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Started by Tiny-kun, June 19, 2012, 01:49:49 AM
AGP: The System Thread
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Maybe most of you wanted to know about my fullgame, but not just the story of the game or the clones. Something like the System of the game and the features it'll have. Well, I made this thread for that, but different than Clone Thread, this one will be open for discussion and suggerences you can make for improve this fullgame ;)

1. Basic Features
The stuff every fighting game should have. Here you find just the basics of the game:
-Movement: This doesn't need explanation, the arrow buttons will make the movement (up, down, left and right) for the character. Also, for the moves I'll use that commands:
*Quarter Circle: The main command I'll use, it can be forward or back. I never was a big fan of Half Circle commands, so I don't think you should see that here
*Charge: Various of my clones will use Guile-like commands for their moves, but will be few
*Dragon Punch: The classic "Forward, Down, Down-Forward" command also will be here, also the Back variant is included
*Double Command: This will be for supers, mainly for Quarter Circle commands, which you can make twice plus button to make supers (i.e., QCF,QCF+button)
-Buttons: Different from Capcom games, my fullgame will have 5 buttons to be used during the game, the order is similar than SNK games and most of normal MUGEN characters:
X: Weak punch
Y: Strong punch
A: Weak Kick
B: Strong Kick
Start: Taunt
Of course, all the special moves will have 2 variants: weak/slow and strong/fast, determinated by weak or strong buttons, not much science here as you can read :P Also, to get more sprites/anims to use I won't get special anims for close attacks, this was made for more variety on punches and kicks between clones (also, the other reason for use 4 buttons instead 6), the fact they're clones don't mean all should make the same attacks ;)
-Running: Different from Capcom games, all my clones have the function of run instead forward dash as many of SF, Darkstalkers and similars. The back dash is a classic and it will be in my fullgame, too
-Poses: What gives every clone the personality between the similtudes of being clones of Akuma/Gouki. Every character will have 1 intro, 1 taunt and 2 wins, the last one basically a same pose with different phrases. Maybe I'll make special intros & wins between certain clones as mode of rivaltry or friendship, I'm still determinate it

2. Special Features
The stuff that makes special this game, here you'll find those exclusive things from my fullgame and what you'll find in every of my clones:
-Special Skill: The main feature of this fullgame. This refers to a basic feature that's exclusive to every clone and can be used for that character only. In most of cases uses a 2-button command, which is basically y+b (Strong Punch and Kick simultaneously) and sometimes with the use of Forward or Back. In other cases, like Kung Fu Fan, uses the movement only (Double Jump)
-Super Modes: Every clone will have 4 supers to be performed, all of them uses 1 powerbar. But to make a difference, every character can change his supers choosing him with start+button instead just button. The commands will be the same, but the super will change. The only 2 exceptions are: Powerless One, which doesn't have supers; and Ryuken, who has 2 modes, so isn't just super changes but all his moveset and gameplay
-Common sparks and sounds: After many possible combinations, finally I get the one for this fullgame and it's determinated by this:
*Sparks: Breakers series by Cisco (Breakers and Breakers' Revenge), made in AIR with A2 to get a little transparency without losing the 2D classic look
*Sounds: SFA series by Capcom, with a few sounds from KOF (like Landing and Throw Start)
-Voices: One of the most know features of my fullgame. Almost all clones are voiced by Guild users, who wanted to participate in my fullgame with their voice acting. You can see the official list an how to participate in the Voice thread in the subforum ;)

I think I posted everything about my fullgame, if I forgot something it will be added here for sure. These features will be in every clone I released and I'll release. Feel free to comment about this ;)
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Well while there are some unique things about this system it doesn't quite have anything unique or underused as far as features go.
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Sometimes "less is more", that's the main motto of my fullgame. I don't want any complicated or full of features per character, that's why I created the "Special Skill" feature to honor those great features every fighting game has and make them unique.

EDIT: Quote from main thread to specify more about Special Skill feature:
As I said you before, every clone will have a "Special Skill", a basic feature of various games, as well for MUGEN, that one clone has and the others don't. This is the list of Special Skills for all the clones, some defensive ones, others focused on attack:
  • Kung Fu Fan: Double Jump
  • Powerless One: Roll/Backroll
  • Electric Karateka: Stunt Hit (dizzy)
  • The Incredible Akuma: Zero Counter
  • Gouki Higashi: Dodge
  • Another Karateka: Knockoff Attack (KOF)
  • The Projectile: Power Charge
  • Ryuken: Focus Attack (SF4)
  • Saiyajin: Teleport
  • The Ripper: Air Dash
  • Ice Warrior: Super Cancel
  • Metallic One: Super Armor
  • Fire Demon: Custom Combo
  • Savage Akuma: Wall Jump
  • King Gouki: Parry
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