1000 Power with , which will allow them to Jump Cancel some of their attacks, while ignoring juggle flag limitations. Spellcards can be used for 1000 less Power during Spell Trance, but will end the mode on use.

The roster will be smaller than THRP: Gensokyo Reloaded. So for the only confirmed roster members so far;
  • Reimu Hakurei
  • Reimu Hakurei (Legacy)
  • Marisa Kirisame
  • Marisa Kirisame (Legacy)
  • Yuuka Kazami
  • Alice Margatroid
  • Shinki
  • Sakuya Izayoi
  • Hong Meiling
  • Youmu Konpaku
  • Yukari Yakumo
  • Yukari Yakumo (Legacy)
  • Tewi Inaba
  • Reisen Udongein Inaba
  • Reisen Udongein Inaba (Legacy)
  • Aya Shameimaru
  • Momiji Inubashiri
  • Sanae Kochiya
  • Iku Nagae
  • Satori Komeiji
  • Byakuren Hijiri
  • Mamizou Futatsuiwa
  • Hata no Kokoro
  • Sekibanki
  • Kasen Ibaraki
  • Nameless*
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Re: Touhou: Incident Zero - idea engineering topic
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Uhhhhh I'd like to see it.
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Re: Touhou: Incident Zero - idea engineering topic
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Re: Touhou: Incident Zero - idea engineering topic
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  • Time to give back to this place. Starting now.
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Re: Touhou: Incident Zero - idea engineering topic
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Same characters, but with a new battle system and format.

Sorta right. Some characters, like Medicine, will be those that have yet to appear in THRP, while most of the THRP cast won't show up here.

Also experimenting with the idea of slight nuances in characters based on their religious affiliation. For instance, Reimu can use her Dimensional Rift during Shinto & Taoist alignments, but this gets replaced with Instant Dimensional Rift if she picks Buddhist alignment. Taoist Reimu also gains access to a wall teleport, like what Yukari has in THRP. Stuff like that. Don't expect every character to have these though.

Also adding Byakuren to the roster because what would be the sense of having Buddhism without Gensokyo's buddhist figurehead?
Re: Touhou: Incident Zero - idea engineering topic
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Will you ever create a game in the style of touhou 14.5?
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In case anyone wants a sneak peek at some of the planned changes the THRP characters will undergo in IZ;

  • Buddhist Bomb Counter: Ascension Kick
  • Pressing causes Reimu to create a barrier projectile that remains stationary. If a Hakurei Amulet passes through this barrier, the amulet will split in two, with each one gaining slight homing properties.
  • Dimensional Rift: Usable only under Shinto or Taoist alignments. Replaced with Instant Dimensional Rift while under Buddhist-alignment.
  • Gains ability to wall teleport with , in the corner while under Taoist-alignment, similar to Yukari.
  • Divine Spirit "Fantasy Seal": Usable only under Shinto or Buddhist alignments. Replaced with Holy Relic "Yin-Yang Sanctifier Orb" while under Taoist-alignment.
  • "Fantasy Heaven": removed.
  • "Fantasy Nature": Now divided into "Fantasy Nature -Shinto Type-" and "Fantasy Nature -Buddhist Type-". Shinto Type works identical to THRP, while Buddhist Type works as a counterattack identical to Hopeless Masquerade.

  • Buddhist Bomb Counter: Miasma Sweep
  • Three-tier Embellishment Magic mechanic removed. All Specials now have a version that requires 500 Power, which can be used free of cost during Spellcard Declaration mode in Shinto-alignment.
  • "Sungrazer": removed.
  • "Final Spark": renamed "Sure-Fire Master Spark", can now only be used during Shinto-alignment.
  • New Last Word: "Final Spark", usable only during Buddhist-alignment (functionally identical to SWR's Final Spark).

  • Buddhist Bomb Counter: Flowers in the Wind
  • Holding now grants Yuuka limited super armor while button is held, but drastically reduces walking speed. Releasing causes Yuuka to perform an attack.
  • "Original Master Spark": renamed "True Master Spark", usable only during Shinto-alignment.
  • "Dual Spark": usable only during Buddhist-alignment.

  • Buddhist Bomb Counter: Wind Goddess ~ Thrust (does not put Kanako on cooldown when used as a bomb).
  • Wind is now directed using + / / / / / / /
  • "Moses's Miracle: usable only during Shinto-alignment.
  • "Night of the Supernova Storm": removed.
  • New Last Word: "Nine-Syllable Stabs", usable only during Buddhist-alignment.

