AGP Public Beta 1 Released!! (updated link in BNMP5.0) (Read 29797 times)

Started by Tiny-kun, January 05, 2013, 03:48:52 AM
AGP Public Beta 1 Released!! (updated link in BNMP5.0)
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Finally I could finish it and now you can download it directly from here. Also, this thread will be updated for future releases with a History Log with all the new stuff on it, copy-pasted from AGP's readme.

01/04/2013 - Beta 1 (1st public release)
-Complete WinMugen modified for this fullgame
-FightFX with sparks and sounds from this fullgame (already seen in released clones)
-Announcer voices by me, modified on GoldWave
-5 finished clones: Kung Fu Fan, Powerless One, The Projectile, Gouki Higashi and Ryuken (the last two updated)
-1 clone with a few specials implemented: Electric Shotokan
-10 unfinished clones (MUGEN basics implemented only)
-Screenpack, lifebars and fonts from MUGEN (default ones)
-8 stages
-18 songs in MIDI
-No boss/bonus characters

For feedback, use the thread in Older Mugen Releases here: AGP Public Beta 1
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