Capcom Crossover Universe (?) (Read 1660 times)

Started by RagingRowen, January 21, 2020, 12:20:19 AM
Capcom Crossover Universe (?)
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My plan for this Full Game is to have a diverse roster featuring characters from every dev Capcom has 'crossover'd' with officially in terms of Fighting Games.

Gameplay System: It'll be more CvS inspired (Includes Dodging and Parrying), but with a sprinkle of MvC elements like Chain Combos, Tag Teaming and Easy Super Inputs (I'm not considering Launchers). This may end up being unbalanced as heck but it's worth the try.

Crossover Companies:
Arika (SF EX/Fighting Layer characters are their property now, right?)
Nintendo (?)
Tatsunoko (?)
Psikyo (?) (Their crossover was a Majong game, but food for thought)

Yeah, no ArkSys or Mortal Kombat (NRS).

My idea is to have the Crossover side take about 3/5 of the overall roster, and Capcom will take up the other 2/5.
In conclusion, Capcom will have the most characters.

To get a better idea, here's a rough draft of what the select screen could look like:

This is a concept I'm slowly trying to get started with, but pre-production and prototyping is a chore, I'm starting with Ryu if that matters.
Re: Capcom Crossover Universe (?)
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I like the concept and that draft of the select screen.

But tbh, i got mixed feelings when you talked about "easier super inputs", not a fan of the way MvC deals with supers.