Wily's Double Attack: Quint and Sniper Joe released!! (Read 6478 times)

Started by Bad Mr. Basara, May 18, 2016, 05:24:54 am
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Wily's Double Attack: Quint and Sniper Joe released!!
#1  May 18, 2016, 05:24:54 am
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After working on the remake of my Megaman and specially after working on Megaman Classic collections on Guild Database and MFFA, I've been inspired to make these 2 characters for MUGEN not made before until now. Well, enough of words, here they are:

1. Quint
The Megaman from a diferent future brought and modified by Dr. Wily to stand against Megaman of this time. One of the bosses from GB Megaman/Rockman World series and the only character not adapted from these series finally arrived to MUGEN to crush Megaman once for all accompanied with his loyal Sakugarne!! Based on MMII-V as well some of the fangames were made, Quint now is ready to defeat anyone who stands in his way!!
Spoiler: Shots (click to see content)

2. Sniper Joe
Mass-series robots based on DLN-000 (Protoman/Blues) that were stolen by Dr. Wily and modified to stand against Megaman in every stage he goes. Based on MM1 first appearance, a lot of sprites were especially edited to get all MUGEN basics and fight not just against Megaman. And he's not alone, all other Joe from MM games are present too!! Be prepared for the Joe invasion!!
Spoiler: Shots (click to see content)

Both characters were made at the same time and they inaugurate the new Megaman Series in Adaptations (along with Megaman and Mad Grinder, the latter no more in Jokes/Bosses section). Dedicated to all Megaman fans out there, this is for you ;)
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