XRD sprites rendering (Read 2944 times)

Started by Simard, November 16, 2017, 07:58:11 pm
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XRD sprites rendering
#1  November 16, 2017, 07:58:11 pm
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I was able to disable the background as well as some particles off the game. My process is loosely based of Suzaku's who made an old thread about it But this process is in REVELATOR.

What I did -

- As Suzaku mentionned, I modified the "BaseSystemSettings.ini" file - I removed all the coding up to the line -" ; Whether secondary displays are allowed" (NOTE - Do a backup of that file before altering it)
- Then in the Displays settings of the game, I changed the resolution to 1028/720 . And like Suzaku suggested, I removed all the options  - V Sync, Post Effects,  Dynamic Lighting  and Display FPS. I also offsetted the lower HUD to -50 in the Display Settings.
- In training mode, I used a stage like Arena which renders a pure black as shown on the GIF
- As for the recording, I used Camtasia (or use whatever similar)

The challenge for me is to disable the camera movement during special or super attacks (someone already did a Cheat Engine code to control it SIGN but doesn't work in REVELATOR). And also if possible to disable the opponent (rendering it invisible).

With that, I will try to do some "sprites" with that technique and might do a char in the future.

Sorry if that technique was already discovered. But anyway, wanted to share with yall

EDIT-  the GIFS below look a bit degraded as I used an online converter from MPG4 to GIF
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Re: XRD sprites rendering
#2  November 16, 2017, 11:46:27 pm
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- In training mode, I used a stage like Arena which renders a pure black as shown on the GIF

Unsolved Issues
  • Black BG - Character models may use pure black (#000000), which can make it difficult to cleanly extract them from the black BG. This can be overcome by manually correcting transparency errors afterwards, but a way to change the BG color in-game would be most desirable. Editing the character textures could also be a valid solution.

Be careful about the pure black colour.
Re: XRD sprites rendering
#3  November 23, 2017, 04:46:39 am
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Thanks, I will take into consideration