  • Buddhist Bomb Counter: Virupaksa's Eye
  • Byakuren now charges orbs with .
  • All Specials now have a version that consumes orbs. , , and versions of Specials no longer require orbs.
  • "Master of Buddhist Cosmology": Now has a version that consumes all orbs on use, which buffs damage. , , and versions now have startup invincibility.
  • "Angira's Vedas": Usable only during Shinto-alignment.
  • Superhuman "Byakuren Hijiri": Now uses 1000 Power, no longer a Last Word Spellcard. Duration is now dependent on number of light orb charges Byakuren has when activated.
  • New Last Word: "Five-Element Mountain of Shakyamuni", usable only during Buddhist-alignment.
Re: Touhou: Incident Zero - idea engineering topic
#9  March 04, 2017, 08:37:01 am
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Made some changes to the alignments, which are outlined in the first post. Also confirming Sakuya as part of the initial roster. Lifebars are still a WIP.
Re: Touhou: Incident Zero - idea engineering topic
#10  March 17, 2017, 09:36:24 pm
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Confirming Reisen and Aya to be part of the game's initial roster.

In addition, since this was mentioned in the first post, I want to cover the Drives/V-Skill-like mechanic that each character will be getting: Unique Skill.

Unique Skills are performed with and vary by character. Below are the Unique Skills for each character confirmed so far:

Reimu - Diffusion Barrier
Pressing causes Reimu to create a barrier projectile that remains stationary immediately in front of her. If a Hakurei Amulet passes through this barrier, the amulet will split in two, with each one gaining slight homing properties.

Marisa - Mini-Hakkero Enhancement
Marisa can substitute any , , or button in her Specials with to perform an EX variant of her Special move. EX Specials cost 500 Power, and gain a Power cost reduction during Shinto's Spellcard Declare Mode. Additionally, may be substituted for , , or in the command for "Master Spark" in order to perform the more powerful "Dark Spark", at the cost of an additional 1000 Power.

Yuuka - Tangling Rosebush
Holding grants Yuuka limited super armor. Yuuka can still move with and while is held, but her walking speed is drastically reduced. Releasing will cause Yuuka to perform an attack.

Sakuya - Sakuya's Special Stopwatch
Holding charges up Sakuya's stopwatch. Sakuya is completely immobile while charging the stopwatch, and being hit or releasing before the gauge is full will cause the gauge to reduce to 0 with no other effects. Once the stopwatch gauge is full, time will stop for about 2 seconds. Sakuya can move around while time is frozen, and is fully invincible, but is unable to attack.

Reisen - Optica Spectral
Holding will cause the player to control an illusionary clone of Reisen, giving the illusion that the player is still in control of the real Reisen. The clone can freely move around and is completely invulnerable, but cannot attack. The real Reisen, meanwhile, remains invisible and stationary in the same position where Reisen initially was when the clone was spawned, but is completely vulnerable to attack. Releasing , performing an attack, or getting hit by an opponent's attack will dispel the clone and reveal the real Reisen's position.

Medicine - Melancholic Cyanide
Pressing while Medicine's Poison gauge is full will surround Medicine with a cloud of toxic gas that slowly drains her Poison gauge and vanishes once the gauge is empty. This gauge slowly refills during the course of the match. Any opponent that comes into close range with Medicine while Melancholic Cyanide is active will receive passive damage.

Aya - Bunbunmaru Photoshoot
Aya has a camera gauge that begins the match at 50% and regenerate over time. If Aya's camera gauge is at 100%, pressing and holding will cause Aya to strike a pose as crosshairs appear in front of her. The position of the crosshairs can be moved in any direction. Releasing will cause Aya to shoot a photograph, draining her camera gauge to 0 but erases any projectiles that are inside the crosshairs at the time was released. Erasing projectiles in this way will cause Aya to accumulate Power and a small amount of her camera gauge, depending on how many projectiles were in the photograph. Attempting to shoot a photograph of the opponent will place them in a dizzy state, but causes no damage.

Sanae - Wind Summon
Pressing plus any direction allows Sanae to summon a wind current in the specified direction, which depletes from her Wind gauge; this can be done at any time Sanae is not in hitstun, blockstun, or a knockdown. The direction of the summoned wind will affect Sanae's horizontal movement, as well as the trajectory of some of Sanae's attacks.

Byakuren - Skill Declare
Holding will allow Byakuren to charge light orbs, up to a maximum of 5. Substituting , , or with in any of Byakuren's Specials motions will cause Byakuren to perform an EX variant of that Special move, at the cost of 1 light orb. In the case of Hanuman's Dance, Byakuren will be able to deal up to 5 hits instead of the usual 3. "Master of Buddhist Cosmology" also gains an version that consumes all orbs on use, which proportionally increases its damage.
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Re: Touhou: Incident Zero - idea engineering topic
#11  March 26, 2017, 09:02:19 pm
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Confirming two more for the initial roster: Rin Kaenbyou (Orin) and Hata no Kokoro, repping TH11 and TH13.5, respectively.

