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Started by Shunu, December 09, 2009, 09:37:27 pm
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Re: what game are you playing right now
#5081  March 08, 2018, 10:35:02 pm
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Rivals of Aether
Holy fuck, am I bad at this game. I really don't like how jumping is a seperate button and there's no option to map up on a control stick or d-pad jump without sacrificing the actual up command. I can kind of understand the reasoning, since it's hard to approximate tilt controls on a keybad, but coming off of Smash Bros. this feels awkward and janky for me.

That said, game is a blast. Mostly been practicing with Kragg and getting through the story mode. The one time I went online I got absolutely trashed, so I dunno how often I'm gonna go on there :P I don't like how stages are locked off behind coins you have to earn in-game, but I'd rather this than lootboxes any day. Also got the Clairen and Ranno DLC since that's super-cheap.

Then's Fightin' Herds
Holy fuck, am I bad at this game. Been mostly going through the arcade mode - done Arizona and Oleander. I reckon Arizona might be my main, since she feels like the most straightforward fighter to use. I feel like the inputs for Level 2 supers might be a bit fiddly, especially with Oleander - I couldn't pull off her Level 2 no matter how hard I tried. Haven't hit up the online scene yet, I'm scared of what I'll find after the RoA experience.

Also I've been staring at Paladins again - I dropped off after an initial period of casual matches about a year or so ago. Apparently they got rid of the Cards Unbound thing that turned the game into a Battlefront II-esque pay-to-win grindfest and skewed the fuck out of the game's balance. So that's nice. Still haven't actually played a real match since, though.
Re: what game are you playing right now
#5082  March 09, 2018, 01:20:02 am
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Skyrim (Switch)

Skyrim has gone and hooked me again since I got it on Switch! I'm playing a Khajiit and going with a ranger-like build. Dual-wielding and archery are my main combat skills and I'm working on stealth, smithing, and enchanting on the side. I'm mostly working on guild quests, mainly the Thieves Guild and The Companions.

I haven't gotten the Zelda content yet. Thinking I'm gonna get it without using Amiibo.

Let me know via PM if you add me on 3DS or Steam!