Ultra Instinct - DBZ vs SF - Battle of the Gods (Read 2070 times)

Started by gunsmcroy, December 03, 2017, 10:44:59 pm
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Ultra Instinct - DBZ vs SF - Battle of the Gods
#1  December 03, 2017, 10:44:59 pm
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Got a lot to do to get ready for Christmas, but here goes.

A little about myself. I haven't been around since Rare Akuma. I'm very happy about the new DBZ series. And from all the pictures on google, I'm not the only one itching to see these two worlds collide. So I've revived a project of mine way back then. I'm one of the extreme competitive gamers who trains myself to perform accurately at high speeds:  guitar, FPS, etc. My project was about making characters capable of (essentially) DBZ speeds. It's not about who's strongest or the most skilled:  it's about the epic plays. Also in the meantime, I have further developed my skills as a software engineer and finished a CS degree, as well as gotten pretty far into art and particle graphics and sound remixing.

My old Youtube channel which still has demonstration videos:

Friedrich Habetler's remaster of Goku's new theme is here. It's amazing.

Saiyans should beware...

Game system rules

*  Infinite Z-fighting - fighters can juggle opponents. Every normal attack can be canceled by other normal attacks and special attacks, allowing you to fake non-thinking opponents who only react to your movements. On one game I played, this one dude had amazing melee moves, but he would get on autopilot and lose focus of his opponent, getting stuck in the same combos and being easily destroyed. That's why I make fun of Goku.

*  Combo escapes - C+Z by default, costs 500 energy. Being hit several times will warp you behind your opponent. This allows every character to get away from infinite attacks. You can control the manual technique with arrow keys as well. It's easy to punish opponents who rely on multi-hit attacks and are stuck in long combos. It's quality not quantity.

*  Ultra Instinct - the first hit-frame of every normal and special physical attack (not fireballs) is unique. If you get a reversal on these attacks, meaning your attack box collides with an opponent's attack box, you are untouchable for 2 seconds and shadowy afterimages appear. So it's hard to master and has the highest potential for changing the battle's outcome. Currently you can only go UI against normal attacks, not special attacks or fireballs or super combos. (Feel free to chime in on that rule.)

*  Super chains - because this new tier of fighting is so fast, we've had to think super combos over. Again, chain techniques which seize control from the player aren't what this gameplay style is about. It's about soloing and making plays. The usual super combo chain is now classified as a level 1 combo. Each level uses 1000 energy, and you chain the next level by inputting a command during a super combo. The idea of level 2 supers is to allow over-the-top movement such as chain-teleports, which is likely to catch warp-capable players. Level 3 supers are finishers. Each level also has better damage output.

This Akuma is very WIP for 1.0, but you can try it out to get a feel for the action.

Suggestions are welcome. This text wall is long enough, so I'm out.