Orin's Unique Skill - Corpse Cat Cart
As long as at least one player is Rin, a cadaver will appear on the stage in a random location every 15 seconds, up to a maximum of 3. Pressing while standing over a cadaver will cause Rin to pick it up, and can hold a maximum of 3. Each cadaver Rin possesses will provide her with various buffs, but will drop a cadaver each time she is knocked down:
  • 1 cadaver: the damage on Rin's Specials increase by 10%.
  • 2 cadavers: all damage taken by non-throw attacks is decreased by 25%
  • 3 cadavers: Power gain on all attacks is doubled + the above two buffs

Kokoro's Unique Skill - Masks of Emotion
Pressing allows Kokoro to cycle between Shinto, Buddhism, and Taoism. Spirit meter is retained between alignment changes, but any bombs exceeding her new alignment's maximum capacity will be discarded. Additionally, Kokoro cannot change alignments if she is still under the effects of Shinto's Spellcard Declare Mode or Taoism's Tao Focus.
Re: Touhou: Incident Zero - idea engineering topic
#12  March 31, 2017, 10:47:21 pm
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This one was kinda obvious, but confirming Youmu as part of the initial roster

Youmu's Unique Skill - Insightful Sword

Previously a Special attack, Insightful Sword is now Youmu's Unique Skill, except it functions much differently than before and is no longer a melee counter. Pressing causes Youmu to take a stance with her sword. If timed right, Youmu will parry the incoming attack, causing her to build both Power, Spirit, and her own Focus meter, as well as recovering almost instantly, allowing her to punish an incoming attack. However, Youmu cannot parry throws, nor can she parry in the air.

Being a returning character from Gensokyo Reloaded, Youmu has also undergone some other changes:
  • Spirit mechanic now known as the Focus mechanic, to avoid confusion with the game's new Spirit Meter mechanic
  • Slash of Life and Death: Command changed to / /
  • New Special: Lotus Stance Cut ( / / , Projectile special )
  • New Spellcard: "Matsuyoi-Reflecting Satellite Slash" ( , Shinto Last Word)
  • Removed Specials: Netherworld Reflection Slash
  • Removed Spellcards: "Secret of Life and Death"
Re: Touhou: Incident Zero - idea engineering topic (Alice, Iku, & Mamizou confirmed)
#13  April 07, 2017, 10:45:11 pm
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Alice, Iku, and Mamizou confirmed for 3 of the final 4 slots. Also, Kokoro's Unique Skill has been revised

Kokoro's Unique Skill - Masks of Emotion (revised)
Unlike other characters, Kokoro always begins every match in her exclusive Neutral alignment. Pressing allows Kokoro to cycle between three different masks of Sadness (Type-A), Anger (Type-B), and Joy (Type-C); pressing will cause Kokoro to don the chosen mask, which grants her the mask's associated alignment for 16 seconds. Once time runs out, Kokoro returns to Neutral alignment and the mask cannot be activated again for 10 seconds. Each alignment will also buff the damage of some of Kokoro's Special moves, which is dependent on the alignment she is currently under. Kokoro can also switch to another mask while already in a alignment, but causes her previous mask to enter cooldown. Kokoro cannot change alignments if she is still under the effects of Type-A's Spellcard Declare Mode or Type-C's Speed Focus.

Alice's Unique Skill - Doll Set
Pressing sets a doll in front of Alice. If a directional input is held, the position can be changed relative to Alice depending on the directional input. These dolls stay on screen and can be activated with her Doll Activation & Seeker Wire Specials, as well as with Curse Sign "Shanghai Doll". Alice can have up to 3 dolls on screen at any time.

Iku's Unique Skill - Oarfish's Cloud-slicing Swim
Pressing and holding will cause Iku to float in midair for as long as the button is held or until after a certain amount of time has passed. Iku's horizontal movement can be controlled using and , and Iku can use any of her aerial Normals, Specials, Spellcards, and Last Words in this state.

Mamizou's Unique Skill - Tanuki Imposter Transformation
Pressing causes Mamizou to summon one of her tanuki subordinates disguised as her opponent. The attack used by the clone will be one of the opponent's predetermined Special attacks, the properties of which vary depending on Mamizou's opponent. If either Mamizou or the clone is hit by an attack, Mamizou will lose a leaf. Cannot be used if Mamizou has no leaves available.
Re: Touhou: Incident Zero - idea engineering topic (Spirit Meter mechanic reworked)
#14  April 20, 2017, 05:35:51 pm
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So looking back at how I wanted to implement this system, I figured that the Spirit Meter and Bombs system needed to be slightly reworked in order to achieve the results that I wanted, so here's how the system works now:

Players no longer gain bombs by filling up their Spirit Meter. Instead, the Spirit Meter now acts as a gauge, the size of which remains constant among all characters. Bombs can now be used by spending a portion of this gauge, the amount consumed being dependent on which alignment the character is currently under:

Type-A: 100%
Type-B: 25%
Type-C: 33.3%
Type-N (Kokoro only): N/A

In the case of Kokoro, this solves the issue of losing bombs when switching alignments, as Spirit Meter is now carried over between alignments, costing differing amounts depending on the alignment. Also due to this change, the way Last Words are handled have been slightly reworked:

Last Word A (Type-A): 100% Spirit Meter + Spellcard Declare Mode active
Last Word B (Type-B): 50+% Spirit Meter + 1000 Power (Consumes all Spirit, with additional Spirit increasing Last Word's damage and/or duration)

Other changes:

Bomb Type-A: Now grants the player 1000 Power and 25% Spirit Meter on a successful hit.
Re: Touhou: Incident Zero - idea engineering topic (Story, Last Words & Roster)
#15  April 25, 2017, 09:54:24 pm
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So where do I begin?

A.) Finally decided on a story for the game, you can check it out in the first post if you're interested.

B.) Last Words. I figured that having each character have exactly two Last Words was cumbersome, and would only introduce Alignment bias as some Last Words would just be plain better than others. So, with this in mind, I decided it would be better if each character had the same Last Word regardless of which alignment is chosen (except for Marisa, her second Last Word is just an aerial version of her first one).

C.) The roster. I hate to say this but I had to make a cut from the roster.

So long Alice. In her place, we'll be getting Mystic Square's new rep: Shinki.

In addition, seeing as this is a full game with a story, I wanted someone who would fit in and someone who would be unlockable via a password system, so for that role we have...

oh good grief.. its Yukari...

Well, with that out of the way, you're probably wondering what Shinki & Yukari's Unique Skills are?

Shinki's Unique Skill: Ars Goetia
As Shinki performs her Normals, different parts of an inscribed pentagram will begin flashing. Pressing will cause Shinki to activate a specialized attack that lights up the selected part of the pentagram, granting Shinki access to that portion's associated Special attack. Lighting all six parts of the inscribed pentagram is an additional condition to unlocking Shinki's Last Word, "Paradise Lost".

Yukari's Unique Skill: Ride the Waves
Pressing causes Yukari to open a gap in front of her, which absorbs projectiles. The placement of the gap can be changed by holding any direction while pressing . Yukari can also use certain gap-related specials with Button-a such as Fight the Ocean ( ), Gazing Eye of Transformation ( ), and Flesh Dismantler ( ).
Re: Touhou: Incident Zero - idea engineering topic (Story, Last Words & Roster)
#16  April 28, 2017, 07:57:07 pm
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Not necessarily the final design, but here's a preliminary screenshot of the game's story mode using the Mugen Story Mode frontend. Story mode basically consists of 8 chapters, with the first six being unlocked and focusing on a different protagonist and their scenario, complete with their own final bosses. Chapter 7 will be unlocked once the first six are completed, with Chapter 8 (the final chapter) becoming unlocked once Chapter 7 is clear. Story Mode will be the primary method of unlocking characters for Vs mode.
Re: Touhou: Incident Zero - idea engineering topic (Story, Last Words & Roster)
#17  May 31, 2017, 10:50:26 pm
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So aside from the two obvious ones in Reimu and Marisa, which of the cast would everyone like to see first in an alpha build of this game?
Re: Touhou: Incident Zero - idea engineering topic (Story, Last Words & Roster)
#18  May 31, 2017, 10:52:54 pm
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Mokou if not her than Youmu for me.
Re: Touhou: Incident Zero - idea engineering topic (Story, Last Words & Roster)
#19  May 31, 2017, 11:02:03 pm
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I will repeat what I said in a certain Discord server, but either Orin or Aya so we can have someone who isn't in Gensokyo Reloaded, though I'm leaning more towards Aya because she's likely going to use the Tasofro spritesheet.
Re: Touhou: Incident Zero - idea engineering topic (Story, Last Words & Roster)
#20  May 31, 2017, 11:16:18 pm
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I would like to see Aya or Sanae.